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Letting Go

Valerie Rickel

“All endings are inexorably tied to new beginnings. That’s the
nature of the journey. It continues to unfold. It builds on
itself. It can’t help itself from doing that. Cherish the moments,
all of them. You have seen and felt much in life so far. But still,
the best is yet to come.”
—Melody Beattie

Happy October! I’m excited to announce our theme for the month of October: “Letting Go.” It’s a topic I’ve always been passionate about, particularly the “moving forward” stage and the “new beginnings” that follow the “letting go.”

 Happy October!

Today, I’m pleased to share a wonderful article with you by SoulfulLiving.com Columnist, Laura V. Grace, called “Letting Go.”

Laura is a spiritual counselor and author of “Gifts of the Soul” and “The Intimate Soul.” Her article will help you find those areas of your life that you may wish to let go of and also offers you the encouragement and techniques to do so!

Enjoy ♥

Laura Grace“Letting Go”
by Laura Grace

Letting go is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges we face. Our egos easily and all too eagerly attach to things, people, and outcome. Letting go of these attachments can be painful, particularly when we can’t see what’s ahead. Throughout the years, many clients have shared how they have a “back-up person” waiting in the wings just in case their current relationship ends. The fear of the unknown (and being alone), for some, creates feelings that are intolerable. Having “plan B” in place may mitigate some of the fear, but it doesn’t address the real fear: letting go.

I have always found the metaphor of a closed fist and open hand helpful; a closed fist represents our resistance to letting go, while an open hand symbolizes our willingness to embrace the present and future. Moving from a closed fist to an open hand is a process. It requires patience and the willingness to release what no longer serves us. The choice to let go allows us to follow the pathway to our soul.

Life is a series of things to let go of-our friends and loved ones, our children as they grow, our youth, our perceptions of ourselves. In my own life, I have found myself having to let go more these past few years than ever before. In the last two years, I have been faced with letting go of my daughter, twice. First, when she graduated from high school and moved in with her best friend, and second, when I moved from Michigan to California (she still resides in the Midwest). Moving away also meant letting go of friends, clients, and my home base where I was born and raised. Less than a year after moving, my father passed away and I was confronted with letting go on an even deeper level. Was any of this easy? No-in fact I’m still working my way through some of it. But, I’m discovering that as long as I keep an open hand (and heart), my experience of letting go is much less stressful. In fact, I remain inspired to let go, knowing that I’m clearing the pathway for my soul to continue its journey and fulfill its destiny.

What do you need to let go of? Perhaps there is a self-limiting or destructive pattern that needs to be released, or maybe you feel compelled to pursue a dream that requires letting go of the work you’re currently performing. The important thing to remember is that no matter how daunting it may feel, you possess an inner strength and courage that is greater than any situation. Courage is about letting go and moving forward, not in the absence of fear, but in the presence of it. When you realize the inner power you possess, you can let go of your attachments. This doesn’t mean that you don’t work your hardest for the highest outcome, but rather, that you do your best and leave the rest to Spirit.

What is it time to release? You have two choices; you can either try to hold onto the past with a closed fist, or you can choose to embrace today with an open hand. As you already know, the former will cause you (and others) unnecessary pain and suffering, while the latter might trigger some fear of the unknown, yet provide rich, new experiences for your heart and soul. Which will you choose?

Affirmations for Letting Go

The past is over; I plan for tomorrow and live for today.
All my experiences are allowing me to become a stronger and wiser person.
As I let go of attachments, I create room for fulfilling and soulful experiences.
I let go easily for I trust that new and exciting opportunities are on their way.

Copyright Laura Grace. All Rights Reserved.


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