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Energizing New Beginnings

Valerie Rickel :: Soulful Living

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day,
a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic
waiting somewhere behind the morning.
J. B. Priestly

Good morning! I have a terrific article on “New Beginnings” to share with you today by author Robin Silverman. Robin’s books include: “The Ten Gifts: Find the Personal Peace You’ve Always Wanted Through the Ten Gifts You’ve Always Had” and “Something Wonderful Is about to Happen: True Stories of People Who Found Happiness in Unexpected Places.”

In her article, “Energizing New Beginnings,” she asks us to look at new beginnings in a new way and to “let them go” in order to make them last. I hope you enjoy her article!

I wish you a lovely weekend, and I’ll look forward to introducing our February “Theme of the Month” to you on Monday. Hint: I can promise you it will warm your heart ♥

Robin SilvermanEnergizing New Beginnings

by Robin Silverman

There is always great energy around new beginnings.  When we fall in love with someone or something in our lives, we magnify the good in it or them and tend to rationalize or diminish any possible downsides.  The usual barriers to change—including fear of risk or leaving our comfort zones—disappear, at least for a little while.

New beginnings stir hope; hope that we are more or can have more than we have ever had before.  Something wonderFULL is happening or is about to happen!  Our senses are stirred, our hearts are open, and we welcome every pleasant sensation.  We awaken every day expecting to be delighted by what we discover.

Eventually, though, what was new is not any longer.  Our beloved tells the same joke for the fifth time, and the punchline is no longer funny because we already know it.  The initial excitement of our new job turns to the drudgery of everyday work. The thrill of our new home fades when the decorating isn’t finished or the dishwasher breaks down.  Eventually, we find ourselves longing for new beginnings again.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it keeps the fires of creation burning.  But for some people, it leads to living in the past or worse—not really living at all.  So what makes the radiance of new beginnings last?  Letting them go.

This seems counter-intuitive.  Why would we release something that thrills us to the core?  Because when we hold onto something, we limit it, and ourselves.  Energy wants to transform, not be contained.  This is because the energy of new beginnings is truly love in motion.  We want something new and call it to us, but then, far too often, we try to control or hold on to it, and it fizzles fast.  However, when we release its positive energy, it goes out into the universe and seeks its match in character, tone and intensity.  When it does, it returns to our lives in delightfully surprising ways.

So what does it mean to release a new beginning? It is to become fully aware and awake to what is happening, using our five physical senses and our sixth sense. These are the details that stay in our memory as well as the blessings we have to give.

Once we have received and taken in all we can, we can release it in a myriad of ways.  We can share our good mood by sharing it with another. We can hum, sing, dance or make art.  We can pour ourselves into our work without expectation. The idea is to let the energy flow out of us and back into the world, not hoard it to ourselves.

Other ways to release new beginnings include taking the love and joy of them into meditation, and letting them be transformed into a deep peace that all is truly well with us and our world. Once that happens, our very presence becomes a light to others; people can feel our positive energy without our having to say or do anything…

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Wishing you many lasting new beginnings!


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