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  • Mary Hill

    I like you, had a rough year in 2001, and took 3 months off work. I went to stay with a friend and his family in Ireland and was there for Christmas. Then after New Year’s I went to the Highlands of Scotland for my retreat. I stayed in a ski chalet and the scenery stunning. I did travel around a bit but a lot of the time was spent journaling to heal and why I had the wounds again. The people were wonderful. I loved this scene of mountains that you could see from a little bridge. As you said, the scene looked different with different lights.
    I got all the photos printed out ( no digital camera ) and put them in a French photo album — I glued the photo and the corners and then found quotes and statements to fit each picture. That was truly a fun and love project for my soul.
    Once I get a printer with a copier and scanner, I will copy the picture of the Cairngorm Mountains from the little bridge and post it here. That picture fills my soul with warmth and joy.

    • I loved hearing about your wonderful winter retreat, Mary! Wow! It sounds like such a soulful and healing experience. I’ll look forward to seeing a photo(s) when you have the time. Happy Holidays! Love and blessings, Valerie ♥

      • Mary Hill

        Blessings, Love, and much Joy & Peace during the Holidays to you. I love your page and am working hard to clear my unfinished projects so I have more time to explore your page and respond to statements, poems,etc..

        • Hi Mary, That’s so lovely to hear! Everything in perfect time. Good luck with your projects and don’t work too hard. Wishing you a very blessed holiday, too! Peace and Joy, Valerie