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Creating Life Changes


“We change whether we like it or not.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Good morning and happy Friday!  I have to admit that I've been struggling a bit this week, feeling slightly overwhelmed with the big changes taking place, as I transform my fourteen-year-old website, SoulfulLiving.com, and redevelop her on a new technological platform. I've also been dealing with a painful sinus infection… so it's been a rough one, to say the least!  I hope that today's Daily Soul Retreat finds you doing well and that if you, too, are struggling, please know that I am here and that I've got your hand. ♥

With spring soon arriving and with the changes taking place at SoulfulLiving.com, it seems fitting for us to look at the theme of "Change" this March. Springtime is a natural time for change, transformation, new beginnings, rebirth, etc.  So, to start off our month of "Change," I have a special article for you today, by one of my favorite authors, Carol Adrienne. Carol is the best-selling author of "The Purpose of Your Life" and "When Life Change Or You Wish It Would," among others. In her article, "Creating Life Change," she reveals how mult-dimensional change is, which may help you to see "change" in a whole new light.


Carol Adrienne"Creating Life Changes"

by Carol Adrienne

Despite the fact that we cannot help but change, we seem to have a constant yearning for things to be different in our life. My guess is that this focus on changing something in our life is a corollary of other ideas invisibly current in Western culture.  For example, here in the United States, we place a high value on freedom—freedom, I suppose, to make changes when we want to make changes.  We also place a high value on having, and having more, whether it is leisure time, money, quality time with the kids, or a bigger house. The desire for change often accompanies the feelings of wanting more of something or less of something else.

For most, the idea of “creating life changes” seems productive and beneficial—maybe even good for the planet. The list of the changes we desire, of course, is endless.  Unfortunately, as much as we dream of change, we are just as likely to feel inadequate to the task of making any change, be it changing careers, partners, body weight, or income brackets.  This is called resistance, which we’ll talk about in a minute (Am I resisting the topic??)

Change Comes in Different Colors, Forms, Textures and Phases—It’s 3-Dimensional!

What are these changes of which we dream? Why do we think we should make them?  Take a moment and ask yourself, “Is there something I’d like to change in my life?  If so, why?  What do I want that I don’t already have?”

Review the types of change I’ve listed below—transformational, situational, (addition and elimination) and evolutionary.

Next, I suggest that you write down on paper what changes you would like to make in your life, and the results that you are looking for. Be advised. Writing down your goal is a powerful step in bringing this change to you, so be prepared to see something happen in the next few days or weeks!

Transformational Change

Generally, this type happens to you through major life decisions, necessity, or synchronicity.  For example, my own transformations occurred with my first marriage, the birth of my two children, getting breast cancer and recovering, and starting a writing and speaking career.  Each of these incidents forced me out of my comfort zone, and demanded that I pay attention to each moment.  In working with the changes in my fortune, I learned to handle my fears and develop new strengths.  I even came to the valuable realization that, despite my life not looking like I thought it “should,” I was often quite happy during those times. 

Intention, Timing, and Unconscious Resistance Play a Part. Transformational change is perhaps more difficult to create by intention alone (for example, when you haven’t yet found the right person to marry or in the case of wanting children but having trouble getting pregnant.)  You may think your conscious intention is strong, but other factors may be at work—such as the timing is not yet right, or you may have unconscious resistance to this goal.  For example, you may unconsciously fear that you won’t be a good mother, or that you might re-create your own traumatic childhood.  You might not consciously realize that your own freedom is a higher priority than getting involved with the needs of another person.  If resistance is strong, just accept where you are for the moment; however—if you want to—imagine a crack in the door of resistance, just to allow for joyful, new possibilities to wander in!

Be Open To Results Different Than Planned. When attempting to create profound change, be gentle, have patience, and trust your process.  Transformational change can happen in a second.  It can seem miraculous…

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Copyright Carol Adrienne. All Rights Reserved.

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Wishing you a day filled with wonderful change and transformation!


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