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Guest Article: The Power of Positive Words


“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it,
change the way you think about it.”
— Mary Engelbreit

Good Morning! I have another wonderful guest article for you today on the theme of “Positivity.” This one is by artist and writer Caroline Joy Adams, and is titled, “The Power of Positive Words.”

Enjoy ♥

Caroline Joy Adams“The Power of Positive Words”
By Caroline Joy Adams

Words have tremendous lasting power, far more than we often realize. Negative ones can have terrible effects on us our whole lives long, affecting our deepest sense of ourselves as capable, lovable, worthwhile beings. Such words, often carelessly hurled at us without thought for the potential consequences, by parents, siblings, teachers or others in our early years can contribute to a legacy of self-doubt that can cloud our experience of life well on into our adulthood.

But the power of positive words is just as compelling. And those of us who have had the most challenging of childhoods often reveal that the one key element that allowed us to survive extremely difficult life circumstances was hearing words of encouragement spoken to us by at least one special person–whether a relative, teacher or friend, who showed compassion and understanding toward us, touching us deeply and helping us believe that there was indeed hope for the future.

It can also be the power of words, which we have read, that have effected us most deeply–perhaps stories of the lives of others, whether through fiction or non-fiction, that helped us believe that our lives could take a different turn and become something much more rich and special and magnificent, than our present circumstances would have made it seem possible.

I know that I have always been powerfully influenced by the words I have read, as well as the words others have spoken to me. And this has resulted in the lifework that I am now immersed in, which revolves around offering messages of encouragement and empowerment to others through my own words in various forms. I am deeply grateful for the life pathway that has lead me to be able to offer inspiration to others in this way, as I am often told that my words, whether through my books, inspirational magnets or prints, have given an individual just the message they needed on a certain day to help them face the challenges before them and bring forth their inner reserves of strength and confidence propelling them to take the life-changing actions that can lead them to a better place.

The seed for this work of mine was planted just about nine years ago, when I attended a social gathering at a friend of a friend’s house. I noticed that afternoon as I moved from room to room a series of affirmative messages on small strips of paper, written by those who lived there, and posted all over the house which seemed to speak to the heart of the reader wherever one looked. I was deeply impressed by this, and went home thinking that perhaps I should write empowering messages to myself, too…

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  • Suzette Merrow

    The kind of words in this article today are what I needed to hear! Thank you!!
    “at every moment, regardless of your current challenges, a new chapter of your life is about to unfold, and many special and unexpected blessings may be right around the corner.”

    • So happy to hear that today’s article spoke to you, Suzette! Thank you so much for sharing!! Blessings, Valerie