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Healing Through Your Relationships


“So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day…”
— Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

Good morning! I have a wonderful article on love and relationships for you today by SoulfulLiving.com columnist, spiritual counselor and author Laura Grace. Laura’s books include: “Gifts of the Soul” and “The Intimate Soul.”

In her article, “Healing Through Your Relationships,” Laura asks us to be willing to show up and be fully present in our relationships and to love deeply with all our heart. Enjoy ♥

Laura V. Hyde“Healing Through Your Relationships”

by Laura V. Grace

We are offered no greater opening to know the truth of who we truly are than in relationship. Relationships are such powerful catalysts because they mirror the aspects we most need revealed for our soul-growth. What we see and react to in another, we possess within ourselves. Thus both the fear and love we see on another’s face is the reflection of both our own humanness and divinity. Even during the most challenging times our soul is able to thrive since our encounters with others are our greatest opportunities for growth.

Our relationships flourish when we are willing to show up and be fully present. Too often, we allow ourselves to divert onto other things when we’re around the people we love the most. How often, after many years of being together, do people simply grow apart? While counseling couples, I’ve witnessed a common theme where the woman has attended to the home and children and the man has focused on earning a living, only to discover that when retirement rolls around, they no longer know each other!

When our relationships become stale and predictable, it’s either because we are not honoring them for the temples of healing that they are, or we’re not delving inward toward our own soul where our passion runs deep. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a woman who was complaining that her life was lacking in pizzazz. “The 1960’s was a period with a lot more excitement. The peace marches were really something. Today’s demonstrations are boring in comparison,” she stated.

Yes, the 60’s were a time of much upheaval. There was a lot of trail blazing occurring which was necessary to get us where we are today. Revolutionary thinking was key during that time, but evolutionary thinking is required today. And that’s a good thing. While there was much being done on the outer planes during the 60’s, there is much being created on the inner planes today. We now understand the staggering power of our thoughts, which for many, has led to an entirely new way of being, and living.

So, perhaps this person was feeling bored within her relationships including the relationship with herself. Not because there’s less excitement in the air, but simply because she was playing it safe and not stretching beyond her comfort zones.

Abandonment, rejection, withdrawal—these kinds of fears prevents us from extending and receiving love. And in truth, they only cause us to reject and abandon ourselves. The only real pain we will ever feel stems from withholding our love. In reality, all love already resides within us. And since we have an infinite wellspring from which to give, how could we ever truly be without love? This reminds me of a beautiful quote I once read from an anonymous source that affirmed, “You can never lose by loving; you can only lose by holding back.”

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