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Making Change with the Power of Visualizations


"Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside."
—Marilyn Ferguson

Good morning! In keeping with our theme of the month, "Change," I am very pleased to offer you a guest article today by author Rita Milios. Her wonderful article, "Harnessing the Power of Visualizations," will teach you how to create life change and achieve all your dreams and goals using the powerful tools of visualization and affirmations!

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Rita Milios"Harnessing the Power of Visualizations"
By Rita Milios

Do you feel that you control your own future? Or do you dream of changes you’d like to make in your life, yet you don’t quite know how to make them happen?

Many of us don’t realize that the key to controlling our outer lives begins by controlling our inner lives–our mental state. It is said that "attitude is everything", and this is essentially true because attitude precedes action. Before we do it, we must first think it, desire it, plan it….and believe in it. Whatever our goal, holding the vision of that goal and "energizing" it with a positive attitude that assumes success is the key to eventual success.

Visualizations and affirmations are two "mind tools" that can help you hold a vision and create an attitude that will lead you to your goal. Visualization is the process of creating pictures in your mind. Affirmation is the process of repeating a positive message to yourself. Both are potent, positive mental tools that can be learned and used by anyone.

Visualization works because it creates belief, belief that can alter the circumstances of your life. With visualization, you "speak" directly to your inner, subconscious mind, bypassing the censorship of the logical, conscious mind. Your subconscious mind "thinks" in pictures, and you can reach the programming levels of your subconscious mind quickly and easily with visualization. Visualization is an idea, a thought form, in picture. By starting with a picture, you take a shortcut directly into your subconscious. No words have to be "translated" from conscious ("left-brain") language to subconscious ("right-brain") language. You deliver a simple, clear, direct message right into your subconscious mind.

Visualization is a bit of mental "trickery." You are, in effect, tricking your subconscious into believing that an event has occurred when it has not. Your subconscious mind does not rationalize. It takes whatever you give it as "truth." If you consistently picture yourself as having already achieved your goal, your subconscious mind soon believes that it is so. Then, in order to balance your inner and outer reality, your subconscious sets into motion any events or circumstances necessary to create in the physical realm that which you believe in your mind to be true. The fact that you only "imagined" the outcome of your goal does not matter. In your mind (as in space) there is no past, present, or future. Just because you pictured having achieved your goal before you did it, does not matter to your subconscious. If you can make the scene real, you can believe in it. And once you believe in it, it tends to come true…

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