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Lovers from Before


“Lovers do not meet somewhere along the way.
They’re in each other’s hearts from the beginning.”

Meant to Be book Good morning! Friday is Valentine’s Day, and I’m super excited to be exploring the topic of “Love” this month!

Today and tomorrow, I’m very pleased to be able to share two “LOVE” excerpts from the wonderful book, “Meant to Be” with you. These beautiful stories, edited by Barry and Joyce Vissell, are sure to warm your heart and, if you love stories of love and romance as much as I do, they may even bring a few tears to your eyes! Enjoy ♥

Barry and Joyce Vissell“Lovers from Before

Edited by Barry and Joyce Vissell

The relationship between Barry and me seemed to begin before we met at age eighteen. It had been one of the main themes of my childhood play and fantasy: to reunite with my beloved. By the time we met, it felt like we had been in love our whole lives.

I remember as a child being sent to my room when I was crying or upset. Perhaps my parents were trying to understand my feelings, but in my young mind and heart I felt alone. I remember so clearly how, during one of those times, I heard an inner voice speak to me. I had never had this experience before and listened carefully to the message. It told me that when I was grown, I would meet a man who would understand my feelings, that I would recognize him as a tall, dark-haired doctor who would become my best friend. From early childhood, I trusted this message which came to me over and over again whenever I felt that no one understood me.

Barry and I found each other in a clumsy, youthful way. Our young hearts were hardly ready for the power of our connection, but our first kiss revealed a love that seemed to have existed for an eternity. Barry, my tall, skinny, awkward eighteen-year-old boyfriend, really seemed to be my beloved for all time past and all time to come. We had found each other and yet couldn’t fully comprehend the blessing. I feel so much gratitude to have found Barry so early in life and to still be living with him.

I remember, when I met Barry during my first year in college, the surge of energy that shot through me when he told me he was a pre-medical student. We eyed each other with mixed feelings. Neither one of us felt particularly attracted to the other’s appearance, yet we could not deny an energy that flowed between us.

Two days after we first met, we had our first date to see a movie. We hurried back to my college dorm to meet the curfew time. Mrs. Peabody, the elderly dorm mother, was waiting by the glass door.

“You have two minutes to get inside,” she snapped at me and continued to peer through the glass.

Oblivious of Mrs. Peabody’s stern observation, we kissed for the first time. In that moment, a door to another world flew open and it was as if we recognized one another. Standing in a daze, I heard Mrs. Peabody open the door. She pulled me inside and shut the door on Barry. That kiss changed my life forever…

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Copyright Barry and Joyce Vissell. All Rights Reserved.

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