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Perfect Time

Valerie Rickel

“Everything happens in perfect time.”

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I am so honored and pleased to tell you that our newly redesigned and reimagined, 15-year-old website SoulfulLiving.com is officially launched!! Woot woot! I can hardly believe this day is here, and I am still pinching myself! I have been dreaming of her “modern tech makeover” and redesign for years, and I cannot even begin to describe my pleasure with finally seeing my dream come to life! I hope you’ll visit the website and help me celebrate this momentous day!!

As some of you may remember, I began the redesign in the spring, with the anticipation that it would only take a few weeks. Oh, my goodness, was I wrong about that! This year has served up SO many unanticipated events… some very sad, like losing my precious gray kitty to a terminal illness over the summer, to just a slew of life challenges, in general. It has been a difficult year, but through it all, I was grateful to have my redevelopment project to bring me some joy during my sad and difficult times.

A dear friend of mine used to tell me, “Man plans. God laughs.” I just looked this quote up online and see that it is a Yiddish proverb. This is a wise quote and has always seemed so true! We really can’t control the outcome of things — life — no matter how hard we may try… We must let go, give up our need to control, and trust in the Divine plan that our Higher Power has for us.

My father used to say, “Everything happens in perfect time.” He was right. We may think we know the perfect timing of events in our life, but I believe our Higher Power knows the truth — the “True” perfect time…

Everything happens in perfect time

It seems that I have been struggling with this “perfect time” concept during the entire duration of the website’s redevelopment. I have been pushing myself and trying to make it happen on a certain time schedule. But, now, I can only ascertain that this may be my own personal life lesson for this year — about letting go and giving up control.

The crazy nature of it all continued, of course… After six months of setbacks and repeated course correction, I had finally planned to launch the redesigned website last week. Ha ha! That’s when technical issues began making trouble for me. And, then, I learned that “Mercury went retrograde.” No surprise there! Mercury is my ruling planet and, well, she also rules communications, publishing, etc…

But, last night, it was apparently my “Perfect Time,” and I finally launched my redeveloped website with ease and grace. It was beautiful. I said a prayer and sent it live as soon as it was complete, at exactly 11:11 pm Eastern Time, and I know that my precious kitty was with me in spirit, as were all of you. Thank you for believing in me, supporting me, and giving me the gift of creating SoulfulLiving.com for you!

Help Us Celebrate!!

To help celebrate our Grand-Reopening, my friend Dawn Reid-Reiner and I are giving away THREE beautiful, personalized “ZENWANDS”! Dawn is the genius mind behind these gorgeous, handcrafted masterpieces, which are perfect for meditation, mindfulness, and conscious healing. (Read more about them below.) You can Enter to Win 1 of 3 ZenWands now through Monday, October 13th!!

I also want to tell you about a series of Limited Edition “BE” T-Shirts that I have designed to help support the cost of redeveloping SoulfulLiving.com. I will be introducing a new T-Shirt each month, and the first T-Shirt, “BE SOULFUL,” is available in Raspberry and Black here at Booster.com through the end of October. The T-Shirt is high quality and affordable, and it would make a beautiful holiday gift! Thank you so much for your support. It is so greatly appreciated! ♥

T-Shirt Crowdfunder

Thank you so much for being a part of SoulfulLiving.com!

With love and blessings,

Valerie Rickel, Founder


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