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Positive Words for Transformation and Change

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“All you can change is yourself,
but sometimes that changes everything.”
Gary W. Goldstein

Today, I’m pleased to share a guest article by one of SoulfulLiving.com’s long-time columnists, Rob Ragozzine, Numerologist, radio host, and author of our column, What’s Your Number?

His article, “Positive Words for Transformation and Change” is eye opening and is sure to inspire a curiosity in you about how your words can bring about change and transformation in both your life and in the world.

Enjoy ♥

Rob Ragozzine“Positive Words for Transformation and Change”

By Rob Ragozzine

Have you ever thought of the words you use on a daily basis? You likely have on occasion, but have you connected them to how your life has unfolded? Lately, I’ve been thinking about how our voices reverberate throughout our lives. We send out our voice into the world, yet we don’t generally notice what comes back to us. We don’t notice how positive words have vitality and purpose.

Did you know that bats make sounds in the same way that we do? They simply bring air past their vocal chords, which are vibrating. However, the sounds that bat makes have an extremely high pitch that is too high for humans to hear. Yet, they use it to determine their distance from food and other objects. They can even determine how large an object and where exactly it is in space in relation to their current position.

Unlike bats, we seldom consider the power of our speech and how it reverberates in our lives. Our words can help us and others to transform, especially when they are uplifting. We all recognize how powerful speeches help to motivate and inspire. Many of us recognize how we feel when someone berates us or speaks negatively to us. I feel that it’s time to recognize this power within ourselves, and begin to accept that our words do matter. Our words do have power.

How can you use your words for change and transformation? What is your heart yearning for? It’s time to talk in a way that connects your words, vision and heart together. If you don’t yet have a vision for yourself, then you may need to use your words to ask for help with this process. Doing so helps you acknowledge the fact that your heart yearns for a life greater than you have now.

If we take another look at bats, we learn that the bat’s symbolic totem represents birth, clear seeing, intuition, wisdom, journeying and curiosity. If you would like to welcome these qualities into your life in order to facilitate change and transformation in your life, then you can welcome the bat as a totem into your meditations or vision journeys.

When you welcome the bat as your personal totem, it can help facilitate greater awareness of your life and surroundings. You may notice that your senses deepen and grow. Of course, these changes won’t necessarily happen overnight. Like the bat, you’ll have to be dedicated to accomplishing your desired results. You have to tell yourself, and the world, that you’re seeking changes. People may hear you, but your actions will confirm that you wish to open your life to change and the accompanying transformation.

For me, as I journey with the bat totem, I am overcome by the same deep sense of knowing and understanding that the bat has. To foster these qualities in myself, I am called to work more with the bat, and I accept its energy into my life. This speaks to deepening my curiosity and opening to the ways in which bats live. This doesn’t mean that I have to go cave spelunking. You can be discerning, but still be willing to explore. What this means for me is to listen carefully to the words and tone that I use, and wonder not only about how they are shaping my life, but how my words are impacting others.

The shift in seasons, from autumn to winter, is the perfect time to begin pondering change and transformation in your life. Perhaps you will work with the bat as your totem, or any other symbol of your choosing. For instance, you might work with a leaf, acorn, seeds, or something else that represents your desire to change, heal and grow. What will it be?

According to Numerology, 2014 will provide us with plenty of energy and time for personal review and contemplation. You have choices to make. Instead of holding back and telling yourself that change is hard, allow yourself to begin making changes one step at time. Of course, be thoughtful and careful, but be willing to let go of those situations which no longer facilitate a healthy and conscious life. If you bring your hand to your heart, you can ask yourself about what needs to change in your life. What is your answer? How can you act on the guidance you’ve received? Maybe all that is required is for you to begin speaking in a positive way that empowers and uplifts you and those around you.

Copyright 2013 Rob Ragozzine.

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