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Soul Mates: Creating Loving and Successful Relationships


“When deep down in the core of your being you believe
that your soulmate exists, there is no limit
to the ways he or she can enter your life.”

–Arielle Ford

Good morning! Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and I’m very excited to be exploring the topic of “Love.”

I have a guest article for you today by author and workshop leader Evelyn K. Rice, called “Soul Mates:  Creating Loving and Successful Relationships.”

It’s filled with practical tips for creating successful “soul mate” relationships, and I know you are going to love it! Enjoy ♥

Evelyn K. Rice“Creating Loving and Successful Relationships

by Evelyn K. Rice

Five years ago, I was preparing to catch a flight out of Madison, Wisconsin, back to my home state of North Carolina. I sat down beside a white haired gentleman in the airport. He turned to me and said, “You’re going to India soon, aren’t you?”

I was floored. There was no way he could have known I was planning a trip to India. He then told me about other specific places I was planning to visit. Again, I was stunned. Then he said, “I’m supposed to share with you what it takes to create a Soul Mate relationship. You won’t understand why I’m sharing this information with you now, but one day you will.” This gentleman proceeded to reveal to me the three key principles needed to create the foundation for a Soul Mate Relationship. His parting words were: “What you do with this information is your choice”.

The next day, I ended a two year relationship that had been a constant struggle. I also made a commitment that in the future I would settle for nothing less than a Soul Mate relationship. I began my journey of learning: exploring my belief systems, owning my unhealthy patterns, and healing my wounds. Within eight months, my Soul Mate, Chris, came into my life.

I have never experienced such joy, openness and love within myself and with another person. I know now that only when you are committed to personal growth, healing and spiritual purpose, can you allow and draw toward you a partner willing to participate in creating a Soul Mate Relationship. This type of relationship requires being honest about the past and acknowledging areas needing growth. It requires understanding and managing the mind, body and emotions so they don’t manage you. It requires being very clear about your spiritual contribution to yourself and others.

The Three Keys to Soul Mate Relationships:

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. As a result, we have to balance our spiritual journey in a physical plane while learning to manage the physical components (mind, body, emotions, and laws of the physical plane) of this lifetime. Once we understand this, we increase our ability to manifest our highest relationship desires. Many people believe that if they find their Soul Mate, all their relationship challenges will instantly dissolve. When it comes to love, this myth has contributed to much frustration and loss of hope. The truth is, even if you have a potentially great relationship that you feel was destined to be, if you don’t understand the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components driving and creating your relationship experiences, you are like an airplane without a navigator. You can unwittingly self-sabotage a potentially healthy and satisfying Soul Mate relationship.

There are three components that can help you begin the process of creating a Soul Mate Relationship.

The first is understanding Shared Reality. Shared Reality entails knowing and understanding a potential partner’s relationship goals and dreams, and identifying up-front if they are on track with where you are going in your life. Shared Reality also involves both potential partners being clear about what they want for their life as individuals, and knowing how that would be enhanced within a relationship.

When a person is looking for a relationship it’s easy to say, “Oh, I hope that person will want me,” rather than, “This is what I want for my life. Would this person be an excellent asset and companion to my achieving my purpose”? To begin creating the space for Shared Reality with a potential partner, you can ask yourself the question: “What is my individual purpose?” When you are really clear about what you want, it helps you move toward those desires. Ask yourself, “If I only had six months to live, what impact would I want my life to have made for myself and others?”

Identifying your specific purpose for this lifetime helps you identify what type of person would be an asset in achieving your mission…

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Copyright Evelyn K. Rice. All Rights Reserved.

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