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Visual Inspiration: The Two Most Important Days in Your Life

Valerie Rickel

“The two most important days in your life are the
day you are born and the day you find out why.”
―Mark Twain

Today, I offer you a Visual Inspirational Quote in keeping with our theme of the month, “Life Purpose,” to help inspire your Friday and your weekend!

I had fun creating this Visual Inspiration. I took this photo in the Adirondacks of New York State last summer. It was a warm, balmy summer day, and I was living up the road from this lake in a cabin for the summer. A friend and I were enjoying a lovely, sunny afternoon at this quiet beach cove when suddenly the sky changed, got moody, and then cast the most marvelous rays of pink light on the lake that transformed the water into satin. I can still remember the peaceful, calm, stillness of the moment as if it were yesterday. I felt a shift — a transformation inside of me. It was the perfect day — an important day — an Eternal moment in time.

I love this quote by Mark Twain, so I couldn’t resist putting the two together. I hope you enjoy today’s Visual Inspiration!

I’d love to hear about an important and meaningful day in your life… What made the day special for you? Any insights into “why you are here”? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts with our community ♥


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Wishing you a perfect and purposeful day!!


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  • Lula Larson

    A particular day like that comes to mind. I wrote about it when I returned home – One Golden Day. It was a family gathering at my Mama and Daddy’s Lake House in southeast Missouri nestled in the Mark Twain Forest. Funny, I guess your quote would work for it too. My folks and sisters and brother and their families gathered the night before and sat on the deck and talked way into the evening. The children all decorated with glow sticks played in a soft summer rain and the smell of the woods and the sound of the rain on the metal roof of the deck was hypnotic. The next day, car by car, family by family, my Daddy’s tribe all gathered for the annual reunion. Favorite dishes we all love began to appear on the tables, little cousins at first tentative and then off playing with those they had not seen in a while or had never met. Little clusters of family here and family there, new babies, the older ones sitting comfortably as the younger came for greetings and catching up and lots of hugging and kisses. Everyone knew it was special – when it was time to go, it seemed no one wanted to leave. Everyone lingered and then one by one the cars began to leave, but the afterglow of love and being connected to the family, to the elders, the new babies and all – it was wonderful. And, as happened when we set up, my sisters and brother felt the old rhythm we had as children and worked to put everything back in order. It was wonderful – a beautiful golden day I will never forget. Your post reminded me again – thank you. Blessings, blessings

    • How beautiful, Lulu! Thank you so much for sharing!! I’m right there with you. What a meaningful moment in time!! An Eternal Moment! xoxox, Valerie