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Video: Letting Go

Valerie Rickel

“When we go back into the past and rake up all the troubles we’ve had,
we end up reeling and staggering through life.
Stability and peace of mind come by living in the moment.”
—Pam Vredevelt

Happy Friday! I am very excited to share today’s Daily Soul Retreat with you. It’s a video I discovered at YouTube, and I know you’re going to love it!

It is a beautiful compilation of quotations on “letting go” by a whole host of influential spiritual leaders including: Lao Tzu, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ajahn Chah, Chuang-tzu, Shunryu Suzuki, Tenzin Gyatso (the Dalai Lama), Siddhartha Gautam (Buddha), and others.  The words are accompanied by gorgeous, awe-inspiring photography and blissful meditative flute music.

Trust me, once you have watched this beautiful video, you will feel peaceful, tranquil, and will likely be ready to “let go.” Enjoy ♥

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Wishing you a peaceful and mindful day!!

Valerie Rickel, Founder


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  • Julie McGurer Young


    • You’re so welcome, Julie! Glad to hear you enjoyed the video!! Love and blessings, Valerie

  • Kathleen Mahala

    Beautiful–Thank You! Everyone should listen to this; it gives you such a peaceful, serene feeling! I, for one know just how hard it is to “let go”! Physically had to do so almost 40 years ago; and still at times have trouble with it because of the heart, but it is needed to fully enjoy your life and to find your inner peace! “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”!

    • Thanks for your wonderful comment, Kathleen! So happy to hear that you enjoyed the video!! Yes, I feel that same sense of peace and calm every time I watch it. Thanks again. Love and blessings, Valerie

  • Leokadia Worton

    peaceful and beautiful video, the music is so perfect to listen to on a hectic day, just to collect our thoughts again. I want to thank you for all your emails. They are always so uplifting to me. I do enjoy looking at the kitty photos you enclose.

    • Hi Leokadia! Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m so happy to hear that the video was meaningful to you and just what you needed on your hectic day. I’m glad to hear you enjoy my Daily Soul Retreats and find them uplifting. That is very meaningful to me. Those are my two very precious “kids.” I love them so much. Love and blessings, Valerie

  • Angel Adams

    Thank you what a great video it was an enjoyable and much needed break in my day.

    • Hi Angel, I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the video. Thanks for leaving a comment to let me know! Thanks for being here. Love and blessings, Valerie

  • Nicole Bradbury

    Once you wake up and say to yourself I let go and surrender your life begins to change.

    • Yes, it does! Thanks so much for your comment, Nicole! I’m glad you enjoyed the video! Love and blessings, Valerie