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Guest Blog: Finding Peace in the Silience of Your Heart


“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart….live in the question.”
—Rainer Maria Rilke

I’m pleased to be able to share a guest blog by one of SoulfulLiving.com’s long-time columnists, Rob Ragozzine, Numerologist, radio host, and author of our column, What’s Your Number?

Today, Rob shares a special article on finding inner peace in the stillness and silence of your heart.

Enjoy ♥

Rob Ragozzine“Finding Inner Peace in the Silence of Your Heart”

By Rob Ragozzine

Are you ready to bring more calm, ease and tranquility into your life? Like many people, you’re probably very busy, with little time to share between yourself, your relationships and pure silence. But, silence can foster inner peace. And, with inner peace, you may be able to better manage your life.

Help can come from activities that allow you to step out of the static, busyness and hyper activity that are often thrust upon us in daily life. Simple breathing techniques can be very effective. Or, you can use specific meditative techniques that speak to you.

Sitting in a comfortable chair in silence works for me. I light a candle and may focus lightly on it. Occasionally, I will play music, but most of the time I simply sit quietly and allow myself to be in the moment. Some days I can sit for a long time, while others I only sit for a short span. But, I always feel better after sitting in silence, no matter the duration.

We all struggle with periods of upset, unease or chaos. But, finding inner peace is not impossible. You may find stillness and peace for just moments at first, but this space can gradually grow with time, patience, dedication, and practice.

Meditating, or simply finding time for silence, can facilitate calmness, slowing down and connecting inward. As you connect inward you can begin to pay closer attention to the guidance of your heart. Dismissing its guidance often leads to greater instability, disquiet and unease.

You can create inner chaos when you force yourself to live in a restricted way, rather than allowing yourself to be expansive and open to greater possibilities. This starts with your heart. How can you begin incorporating your heart’s direction  in your life? How can you welcome its compassion?

Spending time in silence and truly listening to the guidance of your heart can add depth and meaning to your life. You can begin by just sitting in silence. It doesn’t have to be complex and the process can help you to connect with the mystery within your life. Just be curious.

Many of us today find it difficult, if not impossible, to find even a moment of stillness. This keeps us struggling with ourselves, and disconnected in our relationships.

Inner peace is found when you can connect inward, forgive yourself, become curious, and begin to look at the burdens — often unnecessary ones — that you needlessly take on. What do you really want? As you recognize your self-made obstacles to freedom and peace, you can begin to release them from your life.  You can begin to forgive yourself and let go of those situations which keep you disconnected and separate from your heart.

One step to take today is to record the yearnings of your heart and begin to find a way to bring those things into your life. Some of the actions will be simple. Other actions will be less so, but they are still vital for you to pursue. Some steps may seem so big that you feel foolish or silly even to imagine undertaking them, but have faith in yourself and your abilities. You can get there. You may have to practice forgiveness and compassion first. You may need to let go of the inner battle. Decide that it’s time to stop fighting yourself, believe that you have purpose, and believe that your voice matters.

Your heart has a message. Are you willing to find the time to listen? If a goal seems insurmountable you can bring an object that symbolizes it into your life. For instance, you might bring in poetry about parenting, if you are single and have a desire to be a parent. Or, you might bring in a book about the life of someone who has taken the steps you wish to take in your life.

Most importantly, have patience, compassion, and belief in your heart and its guidance. Take each day one moment at a time. Allow time for stillness. Honor and listen to your inner wisdom. Make peace with yourself and where you are now. Believe that life is mysterious, magic, expanding, and rich. From this place, your heart can help you open to new possibilities. Life can then become less restrictive and stress focused and more expansive, calm, rewarding, and blissful.

Copyright 2013 Rob Ragozzine.

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Wishing you a peaceful day!!


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