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A harvest of peace is produced from a seed of contentment


“A harvest of peace is produced from a seed of contentment.”
(Kashmiri Proverb)

I loved creating this Visual Inspiration for you today — in keeping with our theme of the month, “Inner Peace.” This photo is very special to me, as I remember the experience of capturing the image so vividly. It was a mid-autumn day several years ago, in the late afternoon, and the sun was casting her magical late-afternoon light all over this gorgeous farm field in Upstate New York. The clouds in the sky were ominous. I remember how when I saw this surreal scene, with its blissful light and rich colors, I felt such a strong connection to the Divine. It was an Eternal moment. My Nirvana. It was just so beautiful, I was overcome with emotion.

My search to find a quotation to match this special photo turned out to be no easy task, however. I wanted a quote themed around “autumn” and “finding inner peace.” I had difficulty finding one and almost gave up, but with a just little further searching, I found this one and knew it was meant to be!!

I hope you enjoy the Visual Inspiration as much as I enjoyed creating it!  ♥

Peace Harvest

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Wishing you a peaceful and content day!!


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