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Guest Article: Witnessing the Truth About Your Life by Laura Grace

Valerie Rickel

As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
Marianne Williamson

Today, I’m pleased to share one of my favorite articles by SoulfulLiving.com Columnist, Laura V. Grace: “Witnessing the Truth About Your Life.” This article fills me with hope, love, and gratitude every time I read it, and I hope it inspires the same in you.

Laura encourages us to look at the “light” while searching for our Truth — our Highest Good, as it is here where we will find our True Gifts.

Laura Grace is a spiritual counselor and author of “Gifts of the Soul” and “The Intimate Soul.”

I hope you enjoy Laura’s article as much as I have. I’ve created a Visual Inspiration for you, today, too! Enjoy ♥

Laura Grace“Witnessing the Truth About Your Life”
by Laura Grace

When you look at your life, what do you focus on? The eyes of our ego would have us focus upon the problems and challenges we’ve experienced as well as the countless mistakes we’ve made. It takes pleasure from dwelling on suffering, pain and blame. It is attached to the belief that something “out there” can make us happy and lives in the land of regret and loss. The ego’s vision is limited and sees only darkness, separateness and fear.

Yet the truth of who you are and the value of your life cannot be discovered while looking at the darkness. Your reality will only be seen when you choose to look at the light. “Seeing the light” means “understanding;” your highest understanding stems from attesting to the spiritual growth and miracles that have occurred throughout your life.

Take a moment to reflect on your life. How many times have you received gifts of love? How often have you been bestowed with blessings of support, appreciation and opportunities? If you are gazing on the seeming disasters of your life, you are ignoring the gifts that have been given you. If you are willing to look at the gifts, you will see that they are much more than isolated “coincidences.” They are witnesses that speak of genuine love about who you truly are.

Marianne Williamson Quote

A Course in Miracles teaches, “This year, determine not to deny what has been given you by God. Awake and share it for that is the only reason He has called to you. His voice has spoken clearly, and yet you have so little faith in what you heard, because you have preferred to place still greater faith in the disaster you have made. Today, let us resolve together to accept the joyful tidings that disaster is not real and that reality is not disaster.”

In my own life, I can attest to innumerable times where loving support from the invisible spiritual realm has touched my life. Time and time again, I have experienced the power of a higher presence. From outward appearances, it can easily be observed by the transformations in my relationships, work, health, and abundance. But more importantly, it is the amount of peace of mind and unconditional love I experience that makes its presence known from within.

Take a moment to reflect on the “gifts” that you received last year. Include inner gifts such as higher awareness, shifts in perception, letting go of attachment and moments of inner peace. Can you see how these gifts are witnesses that you are not alone, that there is a Presence within you at all times? Can you see how these gifts are testimony that this Presence is willing to guide you each and every step of the way?

It’s a matter of focus. The time has come for us to stop focusing on the illusion that we are somehow lacking in any way. A Course in Miracles reminds us, “Only what we are not giving can be lacking in any situation.” Ask yourself, “What am I withholding from this situation—understanding, forgiveness, love?” It’s never the situation that is the problem; it’s our unwillingness to extend what resides within us that is the issue.

Let us point our gaze inward and upward toward the truth. Each of us has a treasure chest overflowing with gifts of love. Every time you choose to reflect on the blessings you’ve received, you add yet another gift labeled “conviction” and “faith” to your collection. This year, make the commitment to reflect on the light that has illuminated your life. In so doing, you shine the light so others may also see.

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