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Living Your Truth

ValerieWhile I was growing up, my father often said, “The Truth cannot be told.” This was one of his favorite expressions, and it brought me to one of my own: “Your Truth cannot be told.” Why not? you ask, and I reply, Because our Truth is our Highest Good, our Heart, our authentic inner knowing. It is unique to each of us. It is our special gift, our Light, the reason we are here. Our Truth is not a Truth that “can be told” to us by another. It is a Truth that we each must find for ourselves.

Several months after my father’s death, I heard my own Truth—the wisdom in my Heart—calling me. I found myself spending every free moment, day and night, dreaming of and creating a web site community focused on spirituality and personal growth. It was to be called SoulfulLiving.com. My soul had been “called.” It was one of those things that I knew I could not not do.

Two years later, my mother suffered a very serious stroke and died eight months later. It was at this time that it became clear to me that life is too short to do anything less in life than what you are most passionate about. I found the courage to leave my full-time job, an eight-year career in marketing and public relations in the shopping center industry, and devote myself full-time to SoulfulLiving.com.

It hasn’t always been a smooth journey. There were times when people close to me were critical of the work I’ve chosen to do. They said I was crazy for leaving my comfortable, stable career, and I have to admit it: sometimes I allowed their suggestions to get under my skin and invade my psyche. I am still growing and gaining wisdom, however, and now I understand that it has been those very criticisms that helped me to gain the firm conviction that I am doing exactly the work I was put here on earth to do. I know deeply in my Heart that I am living my Truth. SoulfulLiving.com is my special purpose—my gift, my Light.

Remember that your Heart—your Truth—will never lead you astray. Let the Light of your Heart guide your way.

© Copyright 2004 Valerie Rickel. This essay was originally published in Pat Sampson's book, "The Power of Positive People."




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  • Sheeba

    Hi Valerie!! Thanks for reinforcing that ‘truth can never be told’…I know that each one of us are connected today to help each other explore our truth…and that is why soulful living is special to my heart. During the thick of times it has been a guide…a mentor…a friend…a family…and I would always wonder, who is the beautiful creator here, who knows just exactly whats going on in my life and is always there with the positive reassurance! Now I know – Valerie – it’s your magic that has helped me understand mine…many many thanks for that. I have no words to express my thanks to the role played by ‘soulful living’ in my life…but sure I may try to contribute in whatever capacity I can! Cheers to ‘soulful living’ …cheers to ‘soulfulliving.com’

    • Hi Sheeba, Thanks so much for your beautiful comment! I am deeply touched and so pleased to know that SoulfulLiving.com has been meaningful in your life. It makes it all worth it!! I look forward to hearing your input and feedback on her future redevelopment. Thanks again for your very sweet words. Blessings to you, Valerie ♥

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  • Sue

    This is just my 2nd message but it feels so good to spend time in a positive, nurturing space. They are very hard to find. I am looking forward to many more delightful, and soulful messages – thank you.

    • Thank you so much, Sue! Your words mean a lot to me. I’m so pleased to know that you enjoy the website! Thanks so much for being part of our SoulfulLiving.com Community!!

      Valerie ♥

  • charlotte Owens

    Hope for a life again . Maybe possible now.