Your Authentic Self

Your Authentic Self

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.” –Carl Jung

Carol AdrienneAuthenticity
by Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

As children we have no trouble being authentic. Remember when you woke up in the summer happy with anticipation for the day? Remember the joy you took in having your friends sleep over? Remember your parents’ mixed reaction when you blurted out some delightful, albeit disconcerting, blunt truth? Growing up, we naturally question authority or the status quo because curiosity and the need to understand how the world works are prime motivations in our developing psyche. At some critical point, however, it is inevitably driven home to us that in order to get along in the world, sometimes we need to withhold our opinions, listen to our elders, deny what we see and hear, lie low or even lie. We begin the process of putting a lot of stuff—beliefs, opinions, self-criticisms, pain, fear, disappointments, humiliations, anger, rage, feelings of distrust and abandonment in a closet—with the idea that maybe it will go away or we’ll sort it out later.

Making a Break. Each of us is born into a family or a situation that already has a code and a belief system that works to some degree. For those of us who are adventurous enough—or unhappy enough—to search for personal fulfillment, we may find we are attracted to interests, cultures, lifestyles, or beliefs that don’t jibe with past conditioning. Read More…

Suzanne ZoglioLiving Full–Living True: The Authentic Life
by Suzanne Zoglio, Ph.D.

In the early stages of life we are often focused on pleasing others…parents, teachers, bosses, and spouses. In an effort to get our needs met, we learn to play by other people’s rules. But as we mature, we become more competent, independent, and able to meet our own needs. We are then less motivated to do what others want us to do. We tire of keeping up appearances, and care much less about what other people think. We no longer want to chase someone else’s dream; we want to live our own dreams. In short, we come to grips with the idea of being our own person. Now we just want to live a life that feels right. We want to be free of inner turmoil and outer chaos. Instead of approval, we are more likely to seek a sense of inner peace…the kind that accompanies authentic living.

I suspect that you can probably name several people who have taken considerable risks in order to lead more authentic lives. Perhaps you know someone who turned down a promotion to have more time with her family, forfeited a steady income to start up a new business, or left an unhappy marriage facing the firm disapproval of friends and family. Read More…

Laura V. GraceLiving the Authentic Life
by Laura V. Grace

You are meant to live an intimate and authentic life, a life that honors the depth of who you are, a life that nourishes your heart and expands your mind, a life that is unencumbered with what others think, a life that empowers you to be who you really are.

And yet, with the pressure we feel from others and life in general, the question may remain, “How can I live such a life?” “What steps can I take toward being just ‘me?’” In my own life, I have found the following practices to be invaluable and successful components in experiencing an authentic life… Read More…

Rev. Laurie Sue BrockwayA Gathering of Goddesses:
Our Girlfriends Keep Us Real

by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Soulful friends help us express our authentic selves and live the authentic life. They also help us discover it and define it because they reflect truth back to us … they hold up a mirror to us that shows us who we truly are … they encourage us to be more than we think we can be!

In the nineties, when I was the editor-in-chief of a national magazine, I invited a group of girl friends who worked in media together for a night of spirituality and girl talk. They were each fascinating, spiritual woman with high-powered careers. It felt very natural to call the evening “A Gathering of Goddesses.” Everyone loved the idea, because it made us connect immediately with the idea that we are Goddesses – beautiful, smart, powerful, able to effect change in our world. We so enjoyed each other’s companionship and support that first night; we decided to turn it into a monthly event. For over two years, we gathered every month to schmooze and share our stories, ending each meeting with a sacred circle in which we each took turns lighting a candle, articulating our dreams and goals and saying a prayer. Read More…

Kay NuyensLiving an Authentic Life

by Kay Nuyens

Living authentically is a journey of remembrance, acknowledging that we are powerful spiritual beings, co-creators with the Universe. To remember this truth, we need to move away from our mind’s incessant chatter, and move directly into our hearts. This is the quiet space of our true essence, our knowing. Aligning our heart with the heart of God allows us to be in touch with our spirit. Each day we can request to see ourselves as God sees us, in all of our perfection, without judgment or expectations. We are no ordinary beings. We are powerful spirits destined to remember our greatness, our Divine connection. It is time to remove the blocks. It is time to remember. Read More…

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