Soulful Yoga

Column by Stephanie Johnson, CYI

Stephanie Johnson, Certified Yoga InstructorSoulful Yoga

For Stephanie, yoga is life. It starts out on the mat, where we strengthen our physical bodies and relax our minds through pranayama and meditation, and then moves into our everyday lives, so we are present for every single moment, living with mental flexibility and spiritual curiosity. Stephanie is passionate about sharing this practice with others through her soulful teaching, writing and daily life, so that others can share in the beautiful and ancient wisdom of yoga.

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About Stephanie Johnson, CYI

Stephanie Johnson is an elementary school teacher, certified yoga instructor, meditation student, and writer. She is looking for ways to explore this beautiful, crazy life that we have been gifted and to live it with meaning. Stephanie fell in love with yoga as a teenager and has since traveled across the globe in search of gaining knowledge and experiences to deepen her understanding of yoga, from her home country of Australia, to India and across Asia, to Chile, in South America where she now lives with her partner and two sons.

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