Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance and Prosperity

“What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.” –Julia Cameron

Laurence G. BoldtThe Tao of Abundance
by Laurence G. Boldt

Abundance has been defined in a variety of ways, by different people at different times and in different cultures. Today, we typically measure abundance in terms of the money and objects we possess. We think that those who possess the most are the most free and powerful individuals and that they therefore enjoy the most abundant lifestyle. Yet for Plato, Aristotle, and the Roman Stoic philosophers, the most free and powerful individuals were those who could be happy with the fewest things. While our culture values those who earn and hoard the most, among certain tribes in New Guinea, the most valued members of society were those who gave away the most.

In the end, we could say that abundance is the feeling of enough and to spare. Well all right, but how much is enough? Does a man with a “net worth” in the millions, whose mood fluctuates with the stock market, and who feels himself to be lacking relative to his country club companions, experience abundance? What about a “primitive” in the rainforests of the Amazon who, with the simplest of technologies and a leaky temporary hut for a shelter, feels himself blessed by the bounty of the forest? Clearly, having no quantifiable frame of reference, abundance is a state of mind, or more precisely, of being. Read More

John Randolph PriceThe Law of Abundance
by John Randolph Price

Ageless Wisdom is emphatic in stating that the reason we do not enjoy the fullness of abundant life is because we do not personally identify with the third aspect of our divinity, the creative feminine medium, the Law of all manifestation.

The Cosmic Mandates. The Law is a Presence, a Creative Mind possessing the absolute certainties of universal decrees. Taking it one step at a time, let’s look at the whole process of Law as it reveals that which is good, true, and beautiful in life.

Recognize the Divine Feminine within as the Law, Force, and Power of all manifest form and experience.

This aspect of the Whole spirit known as the Divine Mother is the source and cause of all visible effects. She is creative energy, substance, light, the agent of Divine Will. She is universal and individual, eternally flowing through the state of consciousness that we are holding before her. However, through our use of free will, we are able to break her laws, be arrested (seized in consciousness), and through the self-pronouncement of guilt, go through a punishment state appropriate for the offense. But now we’re going to take control of our lives and live as the Masters of our Destiny. Read More

Laura V. GraceBuilding REAL Abundance
by Laura V. Grace

Too often we believe that if we had “a little more of this” or “a little more of that,” our lives would be better. But would they really? Real abundance comes not from without, but from deep within. Recognizing that we are already rich—rich in spirit—is where genuine abundance dwells. A Course in Miracles teaches us that whenever we are looking outside ourselves for anything, we will only feel more incomplete. This is referred to as “the scarcity principle” which is based upon the common belief that somehow we are incomplete and not whole just the way we are. And in order to fill this “hole,” our insidious ego believes it must grab onto certain things and hold on for dear life: people, resources, recognition, approval, and so forth. This leads us to taking action under the ego’s direction. But since the action is based on superficial intention, it produces insignificant results leading to an even greater sense of lack. The ego’s doctrine is “seek but do not find,” a perfect example of how glutinous the ego is and how futile its’ endless chase for seeking outside one’s self. Read More

Dr. Richard BellamyProsperity and Abundance
by Dr. Richard Bellamy

Abundance and prosperity, what is it? Many people have different definitions for abundance and prosperity. For one person it might be feeling the freedom to do what they love. For someone else it might mean having material possessions such as a car, or a house in a certain area of town. For another it might mean having the realization that once food, water and air requirements are met they have all their needs met, so anything else is a bonus. Our abundance and prosperity are largely a result of the thoughts and feelings we direct toward life. I invite you to understand that our thoughts are like currency we spend or save towards our destiny in life.

Consider for a minute, the word “thought.” Being a noun, you can have thought. Now imagine your thought as currency. How do you “spend” your thoughts? Do you purchase with your thought presence that which you love, or do you squander the currency of your thought on what you don’t want? Read More

Dan MillmanManage Your Money: Sufficiency and Spiritual Practice
by Dan Millman

In the context of personal growth, money is more than a means of exchange or ready cash. Although most of us have experienced periods of financial scarcity, our relationship to money reflects our relationship to energy and service and spirit, our ability to function in society, our openness to pleasure and abundance, our reality check. Money mirrors the quality of our interactions with other people, our ability to receive and to give. Money represents survival, security, safety, shelter, food, family, livelihood.

More complex, it turns out, than balancing your checkbook.

If spiritual life begins on the ground, money forms a foundation on which to build. Shivapuri Baba, an Indian Saint and yogi who walked around the world on a pilgrimage when he was nearly 120 years old, was once asked about the best way to begin a spiritual life. He advised, “first build a foundation—manage your money.” Read More

Reverend Jennifer BaltzYour Spiritual Relationship with Money
by Reverend Jennifer Baltz

Stop a moment and read that quote again. Just about every spiritual tradition has a version of it. I was reminded of it again not that long ago by one of my spiritual teachers. He noted that when spiritual masters say to do something first, he sits up and pays attention! So do I.

When we think of money, we usually don’t think about it as a spiritual issue. But money is really just a marker for the transfer of life energy. If you think about it, money isn’t really a tangible thing…it has no value in and of itself, only the value we assign to it.

And yet we spend a lot of time worrying about our money, bemoaning the lack of it, trying to acquire more. We sacrifice our health and time working in jobs we hate for it, lose people we love over it, go into tremendous fear about it, feel constrained by it, and sometimes even kill each other for it. All for an intangible that we think will make us happy, but seems to have the opposite effect many times. Read More

Rev. Laurie Sue BrockwayEverybody Loves Lakshmi: Here’s How to Attract Fortune into Your Life
by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and Beauty. Born of Indian heritage and worshipped daily by millions of Hindu people in all corners of the globe, she is also appreciated worldwide by adoring devotees and fans who take an interfaith or Goddess-based approach to religion and spirituality. She is a universal Goddess, and can be called upon by anyone of any faith who chooses to take a spiritual approach to bringing more good fortune into his or her lives.

Lakshmi, by nature and name, means Fortune. From a religious point of view, the Goddess herself is considered one who guides people to Fortune and, especially, a deity who has authority to grant and deliver Fortune. Fortune is seen as both material and spiritual.

Lakshmi can help you focus positive energy in the general direction of material and spiritual wealth. Read More

Barbara WilderEscape Your Money Worries by Changing Money into Love
by Barbara Wilder

Money is quite possibly the most misunderstood commodity in the world. We all need it. Most of us want more of it. Few of us have enough of it. And a great many of us hate the damned stuff. It’s been called the root of all evil, dirty money, and filthy lucre to name just a few of its nicknames. For the past two thousand years people have equated poverty and spirituality. The picture in our minds of holy men and women wearing sackcloth and ashes makes it almost impossible for us to believe that we can have both enlightenment and wealth. After all, “A camel can pass through the eye of a needle more easily than a rich man can enter the kingdom of heaven.” or so we’ve been told our entire lives. Jesus threw the Money Changers out of the temple. Monks and nuns lived lives of poverty in monasteries for two thousand years, and in Asia Buddhist monks have been carrying their rice bowls, begging for food, for even longer. Read More…

KD FarrisBeing Present Within Your Prosperous Life
by KD Farris, Ph.D.

The more I work with abundance and prosperity, the simpler the concepts become. Being present is being prosperous.

I, myself, have always been a lover of money and financial things, yet when I went through a period of not being present with my money – I began to feel as if I did not have enough of it.

This feeling of not having enough actually created that reality over time, and I had to find my way back to something that I had never before been separated from – being present with my financial world. I’d like to share with you today exactly how I did that.

The simplest way to learn about abundance and prosperity is to become very present with all that you have in the world. So, if feeling abundant with your financial affairs is what you desire, jump on board with me and let’s take an abundance inventory. Read More

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