The Start of Something New

The Start of Something New
20th Anniversary Issue


Happy 2oth Anniversary, Soulful Living community! What an honor it is to be back online and writing for you.

In the years of my absence from writing for this website, my life and learning have continued to grow and expand. I completed my Ph.D. in Depth Psychology, moved to a new town, and returned to screenwriting—a longtime passion of mine and earlier pursuit of my youth. I even changed my professional name (Karen Deborah) to the name I use in my private life (KD). Plus, I dedicated a lot more time to reading, deepening my awareness of the mind-body connection, and putting into practice this integrative understanding with positive results.

Of course, there have also been hard times filled with losses, death, and destruction. And like a true mystic, out of the ashes of those losses has birthed a new awareness in me, giving life to new and vast possibilities of thinking, being, and moving in this world.

As has always been my way, I’ve continued to move through life heuristically; I have continued to take into myself what is around me, to digest it and make meaning of it, and to then put it back out into the world to observe, and understand….

There has also been hermeneutic learning; the study of what others have written about the same subjects and processes as I am heuristically exploring. These times we live in are filled with much cutting-edge information. It is an age where the hard sciences are meeting and merging with esoteric philosophies. The understanding we inner travelers have often intuited about processes of living are being confirmed under the microscope.

Because we can see inside the human body and at the subatomic level of all matter, biology and physics are exploding beyond their known boundaries. It has been a wondrous age for those of us who have always been drawn to physics and biology, and who have always intuited the inseparability of our minds, emotions, and physical surroundings.

Such growth has paved the way for the thought-building I hope to share with you over the coming decade.

I’m excited to approach my writings as something that can be shared as it is being discovered; to care less about the point and more about the process of understanding that which is nudging at me inwardly, urging me to explore and express.

Carrying on the theme of my original column, Being Present, I will still be exploring and expanding the cosmology of MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT. For new readers, there will be plenty of introductory material to chew on and get comfortable with. For return readers, we will be exploring these concepts to greater depths in terms of new science, and with visuals of the model as yet unshared with the public.

I will also be looking at Liminal Space, the subject of my dissertation, which brings The Art of Transformation into a culture that is ripe with need but has had little understanding of what a human life mandates as it goes through predictable and unpredictable changes of grave consequence and great reward.

I also have a project in development titled, The Art of Truthful Living. This exploration includes many of my favorite writers from the 1980’s who put their own marriages to the test for the purpose of furthering the field of couples therapy: Harville & Helen Hendrix, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, to name a few. It also includes many poets and prose writers whose words I feel define the “art” in truthful living.

We’ll be looking at health and diet in specific ways, relating it to the relief of chronic illness, depression and anxiety. No small subject! We’ll look at not only what we eat but why we eat this way and how we came to do so. I have films to share, books to recommend, and recipes to offer.

In addition, I will attempt to chronicle the many tools I use in my private practice, those which have guided 35 years of mentoring, educating, coaching and counseling, and which have been informed through my personal journey as well as through the lessons of my teachers.

I am looking to this portal as an information hub where anyone can reach in and pull out something that may help them awaken into the present moment in a state of gratitude where a mixture of inner knowing and grand not-knowing resides.

There are many projects welling up and emanating through me, which I hope will find their form through Soulful Living—the first world-wide venue where my voice was encouraged, nurtured and given a home those many years ago.

A big shout out is due to our beloved creator and mentor, Valerie Rickel, for her vision and tenacity in creating and maintaining Soulful Living as a home for those in need of giving as well as receiving. It was one of the first communities of its kind, and she has given much to all of us with her continued, heartfelt mission.

Copyright 2020 Dr. KD Farris. All Rights Reserved.


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