Divine Discontent and The Dark Night of The Soul

Divine Discontent and The Dark Night of The Soul
20th Anniversary Issue


As I reflect on the past 20 years, I’m humbled and honored to be part of this Anniversary Edition of Soulful Living.  I went back to read my first article published in 2000, and everything in that article still stands today and even more so! You can read the article here.

We’ve all heard of the predictions for 2020 and perhaps even beyond.  You can find these easily on the internet. What I’m writing about today is more personalized.  I’m going right to the core  or should I say the soul of the matter.


Looking back to go forward.

Cycles of time and new beginnings always bring us hope for the future and 2020 is no exception.  Life never stands still.  We grow and change all the time.  Some growth can be conscious or even unconscious.

As an example, look back at what you’ve achieved over the last 10-20 years.  I bet you don’t even feel like the same person.  Some of your decisions were conscious and some unconscious.

Over the last several years we’ve been presented with opportunities to let go of old karma or even let go of the people we once were.  What doesn’t change is our soul, soul contracts and our soul destiny.

It’s when you learn to listen to soul and even walk through the “dark night of the soul” that you reap the benefit of achieving your highest vibration and your destiny consciously.

What do I mean by the “dark night of the soul”?  These are times when we’re confronted with major life changes of the unknown or breaking old familiar habits of the past. They can absolutely paralyze you with fear.

To learn where this fear comes from or even if the fear is yours is an answer your soul can give you. Some of these deepest fears may even be ancestral.  You are now being asked to heal these old ancestral wounds so that on a universal level we may move forward in a new way and see with new eyes the world we are to create for the generations to come.


Follow your yellow brick road.

As a soul reader and intuitive astrologer, I’ve learned that we all have our own cycles, timing and soul purpose.  Only you can offer the gifts you came here to give and in the way that only you can.

So why do some coaches or classes teach the same information for everyone?  When I started my first business, I would take all kinds of business classes.  Most of them were very helpful.  However, some demanded that everyone do the same to be successful.  Then what happens?  You take these classes and nothing works like it’s supposed to.  Then when it doesn’t work we blame ourselves for failure.

Once you learn to listen to your intuition and learn your unique soul language life becomes filled with synchronicities to guide you along the way.  I’m not saying you won’t have bumps in the road, but you will learn how to better manage the pot holes that can arise.


In Summary

Divine discontent offers one of the greatest gifts… It gives us our growth and evolution as we learn. It beckons us to go into the unknown where things can go bump in the night. “The dark night of the soul” can only be deterred by going deep into the darkness. Once there you can shine a light on the fear that may or may not be yours this lifetime.  These fears may be an opportunity to heal the world, serve and share your unique spirit with all.

In Astrology your fears or dark night of the soul can be found through the planet Pluto.  Over the last several years we have been approaching a rather amazing aspect with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter.  They will all be coming together in 2020.

What does this mean for you?  Again, it’s different for everyone.  What is certain, is that an opportunity will show itself to let go of what’s stopped you in the past so you may move forward to achieve your soul destiny.  This can be through relationships, work, your business and your personal life.

It takes commitment and courage to not give up and to walk confidently challenging the unknown.  Pluto energy in your horoscope is that of alchemy and can be your biggest gift of all.

Copyright 2020 Diane Fleck. All Rights Reserved.

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