Liberating Your Ultimate Potential

Liberating Your Ultimate Potential
20th Anniversary Issue


What’s your potential? 

Before we get to that, here’s what it’s not.

Potential is not your purpose.  Purpose is simply something you like to do.  A lot.  If you do it a lot, you’ll limit a lot of other really wonderful things you could be doing.  If anything, choosing a single purpose and confining yourself to it just creates a barrier to your ultimate potential.

Potential is not a goal.  Not even a really challenging, inspiring one.  The problem with goals is that once you reach them, you just have to set another.   Even if you set records, eventually, someone else will break them.  Goals are just another way to limit your potential.

Potential is not something that requires a mentor, coach or mastermind circle.  It’s not something that requires a degree, or even multiple degrees.  These are all great ways to learn, but learning is not how you reach your potential.  Learning is how you enhance the experience of it.

Potential is not something your parents told you was possible, or impossible, for that matter.  It has nothing to do with fulfilling your family legacy or breaking free of it.  It doesn’t require anyone to believe in you or even support you.

In fact, your potential is not something you reach.  “Reaching your potential” suggests that it is something outside you that you somehow have to earn.


What, then, is potential? 

Here’s a hint:  Potential is something you are, not something you achieve.

And here’s another hint: You’re not what you think you are.

You have a name, a body and roles you play.  You have experiences that you call your past and your present.   But none of these is you, and the proof is if you change your name or your perspective, these things change, too.

Instead, try this little experiment: Look at your hand.  Start on the surface, looking at the flesh.  Then close your eyes and let yourself “see” the bones, nerves, blood and tissue inside.  Relax a little more, and you’ll get a sense of the dance of molecules inside your cells.  Now sense the atoms vibrating inside the molecules.  Finally, imagine slipping inside one of the atoms, until you’re at the nucleus.  Notice that it’s just energy in motion.

In spite of what your scale suggests, you’re mostly empty space, held together by thought.

That “empty” space, however, is not vacant.  It’s where your potential truly lives.  For where energy stops being “some” thing, it has the potential to become “any” thing.  This energy in potential is what scientists call the “zero point field.”  But it is also known as universal consciousness, source, or even God.

And that’s where the fun begins.


At your core, you are infinite.

So what do you do with this infinite energy that is living in you, as you?  The trick is not to limit it in any way.   You want it to express itself without the limitations of your thoughts, feelings and fears.  This is how the most wonderful, surprising things happen.

How do you do this?  There are three ways.

#1: Knowingly, willingly surrender to your potential.  You can do this with a prayer or statement like, “I choose to release all control to allow my potential freedom to express itself through me.”

While this approach can be exhilarating, it can also be terrifying.  It can be like getting the winning lottery ticket, but it can also upend every role in your life.   Since energy always reflects what we are, not what we need or want, if you do this from a tense or fearful place, you may not like the results.

#2:  Express your potential by doing what Michael Singer, author of “The Untethered Soul” suggests:  just don’t close.   This sounds easier than it is.   We each think about 50,000 thoughts a day, and 40,000 of these are framed negatively, as in “I can’t do this!”  “I don’t have time.” Or, “this isn’t what I want.”   Every negative thought or judgment, even when the judgment is positive, is a closure.  So if you want to use this approach, you’ll need to stay vigilant about staying out of judgment.

#3: Simply acknowledge that divine energy lives in you, as you.  Then state your intention to know this, not simply think about it.  There are many, many books and paths that support this idea, including from all the major religions.  This, however, is not a religious concept, or, for that matter, even a scientific one.

It’s just the truth of who you are.

Don’t believe me; experience this for yourself.  One great resource is Paul Selig’s “I am the Word,” which shares this simple affirmation:

“I know who I am.”

“I know what I am.”

“I know how I serve.”

“Word I am Word.”

Say this out loud multiple times each day.  Then pay attention to what shows up.  Just stay open and curious.  Accept whatever happens.  Release your judgments as they arise.


Replace the idea of personal potential with impersonal, infinite potential

Day by day, you’ll learn what it means to live not for YOUR potential, but AS potential.  Your presence will begin to positively impact others in ways you presently cannot imagine.   Ultimately, this may shape your relationships, health or career, or not.   But even if the people and things around you don’t appear to change, you will know that you have.

You’ll feel freer.  Lighter.  More alert.  Relaxed.  Peaceful.  Loving.  Energized.

Just imagine the potential of that.


Copyright 2020 Robin L. Silverman. All Rights Reserved.

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