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Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway, The Romance Reverend Soulful Love
April-May 2004
by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

A Goddess is a Girl's Best Friend by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
A Goddess
is a Girl's
Best Friend

Our Romance Reverend gives readers tips on how to get ready for true love on a deep and soulful level. Read on if you are ready to take the next steps on your personal road to romance.

Meet the Amazing Alexander Kent Garrett

My son Alexander is a spirited 12 year old who on his birthday was named International Ambassador for Variety, The Children's Charity. Alex has been part of the Variety family since he selected as the millennium Junior Spokesperson for Variety, The Children's Charity/NY in 1999.

Every year he appears on their annual telethon and steals the show with his charm … and his joyful dancing. He’s danced, live on stage, to the beat of musical legends such as Chubby Checkers, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Melba Moore, Gary U.S. Bonds and so many others who’ve performed on the telethon.

He says his mission as a spokesperson for Variety is carrying the hope and potential that "all children all over the world will get better and stronger every day." That is pretty much his mission is life - to help all people get better and stronger every day. His joy filled nature and loving presence has touched the hearts of so many - from world leaders and spiritual figures, to people he runs into on the subway or on the street.

Alexander came into the world with one leg and many medical issues, yet his triumph over life’s challenges has made him an inspiration to many.

He has always focused on his abilities and because of his cheery, upbeat personality he inspires kids and grown-ups alike to focus on their abilities and their blessings in life. I have noticed over time how in just one moment in his healing presence, people seem to transform … life begins to look a little different. He somehow has the ability to, in a short amount of time, have a huge impact on people. I believe this is because he embraces all of who he is; and in doing so presents a mirror for others to do the same.

When he was a tiny baby I worried that he may never sit, or stand, or walk. But through every stage of development, he rose to the occasion! He now walks with ease on two crutches … yet often navigates his way around the world on one roller blade. (His dad taught him to skate with crutches when he was young). He is also walks wonderfully on a prosthetic leg, one of 11 he’s already had.

He's an "A" student and he loves learning of all kinds. Ask him his favorite subject, and the diplomatic Libra will say, "All of them." He is passionate about BASEBALL, as well as hockey and all sports. He has played wheelchair basketball (even though he’s not normally in a wheelchair, it’s easier than trying it on crutches!) and has won many gold medals for many different categories in the NYS Olympics Games for the Physically Challenged.

Alexander no longer ponders what he wants to do when he grows up - he already knows: He want to be a sportscaster. He also wants to own his own baseball stadium and has asked his mother, more than once, to help him build a baseball diamond in the back yard. He regularly does "color commentary" by the TV and on computer games and he is confident he will be a great sports announcer and a TV/radio commentator.

He was a fond friend of the late John Cardinal O'Connor, who in December 1998 gave Alexander one of his rosaries and asked the then seven year old to pray for him everyday. When Cardinal O'Connor passed on, Alex was one of the few guests allowed into the funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, without a formal invitation. He was seated right up front. After the service, then-President Bill Clinton (along with Hillary) came over to say "hey, Buddy." This catapulted Alex into the national limelight, when the image of his good-bye to the Cardinal (blowing a kiss to the coffin) and his hello to the then-President (with hug) was captured on all major news channels and on cable. Every major network and newspaper pursued him for an interview!


During the 2000 World Series, Yankee owner, George Steinbrenner, invited Alexander to ride in his personal bus in the ticker tape parade and attend the celebratory lunch at Gracie Mansion. Alex now regularly visits "The Boss" at Yankee Stadium and often watches the game from Mr. S’s box. In fact, that is where Alex met television host Regis Philbin. Regis shared a photo of himself and Alexander, on his show, Live with Regis and Kelly; the photo was taken at Yankee Stadium by Donald Trump. A week or so later, the night the Yankees made it into the 2003 World Series, Regis invited Alex to appear on his show the morning after.

You could tell that Alexander truly touched Regis Philbin's heart as they sat and chatted, on live television, about the game, the Yankees and sports. Regis kept saying he was so impressed with Alex's sports savvy. And how much they had in common as two of the Yankees major fans! Alex can talk sports with the best of them.

Speaking of major Yankee fans … Alexander is also a buddy of former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the cast and crew of MANY Broadway plays. He is one of the few people who just sort of walks back stage to say hi… and always gets the VIP tour. During her most recent stint on Broadway as Peter Pan, Cathy Rigby offered to give Alex a go at flying on stage; she was raised by a mom who, as she put it, walked "on sticks;" her mom had polio and yet lovingly brought up five children.

Alex helped host the Variety Telethon in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003, with New York radio legend Cousin Bruce Morrow (Cousin Brucie), TV news anchors Ernie Anastos (WCBS), Rosanna Scotto (FOX), fashion model Emme and Big Bird's favorite friend, Bob McGrath of Sesame Street. He’s also appeared on the Variety Radiothon on WOR.

When he was six, his natural charm got the attention of Bill Cosby and he was asked to be on Kids Say the Darndest Things.  To this day, producers say he was one of Cosby's favorites and we still see the show with Alex in perpetual re-runs.

Alexander brings LOVE to every place he goes - whether it is the Yankees Clubhouse or a hospital visit to someone who is ill.  He truly loves people. And people truly love him.

I have never seen a child more adapted to life than mine. And even though I worry all the time about him, he is often the one who says, in every trial or change or challenge… "Don’t worry Mom, it’s all going to be okay."

I think of him as a super example of someone who embraces life, and all that life has to offer. He bounds through each day with total energy and zest. Someone once said of him" "He is something who eats life… he wants to taste everything."

Perhaps it is his Libra personality that allows him to find the even keel and balance to embrace all change, or maybe it is simply because he doesn’t want to waste a minute fretting about what will happen next… he just wants to keep on seizing each next moment, and then some.

People tell me ALL THE TIME that they are so inspired by Alexander. By his joyful, determined spirit … his big smile and good cheer … his energy and enthusiasm. He has appeared on a poster for Variety but he is a poster boy for Life Itself. We used to live up the block from the United Nations, and they would call him "The Mayor of 44th Street." Even former Mayor Guiliani and NYC Mayor Bloom admit that he deserves that title – they have both long been his fans and friends.

They join many others who see in this small boy a big Hero, who helps many … just by being here in the world. I am so proud that he is my son. J

© Copyright 2004 Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway. All Rights Reserved.

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Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is an interfaith minister who is often called upon to teach, speak and write about women’s spirituality and The Feminine Faces of God. She is author of, A GODDESS IS A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND: A DIVINE GUIDE TO FINDING LOVE, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS, from Perigee Books, December 2002.

For more information:
Website: www.GoddessFriends.com or to join "The Goddess List" for inspirational and informational electronic message, Email: GoddessLaxmi@aol.com


Visit Reverend Laurie Sue at:


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