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Soulful Love
July 2001

by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Every month, our Soulful Singles "Romance Reverend" shares her sage insights on relationships and getting ready for soulful love!  Send your questions to RomanceRev@SoulfulLiving.com.

Soulful Love Reminders

Dreams Warn It’s Time To Own Your Power

I am new to spirituality. About a year and a half ago I met my soul mate. After running into each other a lot, we went out on a date. Knowing up front he was seeing someone off and on for 8 years, I still went ahead with it. On our first date, I could feel the energy between us when we touched. It led to a year and a half down the road ... and here we are. Our souls have joined and it's just getting stronger, but there have been up's and down's because of the female he was involved with. She has a lot of power in her spirituality from what I understand, and they share a spiritual bond. She wants him to be there, but wants to do her own thing on her own time and she is not there for him. I have been having very strong, very real dreams with meaning; first it was a soul in my home trying to get my attention but I wouldn't open up and they went away. Then I had this powerful dream where there is definitely a presence in my house, making themselves known to the fullest, doing thing's to mess with my mind, closing doors, rustling the curtains putting water all over the floor and then making it dry as can be when I walk back in the room... crazy stuff. I told my soul mate about the dream, and he said the other female he is involved with is doing this to me. The question I have: is it possible this female has the power to do thing's like this and send people to me in my dreams?
~Soul Seeker.

First off, I cannot stress enough how important it is to recognize that no one has power over us or can do anything to us without our permission. If you ever feel there is some psychic interference in your life, pray to the Divine in anyway you are comfortable and ask for peace in your dreams, and for a clearer understanding of what your dreams are telling you. I am not an expert on dreams but I do know that some of us get messages and insights while we sleep, and it is helpful to keep track and write them down by keeping a dream journal by your bed. Don’t judge the dreams, just record them, and find someone to help you interpret them when you are ready. Often a dream is material from the subconscious that is begging us to pay attention. It sounds to me that you are getting some information about a part of you that feels unsettled, invaded and out of control. As much as I can understand your love for this man, I urge you to tell yourself the truth about how you feel about "sharing him" with a hungry ghost from he relationships past. It sounds to me like your "soul mate" has to take some responsibility. Although it is completely possible that soul mates may meet while involved with others, it is utterly impossible that a relationship can grow into full fruition when one partner is still involved intimately with someone from their past; often times, the energetic links of past love are strong enough to interfere with building anything new. It could be your man truly feels the other woman has spiritual power over him… but I bet on a deeper look you will find some strong co-dependent bonds that he refuses to relinquish. That’s his prerogative, but you need to take a good hard look at whether this is the way you choose to live. There is always hope; and where there is love, miracles bloom. But let Mr. Soul Mate take responsibility for himself and his actions and own up to the reality he is choosing. You must assess your own path and truth and not be influenced by his.

From the spiritual perspective, as we open to spirit and learn how to commune with our own Divine nature, many new channels of communication open; sometimes when we are so open we pick up irregular signals that are not really signals we want in our lives. On the chance that you have opened to some unsettling psychic vibrations, neutralize them by praying for assistance and protection, and clearly stating you are only open to insights and energies of the highest source. Bless yourself before you go to sleep and ask for the loving light of the Divine to surround you as you sleep.

The Romance Rev’s Soulful Love Reminders

"Many of us function as if we are only half complete. If we project the vibration of half of an individual, looking around for someone else to complete us, we attract an incomplete relationship. The resulting interaction with anyone attracted in this manner will usually come up short of what we ideally desire."
~ Ken Page, from his Heart and Soul Healing Newsletter

Last month we talked about "taking on" a summer love consciousness and for many months we have explored ways to invite soulful love into our lives. My own beloved sent me the above quote from relationship expert Ken Page www.kenpage.com and it reminded me that while we "await" soulful lovers it is wise to do all we possibly can to get ready for love. You’ve heard these from me before! The following tips are just reminders of how to shape up for the love of your life.

DON'T HATE BEING SINGLE. Use times of longing and yearning for love to prepare for a new relationship. Assess the state of your life and begin to create the life you want to be leading – even if there is no one to share it with yet.

HEAL AND MOVE ON FROM THE PAST. Liberate yourself from obstacles that stand in the way of love by healing old heartaches, relationships and self-sabotaging relationship patterns. Now is the time to make decisions about letting go of any relationships that no longer serve you.

CLEAN UP YOUR LIFE. Start with a draw; don’t stop until you’ve removed physical clutter, junk, old memories and memorabilia from you environment. Acknowledge what’s out of place in your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially – and take action to put things into balance. Pay off debts, deal with old paperwork, and take full charge of your life. True love can’t hope to find you if your life is too cluttered.

EVOKE THE ENERGY OF LOVE. Write, visualize, pray, and express gratitude for love as if it is already in your life. Make collages of pictures of couples in love, make wish lists, write stories about the relationship you choose; use any creative tools you are comfortable with to ask for all the Divine help you can get! And daydream… spend your idle time just dreaming about the love your desire.

BECOME SOUL-MATE FRIENDLY. Make an effort to ditch old baggage, disempowering beliefs, neediness and worry that can block or disable your ability to discern true love – or even a good romantic opportunity – from inappropriate relationships that come in misleading packaging. If you take the time to enjoy single life, heal from past relationship mishaps and give thought to the love you really want, it will be much easier for your soulful lover to find you!

When you daydream about love... do you see what your soul mate looks like? Describe that person.

© Copyright 2001 Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway  All Rights Reserved. 


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Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway is an author, teacher and contemporary clergy person who specializes in matters of the heart and soul. As an ordained interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant, it is her honor to regularly marry couples in love. Prior to becoming a minister she enjoyed a successful and colorful 20 years in media as a widely published journalist, editor and author of eight books on relationships and romance—as well as being a noted spokesperson on those topics. She was editor-in-chief of two national magazines and several regional publications, and her articles have been published around the world and in many newspapers and national magazines, such as the NY Daily News, The Washington Post, Women’s News, New Woman, Ladies’ Home Journal and Child. She evolved years of specialized reporting in the field of male-female relationship dynamics into a more spiritual pursuit that led her to train to be an interfaith minister, and then establish her wedding ministry along with her popular relationship enhancement programs.

She continues to write on weddings, soul mates and enhancing relationships, as well as teach on those topics. She's on the faculty of The Seminar Center and MyPotential.com. and trains other ministers through World Light Fellowship. She is a graduate of the New Seminary and a member of The Association of Interfaith Ministers. Her wedding ministry is based in New York.


Visit Reverend Laurie Sue at:


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