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Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway, The Romance Reverend Soulful Love
January-February 2004
by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

A Goddess is a Girl's Best Friend by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
A Goddess
is a Girl's
Best Friend

Our Romance Reverend gives readers tips on how to get ready for true love on a deep and soulful level. Read on if you are ready to take the next steps on your personal road to romance.

13 Steps For Making Your Romantic Dreams Come True

"Always be ready Ö you can meet that special someone at
the most unexpected times and places."
--Dr. Judy Kuriansky, The Complete Idiotís Guide To Dating

Welcome in the New Year by committing to your own private Project Soul Mate. Itís the New Year's Resolution that can help you to open your heart, your arms and your life to love in 2004.

Forget about searching for the one who might be The One. First, clean up stuff you no longer need, get your life in order, and simultaneously, get ready for love. Here are just a few of my pearls of wisdom on the topic, culled from more than 25 years of work on the front line of the Relationship Revolution and many more than that out and about on Loveís Battlefield.

1. Take responsibility and do your part

In soul mate relationships, people find an end to the sense of separation because it truly is like being reunited with self. Your soul mate will help heal you but canít be responsible for fixing you. Even if he or she wants to, donít let Ďem! Even soul mate couples with great relationships have issues to heal -Ė individually and with one anotherís help -- but it is so important that the process of releasing old beliefs, healing broken hearts and letting go of baggage from relationships past is well underway before we tango with new love. If healing has not begun and progressed -- through therapy, grief work, spiritual practice and any other form of transformational work Ė we risk being needy and over anxious, and jumping into the wrong relationship.

2. Acknowledge and slay personal dragons

In the mythology, fairytales and Hollywood movies that shape our consciousness about soulful love, epic lovers have a series of challenges to meet and master, and a few dragons to slay, before they can claim the precious prize of everlasting love. The same holds true for modern soul mates. While some people seem lucky in love -- as if they were born in a state of readiness for true intimacy and partnership Ė the rest of us typically have some life to live and some lessons to muddle through first. Some of us have baggage we need to drop off at the Heart Break Hotel before we can truly unite with another at the highest level of loving communion. Work hard to clean house. Toss out old stuff, memorabilia that depletes your energy and keeps you stuck in the past, and ex-loves who no longer have any business being in you life. Liberate yourself from the past by cleaning out one draw at a time until you work your way to creating closure with the things youíve been stalling on. Do it for youÖ and the love will follow.

3. Pay attention to signals and intuition

Our souls continuously urge us forward. We get subtle intuitive messages, signs and sometime warnings. We are given directions to follow, inspiration for places to go and people to see, and guidance on every level. When spirit begins to do its thing of bringing us together, donít get caught asleep at the wheel or so absorbed in mundane living that you canít recognize love when it knocks on the door.

4. Develop the capacity to identify true love

By the time your soul mate stands before you, eyes searching into your own, heart connected to yours, you will have both done quite a lot of personal and spiritual development work. Work on developing the capacity and maturity to distinguish real love from hope created by fantasies you project on someone who has "potential." In order to recognize true love you have to sense of what love looks like; you must be able to see through your spiritual eyes! The emotional healing we take on often gives way to great spiritual openings, and allows us to discern true love with confidence. Soul connection is tangible; there really should be no guessing or wondering when the real thing comes along.

5. How to know when you know

Arielle Ford tells the stories of 101 soul mates in Hot Chocolate for The Mystical Lover (Plume). She says there was one telltale sign that confirmed to these soul mate couples that true love had arrived: "There is almost always a distinct moment when soul mates recognize each other. Sometimes itís simple, mutual love at first sight. And sometimes one or both parties hear a small, still voice confirm: "sheís the one" or "this is the one your will spend your life with." Liberation from things that clutter our lives, closure with the past and clarity about who we are is what enables us to hear our own inner guidance so loud and clear.

6. Honor your path, know when to change routes

The journey to soulful love is ongoing, in daily life. Lived with consciousness, each step will count for something. Even the difficult aspects of romantic evolution can be considered "time served" in preparation for true love. No relationship is bad or wrong, as long as lessons are being learned and no one is getting injured. Itís important to discern when one particular path has run its course. Many of us get our best training in relationship boot camp. We may beat our selves up for bad dates and time that seems wasted on Mr. or Ms Wrong, but in truth, they are an important, instructive part of the journey. The grand awakening to what soul mate love is comes by discovering first hand what it is not. Refusing to see the truth about nowhere relationships keep us stuck; insisting on continuing on a dead end path limits possibilities. It is difficult to let go of a relationship that offers companionship, sex, fun. But when you want a true soul mate, holding on to a relationship that is imitating love keeps us from the very thing we say we desire. Eventually, we figure it out. Many people take a break from searching or even swear off relationships for a while. Its at those times that many people report meeting the loves of their lives Ė when they least suspect it and when the arenít "searching."

7. Acknowledge the mythology of that guides you

The concept of soul mates is as old as time. In Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates: Unlocking The Dynamics of Soul Attraction (ARE Press), author Kevin J, Todeschi talks about the many images and stories of lovers who were destin for one another that are ingrained in us from history, folklore and religion. Isis and Osiris. Krishna and Radha. Cupid and Psyche. He eloquently points out how in fairy tales, it was the kiss of one certain prince who could awaken the Sleeping Beauty; and only one Beauty could tame and the Beast an return him to a state of grace. You donít have to go for the big, epic love story. Itís not everyoneís destiny to have a love so great and earth shattering that it ends up recorded in human history. We may long for that level of profundity and yet how many of really want something that huge and all consuming? It is important to recognize the myth that has helped shape your love life and cull the best aspects of archetypes that inspire you. Re-evaluate and rewrite it: Take the best parts and favorite aspects and make them your own. Many humans are daunted by the concept of always having to live and love like a God or Goddess, and yet we are happy to know that we can tap into that energy as we choose.

8. Consciously create your own soul mate reality

Hollywood movies provide plenty of fodder to inspire hope in sacred love Ė as well as filling our psyches with images of "perfect love" that is unattainable to most of us and impossible to maintain every moment of the day for the rest of us. Hollywood gives us the added advantage of being able to create our own reality, stories, drama and personal legends. Itís important to live the legend that is personally empowering. Somewhere out there is likely a guy or gal who is working on the same material and beliefs. You will have similar vibrations and mindsets, and you will recognize each other from the get go -- as long as your lives are not cluttered with insurmountable physical, logistical, legal, emotional, spiritual refuge from the past.

9. Donít hate being single

Itís important to embrace being single and honor the state of not yet having a mate. It's important to use time as a single person to prepare for being in a relationship. Some people hate being single but the truth is, the time of longing and yearning for love is the time to prepare for real love by assessing your life, creating the life you want to be leading -- even if there is on one to share it with yet -- and reflecting on past mistakes that you do not want to recreate.

10. Let your imagination lead you closer to the love you desire

There are many practical and spiritually creative ways to encourage your soul and subconscious mind to raise the vibrational forces on Project Soul Mate. Begin to imagine the love you wantÖ or psychically tune into that love. Write, visualize, daydream, pray, and love your way to a great relationship. Cut out magazine pictures of couples in love, makes lists and write stories about the relationship you choose, use any creative tools you are comfortable with to ask for all the divine help you can get! Get together with a friend who is getting ready for love and partner up on the process.

11. Find the right pace for love

Some of us imagine that when we finally find "the one", thatís when we will finally start living. To the contrary, our job is to live fullyÖ that is how your soul mate will know you. If you are traveling a fast lane of life with little time for nurturing the heart or spirit, or if you hide out in a way that causes life to move too slowly, the window of opportunity could be delayed or missed. Everyoneís path to soul love is unique. The cosmic timing for our personal love stories varies. Awareness, followed by appropriate action, can emotionally, physically and spiritually prepare you for love when Cupidís coveted arrow comes your way. Help spirit do the work of bringing you and your soul mate together.

12. Know that when you find one another, it will truly be a reunion

Jewish mysticism offers one of my favorite descriptions of soul lovers. This is from The Zohar, the key doctrine of Cabalistic wisdom: "Each soul and spirit, prior to entering this world, consists of a male and female united into one being. When it descends on earth two parts separate and animate two different bodies. At the time of marriage, the holy One, blessed be He/She, who knows all souls and spirits, unites them again as they were before, and they again constitute one body and one soul, forming as it were the right and left of one individual."

13. Trust that your day will come

Soul mates are psychically and spiritually connected, and they move one another along, even if they havenít yet met or recognized one another. Even in the silences and the spaces, trust that there is another who shares your dreams and longs to meet you. Nurturing and building a life with someone takes work, yet soul mates that prepare for love have more time to love one another when they finally meet!

© Copyright 2004 Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway. All Rights Reserved.



The Romance Reverendís Tools for the Heart and Soul

Here are the Romance Rev's favorite picks for books, tapes and goodies to uplift the
spirit and enhance your relationship to yourself and others for January 2004.

The Hard Questions for an Authentic LifeThe Hard Questions for an Authentic Life: 100 Essential Questions for Designing Your Life from the Inside Out, by Susan Piver (Gotham Books, Janaury 2004): Being a fan of creating lists, putting things down on paper and clarifying via the written word, I am a fan of Susan Piverís books. She wrote her first, The Hard Questions: 100 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Say "I Do," while she was trying to figure out her own motivations and fears about marriage as well clearly assess compatibility with the man she married Ė before she married him. In The Hard Questions For An Authentic Life she offers a format for gaining insight into your deepest self, and your most authentic desires and beliefs. In the process you connect with your own inner wisdom and can make choices about the life you choose to lead. Questions run the gamut of areas of importance -- family, friendships, intimate relationships, work, money, creativity and spiritual life. As the author puts it, "Asking questions can be a sacred act Ö Asking a question is a simple, profound way of initiating a relationship with the energies and powers around and within you." Click here to buy it at Amazon.com.

Confessions of a true romanticConfessions of a True Romantic: The Secrets of a Sizzling Relationship from Americaís Romance Coach, by Gregory J.P. Godek, (Sourcebooks, 2003): I remember when I first met Greg Godek at the Romantic Book Lovers Conference, in the early 1990ís. My old friend Kathryn Falk, publisher of Romantic Times, introduced us. He had just come out with his classic 1001 Ways To Be Romantic, and he was fast becoming a very important voice in the cluttered relationship book market, because he was the only guy offering the guy-side view on how to excel at relationships. He seemed to be on a mission to teach men how to figure out how to romance a woman properly Ö and help women receive these efforts with an open heart and mind. Women loved him because he was whipping their men into shape! Years later he has over a dozen books to his credit. Now he speaks to couples, and tries to guide them through the game of love Ė together. His latest, Confessions of A True Romantic, has oodles of insights for helping your relationships along. His "Relationship Report Card" helps you assess whether your romance is making the grade and chapter after chapter offers tips on everything from communication and "heart to heart," to being playful. His insights are very practical and well-organized, and worth a read even for those who are not yet in relationships but are getting ready for love! Click here to buy it at Amazon.com.

The Art of the PendulumThe Art of the Pendulum, by Maxi Cohen (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2003):
This is one of the most fun and helpful little new age tools to come along in a while. It comes with a very cool pendulum and is packaged in an attractive gift box with 12 beautiful cards with inspiring images. The cards represent different aspects of our lives, such as time, abundance, guidance and relationships. Included is a booklet that teaches you how to use the pendulum to solve most any issue. Basically, you hold it with a still hand over one of the lovely cards representing an issue you need to resolve and it helps you decide yes or no on a particular issue. You may be amazed at how the pendulum swings! Click here to buy it at Amazon.com.

© Copyright 2004 Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway  All Rights Reserved. 

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Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is an interfaith minister who is often called upon to teach, speak and write about womenís spirituality and The Feminine Faces of God. She is author of, A GODDESS IS A GIRLíS BEST FRIEND: A DIVINE GUIDE TO FINDING LOVE, SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS, from Perigee Books, December 2002.

For more information:
Website: www.GoddessFriends.com or to join "The Goddess List" for inspirational and informational electronic message, Email: GoddessLaxmi@aol.com


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