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Soulful Love
October 2001

by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Every month, our Soulful Singles "Romance Reverend" shares her sage insights on relationships and getting ready for soulful love!  Send your questions to RomanceRev@SoulfulLiving.com.

Getting to Know "Lakshmi" the Goddess of Good Fortune

You Are Never Truly Alone

I used to be an ardent feminist, a woman who could "do it all." I have in recent years been "looking" for my true love, but not going crazy about it. I was always very comfortable on my own. After what happened to our nation on September 11, I am panicked about being a woman alone in the world. I feel unsafe and unsupported – and I feel ashamed of those feelings. Am I losing it?
-- Liz, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Liz,

No, you are not losing it. In the wake of the tragedies that have rocked our nation, many single women have been expressing a deep sense of sadness about "being alone." In a world that seems increasingly more dangerous every day, even the strongest, most successful women may feel a sense of uneasiness at being in the world without a mate. This is a perfectly normal response to this completely abnormal situation we are all faced with. When we feel confident and good about life -- even if we feel a sense of aloneness -- we also feel strength and find the ability to go on. But when we feel threatened, it is completely natural to want "protection" and there is nothing wrong with wishing that there were someone to share the pain and evolution of these times with. We are all susceptible to the fear of being on our own, and anyone who is listening to the news is likely to be traumatized to some extent.

Don’t be hard on yourself. For many women, the terror we have all been exposed to by the events of September 11 is simply highlighting the fact that they want partners in life -- not to protect them from the Huns, but to stand with them, side by side, facing the world together. This is not at all a non-feminist desire… it is a natural evolution.

Obviously, a huge cosmic bolt of lightening has hit us all. Things will now transform rapidly in our world. I believe the changing times may actually accelerate the appearance of some of those soul mates who have yet to show, and it may also help people to see potential mates through a different, more spiritually attuned set of eyes. For example, before September 11, you may have been searching for and waiting for the "perfect mate," and now, perhaps you will place you focus on "creating the perfect relationship."

Whether it looks like it now, or not… this is a good time for love. We all feel more vulnerable, and hearts are more open. Maybe your soul mate has just been waiting to be able to get through that door, the one that has been protecting your heart. Maybe this is the very impetus that your soul needed in order to open to the soul mate that will stand by your side.

It is important to note, however, that Safety does not really lie in the big strong arms of a beloved soul mate … those arms are a nice place to be… but there is also a soulful connection to self, to community, and to God, Goddess, All there is that can uplift you and help you stay centered and connected to the natural universe. When you feel "connected," fear and worries about safety do not overwhelm you. I personally believe that our connection to one another and to the divine – however we see or experience it – is our safe haven in these times of not knowing what is next.

© Copyright 2001 Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway  All Rights Reserved. 


Getting To Know The Goddess Of Good Fortune

In the months ahead, as our country recovers, we will too – on many levels and in many ways. Many soulful singles will come together with other soulful singles and become soulful couples. And many people will find strength in their own being, in bonding with friends and community, and in their connection to spirit. I believe that it is very empowering for all of us to have a spiritual partner. For many women, our cosmic connection is a divine female who looks like us offers a sense of courage, of hope, of power.

In honor of this issue celebrating the Divine Feminine, I want to introduce you to a very special Goddess who will be featured in my book A Goddess Is A Girl’s Best Friend, due out next fall. She’s magical, and practical. Her mate is a God and her best friend, a guy. She is a living Goddess, worshipped around the world. In these times of challenge as in all times of challenge, she can be a comfort and and a healer; she brings a sense of greater fortune to come even in the darkest moments. She’s been doing this for thousands of years.

Lakshmi Hindu Goddess

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and Beauty. She represents and is seen as the personification of abundance, prosperity, wealth, well-being and harmony. She is actively worshiped daily by millions of Hindus, and interfaith practitioners of Goddess spirituality, around the globe. Because of her popularity she is considered a universal Goddess.

Lakshmi has one of the most colorful creation myths of all the deities in the Hindu pantheon. It is said Goddess Lakshmi was born, fully-grown, on a pink lotus that rose from the milky sea. She was immediately be-decked, be-jeweled and worshipped by the Gods and Sages. They prayed that she would come to their abodes, and to their worlds, for they believed that where Lakshmi is you will also find riches and fulfillment.

Three millennia later, long after her story was first told, she comes alive in homes and temples everywhere. "Believers" of all faiths trust that praying to the Goddess of Fortune brings all things good to life. As the symbol of all things fortunate, she is a highly sought after and beloved female deity.

Lakshmi, like many Hindu deities, is often pictured as a beautiful Indian woman with big dark eyes and with four arms. Clad in sari, in a form that is very feminine and full, she sits or stands on her lotus throne. She usually has two lotuses, in either of her back hands. Her front arms offer blessings and what are known as "boons" or favors from the God/desses. Her ability to enhance your good fortune is in life is symbolized by the gold coins that you see pouring from her hands back into the ocean of life!

If you need help with finances, a job, success, happiness and love, Lakshmi is a Goddess you can turn to. It is the Hindu tradition to evoke the Lord of Obstacles, Ganesha, to clear the path of anything in the way of fortune. Ganesha removes obstacles so Lakshmi can deliver fortune into your life. To evoke Ganesha it can be as simple as chanting or praying: "Om Ganesha, Om Ganesha, Om Ganesha."

Lakshmi and Ganesha are cohorts, who often work side by side. This is indicated by the frequency with which you see their icons and pictures together. Lakshmi's mate, however, is the God Vishnu -- known as the Great Preserver, who comes to earth in the form of important avatars, such as Krishna.

In the culture from which Lakshmi hails, she is treated with great reverence and devotion. In the United States, it is very easy for anyone to attend, or even sponsor (request) a Lakshmi Puja, which is a form of formal worship to the Goddess.

Anyone of any faith can have a Hindu priest perform a puja at a temple or private home. You can also attend what is usually called a Sri MahaLaxmi or Sri MahaLakshmi (meaning Mother Lakshmi) abishekam, which is the sacred purification and washing of the Goddess with milk, yogurt, honey and more. Prayers are uttered repeatedly during a Lakshmi worship service and devotional songs are sung.

It is believed that those who pay attention to the Goddess of Good Fortune every day develop a clear channel of communication with her. You may also want to view this as simply focusing energy on that which you are choosing to create in your life.

Lakshmi exists in a dimension far beyond our human struggles and sadness. From where she sits on her Sacred Lotus, she can guide us to greater fortune, deeper love relationships and more joy. She can guide us from darkness, into the light. In fact, if you allow Lakshmi to be present in your life, you just might find she elevates you to a higher state of being and living. And in that state you will find The Goddess Within, and know that you can create anything!

Lakshmi is an appropriate Goddess to call upon in these times of challenge and change. She is a nurturer and protectress, a Mother of the Universe. And she is a creatress who can help us all rebuild our lives and our consciousness with the mindset of Good Fortune and Love.

The Romance Reverend’s Ritual To Evoke Lakshmi

Since you may not get to attend a Hindu worship service to honor the Goddess, it is important that you know Lakshmi can hear your prayers from wherever you may be.

To evoke the energy of good fortune, you can light a pink or green candle in Lakshmi's honor. Think for a moment about what good fortune means to you. Perhaps you may find that good fortune begins with a sense of peace and well-being within and has little to do with material goods or money. Or maybe you have a financial issue which, once resolved, will make you feel more fortunate. Although you can certainly pray to win the lottery, you may find more immediate results if you pray for whatever cash is needed to meet your financial obligations and whatever support you need to make your most heartfelt dreams come alive. Evoke Ganesh by repeating "Om Ganesh" three times. Then ask the Goddess for her help. Petition her as you would any deity or simply declare what you need and choose it in the moment.

In these challenging times, you can also pray to her for peace and well-being for all. Good Fortune on all levels is her domain.

Lakshmi’s Sacred Holidays in October 2001

Navaratri: The Goddess Lakshmi is celebrated in image, song, worship and prayer this month during the sacred Hindu holiday honoring The Mother, called Navaratri. This nine day celebration also honors the Goddesses Durga and Saraswati, (and in some locals Goddesses Kali and Parvati), from October 17 through October 26. Lakshmi’s special days of honor are October 20 through October 22. For more information: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/8175/

Deepavali: Worshippers around the world clean their homes spotless and light oil lamps to invite the Goddess to their abode on this holiday. The celebration lasts for several days and she is honored in all day pujas on Deepavali day, November 14. For more information: http://www.sholay.com/stories/2000/october/26102000.htm

May MahaLakshmi Assist You In Making Dreams Come True!

What good fortune would you like The Goddess Lakshmi to bring you?


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Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway is an author, teacher and contemporary clergy person who specializes in matters of the heart and soul. As an ordained interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant, it is her honor to regularly marry couples in love.

Prior to becoming a minister she enjoyed a successful and colorful 20 years in media as a widely published journalist, editor and author of several books on relationships and romance—as well as being a noted spokesperson on those topics. She was editor-in-chief of two national magazines and several regional publications, and her articles have been published around the world and in many newspapers and national magazines, such as the NY Daily News, The Washington Post, Women’s News, New Woman, Ladies’ Home Journal and Child. She evolved years of specialized reporting in the field of male-female relationship dynamics into a more spiritual pursuit that led her to train to be an interfaith minister, and then establish her wedding ministry along with a number of popular relationship enhancement programs. Her wedding ministry is based in New York.

She is also dedicated to bringing about a deeper awareness and understanding of the Divine Feminine. As a graduate of The New Seminary in NYC, the world’s premier seminary for interfaith ministers, she was educated and trained in the tenants, spiritual practice and worship of many faiths. She became a specialist in the feminine aspects of God in all the world’s religions. Today, she is widely recognized as a minister, teacher and scribe specializing in women’s spirituality and The Divine Feminine from an interfaith and all-inclusive perspective. She is on the board of directors of World Light Fellowship, heading up their Feminine Faces of God programs, and is Founder of Our Mother’s House, a cyber ministry at www.OurMothersHouse.org.

Long devoted to helping women access the "Goddess Within," she is currently working on two books that bring the wisdom of ancient archetypes to modern women. Her newest book, A Goddess Is a Girl’s Best Friend, is due out in Fall 2002.

To be placed on a mailing list for information about A Goddess Is A Girl’s Best Friend: OurMothersHouse@aol.com


Visit Reverend Laurie Sue at:


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