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Rx for Living
March 2001

Feng Shui in the Garden

by Nancilee Wydra

Art and Feng Shui

All art communicates a message and whether it is overt, like a Normal Rockwell painting, or covert, like a Kandinsky, art affects how we act, interact and react.

Before you hang a picture, consider if its message will help or harm your life. In the middle of winter, when many of us are forced to spend far more time indoors than we would like, the paintings on our walls influence us mightily.

Artwork is content expressed in color, line and form. Have you ever thought about why things in nature are colored the way they are? Why the sky is blue, the grass green and most blossoms are red, etc. It is reasonable to assume that nature as expressed in the overt physical world depicts its message through color.

Blue, the color of the sky, captures the mystery of the self. Blue, the color with the shortest wavelength, does not reach out and embrace. Rather, it stays close in and, in that sense, feels cold and withholding. Blue communicates mystery, the unknowns of self. Blue provides us with a feeling of more space surrounding us than do other colors. Blue focuses us inward and stops us from interacting.

Red, the color of blood and the most common color of tropical flowers, reaches out and captures attention. This is evident in any stadium when we look far across to the other side and see those wearing red in sharper focus than the rest of the spectators. Red stimulates and inspires us to action.

Yellow illuminates and brings into focus just like our perception of the sun. Yellow helps us clarify and fosters optimism.

Green, the color of chlorophyll, promotes growth and life in vegetation and affects us in the same way. Green makes us feel alive and stimulated.

Purple, the color not seen readily in our visible spectrum, underscores the unknown. Those who love purple are often teens looking to uncover all the concealed elements of life and those who have an interest in spiritual work, or transcending this corporal world. Purple releases us from the mundane and validates a sense of wonder.

Artwork also communicates by telling a story. A painting of a storm- tossed sea in a bedroom might provide the impetus to refrain from healing a rocky relationship. A proclivity for collecting pictures of solitary people might reflect a person who is a reluctant participant or unsuccessful in a partnership. A client of mine had a picture of a man standing upside down on a bicycle madly pedaling which he hung in a prominent place in his living room. No wonder he felt that all the relationships he wished for were unattainable. Would an abstract picture in a dining room be serene or agitating? A family is likely to argue more when a picture promotes frenzy rather than tranquillity.

View your artwork as if their messages are as important as their visual appeal and then decide if these messages are appropriate for the areas in which they reside.

Nancilee Wydra is the most published American author on feng shui. Her last two books are "Feng Shui Goes to the Office" March 2000 and "Feng Shui for Children's Spaces," November 2000. She teaches nationwide professional certification classes (www.windwater.com) and has a free Website with 100 answers to the most frequently asked feng shui questions, (www.EfengshuiUSA.com). She can be reached at 1-888-488-FSIA


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