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Rx for Living
July 2000

Let Nancilee Show You How to Use
Feng Shui to Find True Love!

by Nancilee Wydra

"Taking It To The Chin"

Dear Nancilee,

Hope you can help! I *love* your work! For the past two months, I've been diligently re-arranging office, living, and sleeping spaces according to your advice. I was wondering if you had a cure for the following situation: I rent an apartment, so I'm not allowed to relocate my mirrored medicine chest. Unfortunately, it is mounted on the wall in such a way that the reflection cuts off my chin. What do you suggest to correct this problem? I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,



Dear Stephanie,

Ah the problems of renters. In the book I am working on now, I will be giving a lot of advice to those who canít relocate or change because of restrictions of a rental property.

As you know it is not self-empowering to have oneís image distorted or cut off in a mirror. Subconsciously, the reflectionsí message is that you are not whole, not complete, thus not OK. So letís fix it. Hereís a suggestion.

Who needs to see themselves brushing their teeth each morning. How about mounting a scene, which is both tranquil and aesthetic to you over the mirrored surface. Yes, cover it. It is best if it were to have a depth view so that it doesnít appear flat or without perspective. Certainly we need mirrors for grooming. Purchase one with an arm and appropriately mount it so that it can provide an your reflection when you needed.

What is so wonderful about pyramid feng shui is that itís cures are easy to implement and reasonable to understand. Thanks for asking this question. And have you seen my newest book, "Feng Shui Goes to The Office"?


Nancilee Wydra

Nancilee Wydra is the most published American author on feng shui. Her last two books are "Feng Shui Goes to the Office" March 2000 and "Feng Shui for Children's Spaces," November 2000. She teaches nationwide professional certification classes (www.windwater.com) and has a free Website with 100 answers to the most frequently asked feng shui questions, (www.EfengshuiUSA.com). She can be reached at 1-888-488-FSIA


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