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How Can You Uncover Another's
Authentic Self?

by Nancilee Wydra

Feng shui and personality arenít usually spoken about in the same breath, however today science is uncovering the fact that nothing in our world is isolated from enmeshment from all things. Hence our habitat must have some authority over who we are and how we become. Not only does an environment influence us but also we shape an environment in the image of ourselves. In other words, we shape the spaces around us because of who we are. You can look at how someone decorates their home and uncover something about their soul.

In my fourth book on feng shui, Feng Shui and How to Look Before You Love, I tackle the question of how to read an environment to reveal who a person authentically is. Hormones can shape personality. I am not along in this endeavor, Debra Neihoff in her 1999 book, The Biology of Violence, (The Free Press, a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc.) speaks about brain chemistry as well as hormonal mixes being a strong determinant when identifying individuals who might become social deviants. Scientist, J. Scott Turner suggests that our genotype, the set of genes we are dealt is expressed by the phenotype or their physical manifestation in an environmental soup. His book The Extended Organism (2000 Harvard University Press) clarifies how a habitat "serves as a kind of nexus where elemental processes within the organism commingle with those of the environment." (New York Times Book Review Dec 7, 2000 page 37) People canít help but to reveal themselves by the choices they make in their home.

My book Feng Shui and How to Look Before You Love, (Contemporary Books, 1998) is totally devoted to teaching you how to read a personís environment in order to uncover their authentic self. Whether it is to select a lover, business partner, or a new friend, when opening our hearts to another it is poignant to acknowledge how much hold they potentially could exert in our lives. For that reason, we need to approach others with an open heart, yet evaluate them honestly. Being able to discern emotional characteristics, values and inherent personality by studying the choices of objects and their position in an environment can prevent us from giving our hearts away to a phantom of what we thought.

The following is a brief reference guide to understanding what placement of certain common objects reveal about the individual who has control over choosing and placing.

Characteristic What They Will Have
Positive self-image Adequate furnishings supplied for all endeavors
Desire to understand Accessible books and interesting art to the left of the entrance to the main gathering room
Connection with community and others is important Photographs of past family events, telephone near comfortable seating
Ability to be successful Positive images in art work in the far left hand side of most rooms
Flexibility when confronting the future Art work that depicts hope and is not of one isolated object

It is not by accident that a recent client, who almost consistently selected women who were fundamentally not interested in making binding attachments with him, selected a picture of a solo man riding a bicycle upside down in his relationship corner. (The relationship corner of a room is the one furthest on the right when entering a room) We relate to art images because they speak truthfully to us, if only subconsciously. My client felt like that man standing on his head riding blindly forward into his destiny. We reveal ourselves authentically and fundamentally by what we have chosen to surround ourselves with. Look closely at your home and consider its messages.

Nancilee Wydra, most published American author on feng shui has just released her sixth book, Feng Shui for Children's Spaces. Her Website, www.EfengshuiUSA.com has free answers to the most frequently asked feng shui questions. Founder of the Feng Shui Institute of America that holds nationwide professional training workshops, Ms. Wydra has taken a complex ancient subject and updated it for contemporary times. For information call toll free 888-488-FSIA.


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