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What is the Size of Your Soul?
by Nancilee Wydra

Bali a small island situated on the eastern side of the chain of islands, which make up the landmass of Indonesia, is a sea of tranquility compared to the turmoil experienced in the rest of Indonesia. The original settlers of this island fled India. These refuges, mostly from the priest caste in India, carried their artisans and spirituality traditions with them.

Isolated from the changes that modern India experienced, these transplants retained from their collective hold on a host of fascinating traditions. Among them is a form of feng shui, that guides how they shape their environment. As a writer of feng shui books, I seek to uncover new concepts to apply to feng shui. My goal to make feng shui interdisciplinary in its approach incorporating western social and physical sciences as well as the esoteric.

The Balinese equivalent to a feng shui master, is the first person to see before building a home. This expert begins by taking personal body measurements of all who will inhabit the space.. Measurements taken include, the distance between the tip of an extended hand to the heart, the distance between the eyes and the length of a stride. But perhaps the most interesting measurement taken is the soulís print.

A soul print is the distance between the tip of the longest toe and the instep of the other when standing in balletís third position. The length reveals a number, which corresponds to a personís lifeís purpose. What oneís mission and direction in life should be is revealed by the number gleaned and is called oneís soul print.

My soul print measured eleven inches, the number one repeated twice. What did that distance represent numerological, ethically and spiritually? I called my friend Angel Thompson noted Astrologist; numerologist and feng shui author to find out.

The number eleven she told me represents the first stage of mastery. Isnít a masterís obligation to commit to absorbing and then dispensing wisdom? Was that not exactly what I was trying to do? I was amazed and felt blessed with the knowledge that I was on my path. Since my goal in feng shuiís is to make sure each person has the most assistance from their living space to achieve their best in life, wasnít my soul printís measurement accurate?

However, as a pragmatic person, I believe there are other ways to determine oneís soul message. In my book: Look Before You Love, I describe how a personís authentic self can be discerned by examining the objects and their placement in a home. How by our collections, our proclivities to subject matter in art, we reveal our inner selves. Consider for instance the meaning of collections:

Collections and What They Reveal:

Positive: Willing to give things time
Negative: Desires isolation

Paper weights
Positive: Desires stability
Negative: Need to Control

Positive: Enjoys being carefree
Negative: Immature

Turtle miniatures
Positive: Loves home life
Negative: Fears being vulnerable

Positive: Relishes learning
Negative: Insecure about abilities

Cats or dogs miniatures
Positive: Loves to nurture
Negative: Feels unfulfilled

Positive: Unencumbered by rules
Negative: Doesnít like commitments

Sports paraphernalia
Positive: Relishes competition
Negative: Lives vicariously

Along the path of self-fulfillment one needs to articulate the purpose of life. What is yours and how is it expressed in your home?

As a new year begins itís ascent, renew your commitment to being on your path. Look hard and why you have collection items or prefer one subject in art work over the other. Look at a newborn child. In this circle of time which is ours on this planet, we have each year the chance to begin again. Rebirth your intention and walk a path you feel best serves your purpose.

Nancilee Wydra, Feng Shui Master and most published American author of feng shui, will be traveling around the world in 2000 lecturing and consulting. She is the founder of the Feng Shui Institute of America that has developed the first nationally certified professional training program on feng shui in the country. Visit Nancileeís website at: www.windwater.com or e-mail her at NancileeWy@aol.com


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