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Rx for Living
June 2000

Let Nancilee Show You How to Use
Feng Shui to Find True Love!

by Nancilee Wydra

"Reinvent How You View A Room"

Ms. Wydra:

I am emailing you a sketch of my house.

My main door faces the south. And that my apartment is situated at the upper right hand side corner of a big "U" parking. I get at least 50 cars' headlights.

I will be waiting for some kind of reply or instructions from you how to go about correcting things at the apartment I live without moving out.

Thank you very much.



Dear Carmencita,

Your home is set up so that literally wherever you enter a space you face a dead end. (see floor plan at the end)

When walking up to your front door you are facing the wall until the very last second when you finally reach the door. Step inside and again you are confronted with an angled wall rather than the depth view of the gathering space. This remains the case throughout the home. Walk into a room and you face a blank wall. No wonder your life is going nowhere.

What we have to do is reinvent the view when entering all rooms. Here's how to do it.

1. Place a mandala image or a circular piece with many details on the wall facing your ascent into your home. Any artwork that requires a meditative or intense viewing can make the long climb a mental process preparing you to symbolically enter a place where depth of meaning exists.

2. The angled bathroom wall seen from the entrance abuts into a protruding closet wall giving you the feeling of entering a cave. The outside of the closet facing the bedroom will benefit from mirroring so that the angle is minimized when we place artwork which suggests movement to the living room. Place a picture that has a dominant horizontal diagonal line with the highest point towards the bedroom wing descending down towards the gathering side. This arrow-like movement will subliminally direct you to move to the right, which is the more comforting human direction.

3. A small area rug as shown placed in the gray area can further lead you to the appropriate areas.

4. Adjacent to the outside of pantry wall, place a plant with fairly full leaves. It should stand about four feet high. The plant will both shield the turn to the dining room and encourage the turn to the gathering room.

5. Rearrange the sofas as follows:

  • Place the large sofa on the altar wall
  • Place the smaller one where the larger one was originally or preferably where the TV set is situated. If the TV cabinet is moved it should be at placed at right angles facing the corner between the two sofas.
  • Place the water fountain on its right side against the patio wall.
  • The altar can be placed on the TV side.

6. In your son's bedroom place the long side of the bed against the wall with the headboard facing the window. Loop a bell over his door handle on the inside and place the computer table perpendicular to the wall with his chair facing the door. This will give him a feeling of belonging to the family, yet provide him with a tucked-away sleeping alcove.

7. Obviously, in the master bedroom there is no other wall to move the bed to, but moving it down a foot or so towards the window will give you the opportunity to create a niche that when seen will foster a sense of empowerment of relationships. If there is room, set up a small round (ice-cream parlor-size) table and two chairs for morning coffee. Hang above it a painting that communicates unity between people. It can be a pair of people or a pair of creatures or simply a scene of a mountain with a town nestled at its base. If needed, move one dresser against the window side. So long as the slider can be opened and pass through, it is entirely feasible to place a dresser right at the closet side of the room into the middle of the window wall.

Rx June Pic 2.JPG (60124 bytes)
Click the thumbnail to see the full-size image.


With these changes, I think you will find life's opportunity expanding. And yes, be sure to close the curtains in the room where the 50 or so headlights are bearing down on nighttime activities.

Best future,

Nancilee Wydra

Nancilee Wydra is the most published American author on feng shui. Her last two books are "Feng Shui Goes to the Office" March 2000 and "Feng Shui for Children's Spaces," November 2000. She teaches nationwide professional certification classes (www.windwater.com) and has a free Website with 100 answers to the most frequently asked feng shui questions, (www.EfengshuiUSA.com). She can be reached at 1-888-488-FSIA


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