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Your Unfolding Path
December 2002

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by Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Carol Adrienne's work and teachings have been a great inspiration to me!  In August of 1998, about four months after my father passed away, I read about one of Carol's workshops in a Learning Annex catalog and synchronistically found her book on a bookshelf at the bookstore.  The themes of her teachings were familiar and comforting, as they confirmed the thoughts and ideas my father had shared with me shortly before his passing.  Her books and workshops ignited my spiritual curiosity, setting me on my soulful life path, which led to the very creation of SoulfulLiving.com!  Carol's participation has been an integral part of SoulfulLiving.com, at its soul level!  Thank you, Carol, with all my heart!
~Valerie, Founder and Soul, SoulfulLiving.com

The Synchronicity Express

We often try to understand synchronicities or a sudden idea in terms of what they mean in our lives. However, it might be that in special cases a gripping intuition or a sudden flow of synchronicities is in the service of someone else. We may be getting information that will be a gift for another person. Last month in this column I mentioned Chicago band leader Steve Cooper and his amazing propensity for synchronistic events. Well, the story continues as Steve recently found out that an intuition turned out to be a gift for someone he first met on an old television show.

As you may remember, Steve has been a lifelong fan of Lawrence Welk, a bandleader who rose to fame on television in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Steve sent me this email this week. (I added the subheadings.)


"A few months ago, I received some more old Lawrence Welk films from a collector. While watching a 1959 show, there was a really good guest singer named Patty Clark.  There was something special about her. I reran her portion and watched it several times.  Besides having that "All-American" voice, she acted out the words with her eyes, gestures, etc.  I thought, she should have been a really ‘big time’ singer - she was up there with all the greats.  A little voice in me said that she would love to see this film.  All of a sudden, I felt like I was on this mission to find her - it was like she was supposed to have this film!  I looked her up on the Internet, and I finally found a little story about her singing in North Dakota in the early 1950's.  I followed this up with emails, but no one knew what had happened to her in the last 45 years.  Then, I found a website in England that was distributing a brand new CD she made.  I emailed them to see if they had her address but never received a reply.


"I kept thinking about this for weeks, and I was sure I'd never find her. I ordered her CD and thought maybe that would have an address.  I knew I'd have to wait over a month for that CD from England.  I put all this stuff out of my mind and forgot about it for awhile.


"About a week later, I went to my local ‘new age’ bookstore.  They were having a gentleman from India who is billed as Wayne Dyer's guru.  I thought it might be good.  I went to the lecture, and he talked about manifesting.  At the end of the lecture, he said we would all manifest what we wanted soon.

"The next day, I was getting the mail and I saw an envelope with Pat's name on the return address.  I started shaking!  I thought ‘This can't be. It's impossible.’  I'm trying to find her for weeks; I say a manifestation prayer and SHE sends me a letter!

"She wrote that her record company contacted her and told her I have an old film of hers.  Well, she was thrilled because her entire house burned down in 1970 and she lost everything!  She was so thrilled to have something from her past. It turns out she DID have a big career until the middle 60's - then she decided to have a family.  She's only now getting back into singing.


When I got the CD, I noticed she sang on a Glenn Miller summer series in 1961. I thought to myself , ‘Wait a minute - I've got an old audiotape of those shows someone sent me 30 years ago - I never listened to it." I immediately found it on my shelf and saw there were many of the shows she did. I copied the tape and sent it to her along with the video.


"After I sent her the tapes, I started looking on the Internet again, and found a foreign site that had videotapes of her entire Miller series. I sent him an email and got an instant reply that the gentleman who distributes the tapes lives in the United States. He gave me his address and soon I will have the entire series on video for Pat. And another amazing coincidence - the guy who owned those rare videos has almost the same exact name as me!

"For someone looking for months to contact another person and then have all these things fall into place in the space of a few days is pretty amazing. I’ve since called Pat and we've talked several times about the music business and other musical things. I just recently found an old TV guide (on Ebay) and she was on the cover. So I'll soon have that for her. She says I'm like an angel who just showed up one day and started giving her all the things she lost in the fire from the past. I've had this intuitive feeling before while watching old videos. I think I told you, Carol, the story of the daughter of the Welk musician I contacted over a year ago. We found out we were born the same year, same day and same time! She now sends me birthday cards ‘to my long lost twin brother.’ AND....she married a gentleman named Robert Nichols. When she calls my caller ID says "R Nichols." And of course, the jazz trumpet player Red Nichols is the whole reason why I'm in the music business."


Steve wrote me another email that shows just how quickly synchronicities can appear in our lives if we stay alert. Steve writes,

"I just wanted to tell you about four things that just happened earlier today - all within a half hour. I was leaving the doctor's office today (in my car) and turned on the radio. They were talking to a local comedian named Emo. I used to know him and couldn't remember his last name and 10 seconds later, I saw a huge sign "Phillip's Flowers." I thought to myself, ‘that's it!!’ His name is Emo Phillips. A few minutes later I saw a license plate that had the screen name of someone I was supposed to email tonight and a minute later I saw a license plate - the number on the plate was the same as a phone number I had called ALL MORNING - only to get a continual busy signal. Then I stopped at a gas station. The name badge on the cashier was KAHN. I had just come from the doctor's office. My regular doctor had gone home early and they gave me Dr. Kahn. I never heard that name before, and here was a cashier with the same name as my substitute doctor. Well, they're not blockbuster stories, but not bad for a half hour out of my day!"

© Copyright 2002 Carol Adrienne, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.

Carol Adrienne, Ph.D., is an internationally-known workshop facilitator and author whose books have been translated into over fifteen languages. . Her latest book is When Life Changes, or You Wish It Would: How to survive and thrive in uncertain times. Oprah hailed, The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense a must-read. She is also the author of The Numerology Kit. An on-line copy of Your Child’s Destiny will be available in December.

Carol is available to for keynotes, workshops, and seminars and can be reached at Carol22@sonic.net or (510) 528-2226 weekdays 10 am to 6 pm PST.



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