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Your Unfolding Path
October 2000

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Carol's Current Column

by Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.

Carol Adrienne's work and teachings have been a great inspiration to me!  In August of 1998, about four months after my father passed away, I read about one of Carol's workshops in a Learning Annex catalog and synchronistically found her book on a bookshelf at the bookstore.  The themes of her teachings were familiar and comforting, as they confirmed the thoughts and ideas my father had shared with me shortly before his passing.  Her books and workshops ignited my spiritual curiosity, setting me on my soulful life path, which led to the very creation of SoulfulLiving.com!  Carol's participation has been an integral part of SoulfulLiving.com, at its soul level!  Thank you, Carol, with all my heart!
~Valerie, Founder and Soul, SoulfulLiving.com

"Magic in the Meadow" Part II

In last month’s article, we shared the legend of St. Germain’s appearance in Panther Meadow on Mount Shasta in Northern California. In this second part, we see a present-day realization in this same meadow seventy years later. Through one woman’s experience in the following story of reclaiming buried grief and becoming whole again, we see the power of touching and releasing unresolved issues. Perhaps you have untapped energy waiting to be released!

meadow.jpg (257598 bytes)

Healing Allows us to Become Stronger, Happier, and Express Greater Freedom

On our retreat, Donna had instructed us to take a question to the meadow, meditate, and upon opening our eyes, write down the first thing we saw. Writing about that image, we invited an answer to our question to emerge.

Although several of our group of twenty-three experienced personal realizations on the mountain, one member, R.M., in particular encountered the healing spirit of the meadow.

After a simple, silent ceremony accompanied by a single hand drum at the entrance to Panther Meadow, each of us went off to meditate. R.M., a fifty-five-year-old native of China, shared her story when we gathered together after the meditation. "I was just walking into the meadow when I saw a tall pine tree with three huge trunks covered in bright green moss. Even though I was planning to go down into the meadow to sit, I was drawn instead to sit next to the trunk of this tree. I closed my eyes for a few minutes, and when I opened them, my eyes fell on a fallen tree trunk upon which alighted a bright yellow butterfly. Suddenly I remembered that in Chinese culture, the butterfly is a symbol of departed souls.

As I looked at the butterfly, I instantly knew that it was the soul of my little brother, who had died at the age of two. I had been four years old at the time, and he and I were the only playmates in the house. We were very close, but after he died no one ever spoke of him again. In our culture, Chinese people don’t speak about the dead at all."

As R.M. related her story to us, she began sobbing. Each of us had tears rolling down as we imagined her grief as a tiny girl not knowing what had happened to her brother and not having had any chance to express this grief for fifty-some years.

"I never realized before that I have never grieved for him, and I missed him so much when I was little." She continued to cry, and told us that in her culture, expression of public emotion is not ever encouraged. For her, this opening was on many levels of reclaiming her buried grief, recognizing her love of her brother, and daring to be vulnerable in a public, though safe, environment. She marveled, too, that this day she had chosen to wear a beautiful flowered shirt, which also featured a yellow butterfly on the front.

R.M. is a highly successful real estate developer, who had left her business because of serious health problems brought on by over-work. Initially her focus for the workshop had been on wanting to find the next step on her career path, but the confrontation with buried emotions seems to be the real issue at this stage of her life.

R.M.’s experience confirms once again something I have often seen in people who are searching for "what to do next." Often, we must face an unresolved issue before we are free to move on. It will usually find us, if we are searching, but we are often surprised by what shows up since it doesn’t at first look relevant to what we think we want to know.

Have We Completely Finished What We’ve Already Done?

When we ask, "What am I supposed to be doing?" "What is my life purpose?" I’m wondering if we might take a little inventory of what we have accomplished so far, and see if there is anything we have left unfinished or if there is anything that needs forgiving (thus releasing ourselves). For example, review the checklist of roles reminding us of whom we have been and what we have done. Does anything spring to mind intuitively that seems unresolved?

While completing your checklist, it’s very important to notice whether you feel an upsurge of energy, a dampening of energy, or neutrality. If you feel a strong surge of energy, that means it would probably be productive for you to move toward some action in that area.

Mother/Father—As a parent, is there anything I need to do with/for my children at this point? How can I increase good feelings with him or her? Can I show love in a different way? Without spending time in regret for the past, can I be a better parent in the present?

Technician—Is there any invention that I doodled with in the past, but did not take further? Do I still have energy for this? Do I have any germ of an idea that’s been in the back of my mind? Have I given credit where credit is due?

Executive—Is my leadership inspiring people or intimidating them? Do I feel aligned with the goals and values of my company’s culture? Have I refreshed myself lately in nature?

Healer—Am I continuing to learn and expand? Am I taking care of myself? What insights have I gained along the way? Is it time to write something on this?

Artist—Do I need to turn in 180 degrees to a different direction? Am I being truthful? Is it still fun? Do I believe that I can do what I love and prosper?

Wife—Am I committed to having a good time with my husband? Am I staying in touch with myself?

Husband—Have I put my marriage on the back burner? Have I surprised us both with a fun plan lately?

Career/Job Seeker—Have I looked for the message in what’s happening or failing to happen? Am I asking the right question?

Athlete—Have I grown in emotional balance as well as physical prowess? Have I lost sight of my goals?

Friend—Have I taken time to gather with those I love? Is there a friend with whom I have to clear the air? Am I willing to put time in new people or renew old friendships?

Student—Is there some field of interest I’ve put on the back burner while I "make a living?"

Family Member—Is there anyone with whom I need to communicate, send a note, or remember their birthday?

Remember, how much fun you had playing in fields and climbing trees when you were little?


Carol Adrienne, Ph.D., is an intuitive counselor, writer and lecturer in the field of self development. She is the author of The Purpose of Your Life; The Purpose of Your Life An Experiential Guide, The Numerology Kit, and co-author of The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide and the Tenth Insight: An Experiential Guide.


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