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Laura V. Hyde Gifts of the Soul
Summer 2008
by Laura Grace

Gifts of the Soul by Laura Hyde
Gifts of the Soul

Spiritual Imagineering: A Celebration of Life

The term spiritual imagineering is a port-manteau word, meaning two or more words that when combined, give a loaded meaning. “Imagineering” is a term that was created by one of the most creative minds in our culture--Walt Disney--and of course, is a fusion of the words "imagination" and "engineering." In his research on Disney, Robert Dilts, author of “Strategies of Genius,” states that genius is “the ability to take something that exists in the imagination only and forge it into a physical existence that directly influences the experience of others in a positive way.”

Spiritual Imagineering takes this meaning a step higher: To allow one’s spiritual self to celebrate all that life has to offer. This includes what we judge as "good," "joyful," "challenging" and "difficult". It entails manifesting your full capacity, fulfilling your sacred contract, and moving beyond your comfort zones. Unfortunately, many of us are not Imagineering but Imagi-fearing.  Most people are living from a place of fear, too afraid to reach for what they truly want and merely settling. Carolyn Myss has shared how afraid people are of becoming conscious, “Most people say, ‘I want to become more conscious,’ but when it gets down to doing it, they really don’t.” Why? Because we’re afraid of taking full responsibility for our lives, afraid of changing, afraid of “outgrowing” someone we love, afraid we’ll lose some of the people in our lives, afraid that we’ll be rejected…the list goes on and on.

Rather than celebrating life, so many people are settling; settling in their relationships, work, finances, health, creativity, and spiritual growth. For example, there have been times when people have contacted me after watching my TV show “Relationship Wisdom” to tell me that they’re okay being single, that perhaps being in a relationship isn’t all that it’s “cracked up” to be. This usually comes from someone who has been struggling in their relationships. They’re justifying why it’s okay to be alone even though what they really want is a loving, intimate, passionate relationship. What do you think their chances are of having such a relationship? Zero! We cannot manifest that which we minimize.

A Course in Miracles reminds us that we do not ask for too much, but for far too little: “The truth about you is so lofty that nothing unworthy of God is worthy of you.”

We are worth much more than anything we have ever been taught by this society. Spiritual Imagineering involves more than thinking big; it requires celebrating our lives, letting our light shine, and allowing ourselves to experience all of the happiness and abundance that is our birthright. There’s nothing pious or spiritual about struggling. People who know how to truly celebrate life do not play small, nor do they ever apologize for feeling happy and being at peace. They know that they are the creator of their lives. However, those who are afraid to live life fully, tend to believe that life just happens and that they have very little, if any, control over it. This leads to feeling like a victim. Some signs of victimhood include:

1.  Chronic Complaining

This trait involves finding someone or something to blame for our circumstances. It’s similar to the game called “Look Around and Point the Finger.” It’s fun for victims because they’re not taking any responsibility for their choices or reactions, but it’s not such a joyride for others. Karla McLaren in her tape series titled “Energetic Boundaries,” shares that people who spend time with victims often become easy scapegoats. If you’re taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions, and you’re hanging out with someone who believes he is a victim--watch out! You may unknowingly become his target.

Further, the Law of Attraction is clear that what we focus on grows. Chronic complaining creates more of we’re complaining about.  People who celebrate life recognize the power of their thoughts, intention, words and actions. They realize that they create their circumstances and only they have the power to change them. They don’t complain and whine about life, rather, they tap into their inner power and change their circumstances by taking action that is divinely inspired.

2.  Justifying: “My life is just fine the way it is.” 

T. Harv Eker, in his Secrets of the Millionaire Mind workshops says that inevitably, people will approach him during the break and say, “Harv, money’s not that important,” to which Harv replies, “You’re Broke! You’re broke and you’re trying to rationalize why you’re always struggling with money. Of course you’re broke. You’re trying to convince yourself that money doesn’t matter.” Again, whatever we affirm “doesn’t matter” becomes impossible to create.

Spiritual Imagineering leads to a celebration of all that life has to offer. Joseph Campbell once wrote: “When you follow your bliss…doors will open where you would not have thought there were going to be doors.”

Affirm the following truth and allow yourself to celebrate all that life has to offer:

I celebrate the love that I am.
I celebrate this day that has been given to me.
I celebrate the adversities and the good times, knowing every situation is helping me to awaken. 


© Copyright 2008 Laura Grace. All Rights Reserved.

 Laura's Books:

Gifts of the Soul by Laura Grace              The Intimate Soul by Laura Hyde

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Laura V. Hyde
Laura Grace
is the Spiritual Leader of the Circle of Spiritual Enlightenment in Central Coast California, and a national author and speaker. Laura provides spiritual counseling and offers numerous workshops and retreats for awakening the heart and spirit. She is also the author of the books Gifts of the Soul and The Intimate Soul and a syndicated columnist for more than twenty publications. Laura is the host of the show "Relationship Wisdom" on Public Access Television. Please visit Laura at: www.LauraGrace.net.

As a spiritual counselor, Laura provides assistance in person and by phone. You may contact her for a free brochure at: laura@lauragrace.net.





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