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Laura V. Hyde

Gifts of the Soul
January 2003

Gifts of the Soul by Laura Hyde
Gifts of the Soul

by Laura Grace

Living the Soulful Life

The soul looketh steadily forward creating a new world before her,
leaving worlds behind her.

My own soul growth has become of utmost importance to me these past several years. Why? Simply because I recognize that it directly and deeply affects the quality of my life. I have discovered that a life without soul is a life without meaning….

For me, living a truly soulful life requires a heartfelt willingness that surpasses any pragmatic process or method. It entails the desire to experience a life that transcends mediocrity, a life that is rich with flavor and imbued with passion, meaning and purpose. Delving ardently into my soul and recognizing its preferences, quirks and desires is the first step. For sinking into my soul occurs in the unplanned moments, those "blips" between the unemotional thoughts of the intellect and the fearful concerns of my mind. When my adult intellect in all of its methodical fury ceases to plan, think, say or do, my soul can open, exhale and claim "ahh." My soul reveals itself in the relaxed moments, the instants when I take the opportunity to breathe deeply after days, weeks, years of shallow breathing, the times when I am not diverted by external distractions or mindless chattering.

If I ignore the calling of my soul and neglect to nourish it, it languishes, and without soul, my life force energy seems to "dry up" and in general, my life ceases to have purpose. The times I have ignored my soul is akin to the times I have forgotten to water my many beloved plants. My soul, like thirsty foliage, withers from lack of caring, fluid, and attention. To ignore my soul, to me, is analogous to ignoring the best part of me; the essence of who I have been since the beginning of time as well as the being I am awakening into. Life becomes stagnant, dull, boring and predictable. The need for external searching increases. The amount of drama intensifies. My sense of purpose lessens. I become restless, dissatisfied, and depressed.

Sound familiar?

A soulful life entails listening, genuinely listening, to what our soul longs for us to hear. One of the ways I cultivate and nourish soul in my life is by taking time alone in the peacefulness of nature so I can hear what it desires for me to understand. Listening from my heart is the only way I can really recognize its’ metaphoric meaning. To "recognize" means "to know again." In solitude I am able to rekindle the language of my soul and to reconnect with it as I would a long lost yet beloved friend. Spending considerable time cradled in nature’s arms, feeling my feelings, capturing the essence of infinite possibilities, and appreciating my life—the "good times," "challenging times" and all that exists in between—helps to inspire soulful-ness into my daily life.

Further, being mindful and fully present with my own thoughts and feelings, whether or not I’m alone or in front of another provides soulful nourishment. Being a student of A Course in Miracles, I have learned that it is the person directly in front of me that matters, because the person in front of me is my teacher. That person may be the grocery clerk, neighbor, client, child, friend, spouse or anyone else that the Universe has sent. Remaining in the moment allows me to fully participate in life, and to me, that supplies enormous amounts of cherished soulfulness.

I’ve witnessed how my life takes on the greatest amount of soul when I release situations that no longer serve my highest good, heal old wounds, expose my deepest and authentic self, create soulful artwork via painting/writing/music, say "yes" to opportunities supporting my highest path, and surround myself with beauty.

Further, I’ve discovered that some pressure is required so we may experience a soulful existence. And that pressure exists in myriad ways: expanding beyond our comfort zones, giving and receiving love, being vulnerable, forgiving others and ourselves, and being of service. Recognizing the "nagging" feeling that I’m here for more than what I’m currently expressing, facing my fears and moving forward in spite of the fear, triggers the most pressure. I always sense a major change is about to occur when my soul-connection intensifies. Feelings of vulnerability, excitement then fear inevitably surface, signals that I am "on my way." Where I’m going is not always clear. I just know I’m on the precipice of experiencing yet another dimension of my soul’s wondrous destiny.

I realize that my soul possesses the architectural blueprint of what is most cherished. It has within it the very threads that weave together my sacred contract’s tapestry. It knows, more than my most intimate playmate, what will make me feel alive. But this doesn’t mean I will always feel "happy." Soul energy encompasses the entire emotional spectrum: nostalgia, melancholy, bitter-sweetness, passion, tender love, longing, desire—some of the feelings that unfortunately, we often try to suppress. Many of my finest writings have been born from one of my "dark night’s of the soul."

I’ve also learned that within my soul dwells aliveness, the very feeling of life itself. What could possibly be more important than that? I often ask myself, "Would I rather live a life that is ‘safe’ and predictable, or one in which I feel alive and real?" When my life becomes a little ho-hum amidst the world’s din, I remind myself "zeal is real," meaning somewhere, somehow, I have allowed my ego to usurp my soul’s passion. Recognizing I can only reclaim it with conscious intention, I know I must silently declare that I am ready to surrender once again so I may return to my birthright of aliveness, joy and authenticity.

Further, I have come to realize that my soul speaks to me through my feelings, desires and preferences. Yet, even after all of the inner healing I have experienced, I am at times still tempted to numb myself from what I feel. I often want to block my feelings—particularly painful ones—from the insidious belief that I should avoid, at all costs, any discomfort. But I am mistaken when I do this, for it is in my attempt to escape the pain that keeps it tightly locked in place. Earlier in my life, like so many of us, I did not have the appropriate tools for healing my wounds. But now, as I continue to blossom, the means for vigorously transforming my injuries into enlightening assets are being provided. My greatest challenges are the breeding ground for my spiritual advancement. In my heart and soul, I know that all of my experiences can be used on behalf of the greater good of myself and others.

Finally, to me, creating a soulful life entails capturing the deepest song of my soul including listening to music that awakens deep emotion, digging and planting in the dirt, driving down country roads with the windows open, inhaling the salty ocean air, walking along the shoreline, and, being fully present while in front of someone I love and who honestly loves me.

Living a soulful life requires courage and the soulful willingness to delve inward, where our soul resides….

© Copyright 2002 Laura Grace. All Rights Reserved.

 Laura's Books:

Gifts of the Soul by Laura Grace              The Intimate Soul by Laura Hyde

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Laura V. Hyde
Laura Grace
is Co-founder of Infinite Wisdom, an organization dedicated to the highest human capacity, and a national author and speaker. As a regular contributor for publications across the U.S. and Canada, Laura writes about human awareness and spiritual growth. Laura is the author of the widely acclaimed books The Intimate Soul and Gifts of the Soul, and the creator and teacher of various programs including the Self-Mastery Program, The Art of Compassionate Forgiveness, Wonderful Women: Reclaiming Our Power, Passion and Purpose, and Cultivating the Intimate Life. Please visit Laura's web site at: www.LauraGrace.net.

As a spiritual counselor, Laura provides assistance in person and by phone. You may contact her for a free brochure at: laura@laurahyde.com.





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