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Chrissie Blaze

Workout for the Soul
September 2002

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Chrissie's Current Column

by Chrissie Blaze

We are very pleased to welcome Chrissie Blaze to SoulfulLiving.com as our newest monthly columnist!  Each month, Chrissie will share one of her Eight Steps to Inner Fitness from her book,
"Workout for the Soul."

Step 2 - Refreshing the Soul

Last month, in "Preparing Your Temple", we talked about the value of preparing oneself and one’s home environment in readiness for spiritual practices. We shall now focus on developing appreciation as a way to improve our quality of life, and enhance our Workout for the Soul.

We all want to feel better, and have different things that make us feel so. We may believe that if we had a million dollars we would feel better. We may think if we were married we would feel better, if we had new clothes, or a new home. The secret is to obtain the same mental state without the external things.

We may know people who appear to have everything, but live mean and miserable lives. Others seem to have very little and yet are filled with abundance and joy. This, of course, is proof that our attitude is not created by what we have, but by what we are. Our mental state does not own us; we have the power to change it if we wish, but to change a mental state, we first desire to do so. Once we desire a more positive mental state, we can then seek ways to create this.

One way is through developing positive attitudes such as gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness. Recent studies performed at the Institute of Heart Math with 28 vials of DNA proved that these attitudes have a beneficial effect on DNA, lengthening and relaxing the strands. Conversely, when we are anxious and fearful our DNA tightens and many of the DNA codes actually shut down! Showing appreciation and gratitude is not only good for others it is also good for us.

I call these wonderful qualities "refreshments for the soul." By being appreciative and thankful we are helping ourselves to overcome the barren feeling that we do not have enough in our lives. By being appreciative we are acknowledging that we are fortunate recipients of life and its abundance, not victims of that mysterious thing called "circumstance." These qualities can be cultivated within us through inward reflection. They come as a result of wisdom, of experience, of realizing the precious gift of life, and the reality of our higher selves. Once we learn to look deeper within ourselves, we will see abundance, tolerance and love – aspects of the Divine within – instead of scarcity and judgment.

Many of the so-called "primitive" cultures would not dream of going through a day without giving thanks to the Earth for her abundant fruits, to the Sun for the warmth and life it brings, as well as for the food they eat and the stars that cloak the skies at night. In our modern civilization, it is strange that few people even think of offering thanks to Mother Earth, who nevertheless supplies us with everything we need to live, love and gain experience.

Native Americans and other indigenous peoples realize that the Earth is a very evolved sentient life form, indeed a Goddess. She has protected and nurtured us for thousands of years; she has endured our hatred of each other, our disregard of the delicate balance of her nature, our explosions, dumping of radioactive waste – the list is awful and endless. She continues to protect us from the perils of outer space and provides us with a home suited to our needs. It is very strange that few of us give thanks for this, but instead take it for granted.

We bask in the warm life-giving rays of the sun and yet do not give it a second thought. It is a strange quirk of human nature that when there is a total solar eclipse, people will travel thousands of miles to see this miracle of nature. They will watch it in hushed reverence and be awed when the birds suddenly stop singing and a hush descends to herald in this majestic event. At these times of loss, we become suddenly aware of the power of the Sun and its life-giving rays. However, on every other day we take this great gift for granted and are even considered odd if we give thanks for this source of life in our solar system. It is a strange quirk of mankind that we appreciate things when we lose them!

Many children are aware of the reality of the Devic Kingdom – the realm of the spirits of nature. As children, they have not yet lost their natural psychic abilities. Through their openness to life, they are still able to see beyond the limitation of their five senses. They see and play with the fairies and elves and regard this as the real world. These nature spirits, as well as the mighty devas of the mountains, the oceans, and the winds, form part of the unseen but essential Devic Realm. This great aspect of life controls the weather and tends to the cycles of nature.

The mighty Devic Kingdom works in strict accordance with the laws of cause and effect, and can only use the energy that is given to it by mankind. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters are not created by the storm devas who manipulate them, but through the wrong thought and action of mankind. If we, as a whole, were to send out streams of love, as is our birthright, then the devas could create perfect conditions.

If you do not believe in the existence of the Devic Kingdom, then try the following practice. Go out into the woods alone. Take off your shoes if you like, and feel connected to the earth. Be very open and rid yourself of prejudices and dogma, by allowing love to flow through you. Think of the beauty of nature and when you feel attuned to this beauty, say some prayers of thankfulness with love and every ounce of your effort and feeling. Then stand or sit very silently and just see what you feel. Everyone I know who has tried this feels coming back to them the tangible love and blessings of the devas.

If you do not see and are not aware of the nature spirits, it does not mean that they do not exist in realms beyond our limited five senses. Unfortunately, our educational systems train us to develop and listen to our limited conscious minds, which deny the existence of anything beyond their reach. If you reach out in an open-minded fashion to this wonderful kingdom of angelic beings who work ceaselessly on our behalf, I believe you will find your proof.

Read Chrissie's Introductory Article, "Workout for the Soul."

Read the Introduction, "The Eternal Quest."

Read Step 1 - "Preparing Your Temple."

© Copyright Chrissie Blaze.  Excerpted from "Workout for the Soul: 8 Steps to Inner Fitness," published by AsLan Publishing, Inc., November 2001.

Mercury Retrograde by Chrissie Blaze

The Devic Kingdom - by Dr. George King

"The main function of the Devic Kingdom is the manipulation of all forces, which are necessary to and have bearing upon the balance of nature. The great tides of mental and psychic energies, which are constantly being conditioned by their passage through the minds of the human race, are also manipulated by the devas. It is not the work of the devas to change, either for better or worse, the energies radiated by man. They are only concerned with the direction of such energy fields within the all-pervasive Law of action and reaction. When a stream of mento-psychic energy, which has been grossly distorted by man’s wrong thought pattern, is radiated on to the subtle planes, the devas are bound, by Law, to manipulate this discolored energy, which causes an unpleasant reaction throughout all nature. Famine, droughts, floods, cyclones and earthquakes are all direct reactions produced through devic manipulation of distorted mento-psychic energies emanating from man. On the other hand, perfect weather, abundance, freedom from storms and violent earthquakes are the reactions produced when man continually radiates pure Spiritual energies on to the devic planes.

All serious students should keep these important facts always before them throughout their daily lives, as well as during their future metaphysical practices."

© 2002 The Aetherius Society. Excerpted from The Nine Freedoms by Dr. George King, published by The Aetherius Press, Los Angeles. All rights reserved. No publication in whole or part can be done without written permission from The Aetherius Society.For further information, contact The Aetherius Society, www.aetherius.org or telephone (323) 465 9652. For a brief biography of Dr. George King visit www.chrissieblaze.com.

Chrissie Blaze
Chrissie Blaze, a teacher, author, astrologer, media personality and senior Aetherius Church minister was a close student of Dr. George King (Yoga Master and founder of The Aetherius Society) for 25 years. Chrissie Blaze has written books including Workout for the Soul: Eight Steps to Inner Fitness, AsLan Publishing, Inc., November, 2001, Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to Astrology’s Most Precarious Times of the Year, Warner Books, Inc., April, 2002, and The Baby’s Astrologer: Your Guide to Good Parenting Is In the Stars, Warner Books, Inc., 2003 publication. For further information and details of classes and workshops in the Los Angeles area, please visit www.chrissieblaze.com. Tel: (213) 598 9552 (voicemail) or (323) 465 9652.




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