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Being Present

by KD Farris, Ph.D.

Techniques for Clearing the Space for Communication - Part II

In clearing the Space for communication, what is often filling it up is unaddressed emotion. Learning to complete the natural arc of our emotional experience is paramount if we are to be successful in our relationships.

Barbara De Angelisí Emotional Map is based on the premise that all emotions pass through a natural arc. Relationship impasses are often the result of couples interrupting each other at any given stage of the arc, preventing the natural unwinding of emotion to occur. In its simplest form, people who are perpetually angry with each other never get to work through to the hurt and sadness stage. And people who are forever sad and disappointed, havenít gotten to express their fear and anxiety. Each emotional stage leads itself naturally to another until the emotions resolve and the Space between loved ones is once again clear.

A good technique for processing yourself through such stuck emotions as these is to write yourself a letter addressed to the person or situation with which you are upset. Letís walk through it, now.

The Emotional Map

Anger, Blame, & Resentment
Hurt, Sadness, & Disappointment
Fear, Insecurity, & Wounds
Regret, Understanding, & Responsibility
Intentions, Solutions, & Wishes
Love, Forgiveness, & Appreciation

As shown above, the emotional map begins with anger, blame and resentment, and magically ends with love, forgiveness and appreciation. The beauty of this technique is that each stage will prepare you for the next. Read along and try it out sometime.

Write a letter to yourself addressed to whom or what you are angry, upset about, or stuck on. Write in clear statements and complete sentences. Keep it simple and to the point. Be specific and be direct. When moving through each emotion, keep focused on the feeling at hand. Complete each stage before moving on to the next. You will know you are complete when you begin to repeat yourself. You may not feel ready to move on, but if you are repeating your words and thoughts, trust that itís time to.

Here we go:

Anger, blame, resentment

Even if you are feeling stuck in sadness, begin with this first stage. Allow yourself to express your anger with words. Write down the thoughts and feelings you would not want anyone to know. Confess the depths of your anger and the tone of your rage.

When writing about blame, really let Ďem have it! Donít hold back and don't sensor yourself. Remember you are on your way to feeling balanced. Right now, you are pissed off and it is somebody elseís fault!

Resentments can lodge in our bodies for lifetimes. Take the opportunity to name what you are feeling resentful about and to let it out on paper. This is an important and vital step of the process.

Hurt, sadness, disappointment.

Under the anger is the pain. Confessing the pain can create deep feelings of vulnerability. Many of us never even know we are hurt, weíre so angry. But once you have said all you have to say about being angry, it is time to speak from your pain. Hit each word individually and allow yourself to speak from the hurtful places. Allow your words to express your deep felt sadness and articulate the myriad of disappointments that have been trapped within your being. Be gentle. Be truthful. And take your time.

Fear, insecurity, wounds.

This is a rich, rich area. Under the anger and disappointment shutters a frightened part of ourselves. Fear is the most vehemently defended emotion of all. We need to feel safe enough to name our fear and speak to its hold on us. From there, we are more easily in dialogue with how insecure we may be feeling. Getting to this fear and insecurity brings relaxation to the body. A weight may be lifted as you let down your defenses and give this part of yourself voice.

Once you have reached your feelings of pain, memories of old wounds will surface. And it is this connection to the wounds of our past that will begin to set us free.

Expect memories from your childhood to arise, and feelings of sorrow and pain as you confess your fear and connect with how the present circumstances evoke some insecurities within. Write openly and specifically about how your current situation reminds you of the helplessness of your past. We are brought together in relationship to heal our wounds. Once you can connect the old familiar pain of the past with the present events - your healing process begins.

Regret, Understanding, & Responsibility

Returning to the present moment, we view again our difficulties and begin to turn our attention to what we have done and what we could do differently. With a new perspective on a troubling situation, we begin to regret some of our actions which might have contributed to the present problems we are now facing.

With the anger at bay and our vulnerability felt, it is easier to name those things that we wish we hadnít done; that we wish we could take back. This humbling experience leads to a greater awareness and the gift of understanding next arises.

Write from the part of you that understands the situation, that understands what has happened and understands the other person. Take responsibility for yourself, for your words and actions, for the energy you brought to the problems, for your part in what has gone wrong.

Spending time in the safety of this process, taking responsibility for ourselves, owning our doings and moving from blame to reclamation is a freeing privilege. Enjoy the moments of courage and the grounded connection to your center of well being. Removing blame and taking responsibility will clear a lot of Space in your relationship. That Space that is cleared is yours to celebrate and enjoy.

Intentions, Solutions, & Wishes

The actions of responsibility fill the heart with clear intentions. Arriving at a place where you can speak to what you want for yourself, for your relationship, for the injured situation, is what this step is all about. Present in this portion of the process, whatever solutions you might perceive. Express your highest wishes, the dreams for all. Stay grounded in your truth here, and speak from your heart the clarity you now have in your mind.

Love, Forgiveness, & Appreciation

Finally, you are safe enough to love again. To forgive yourself your transgressions. To forgive those involved their imperfections. With the past in the open and the fears named and revealed, you can reconnect with those parts that you appreciate in your loved ones and in your life. This is a time to acknowledge the positive qualities in your mate. A time to let them know how you value their presence in your life. Fill your heart with love and appreciation and let your pen connect to the words.

To be at peace once more, to feel centered and alive, empowered and free, is what this process is all about. Staying with your feelings long enough to get through the dark tunnel and back into the light.

Many of us never get to experience what is on the other side of our frustrations, pain and disappointment. May this writing exercise grant you the courage (and experience) to speak your complete truth. And even more of a gift, may it invite you to invite others to move through their full realm of feelings too, thereby welcoming into all of your lives the complete emotional arc that is your human expression.

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© Copyright 2003 KD Farris, Ph.D.. All Rights Reserved.


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KD Farris, Ph.D.
KD Farris, Ph.D. is a successful counselor, healer, and bodyworker. For more than twenty years she has taught extensive workshops based on MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT as well as many other self-discovery topics.

KD began developing her integrated bodywork and counseling techniques in 1983 under the tutelage of many prominent doctors and healers throughout the United States.

Her education into the spiritual and physical aspects of the human experience served as the foundation for her private practice and the development of a new philosophy. She combined her techniques into four guiding principles, which she shares in her book, MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT: What My Grandmother Taught Me About the Universe. She teaches a companion workshop series, where she creates an interactive environment demonstrating the material from her book with tangible, life altering effects. In these workshops, individuals discover a deepening of their relationship to self, others, and life itself.

Through individual counseling and group workshops, she has taught her results-oriented programs to many different types of people including those confined to mental institutions, substance and food abusers, and generally, people in life transitions, struggling with intimate relationships, or who lack direction in their lives. Visit www.kdfarris.com.

KD is currently touring a new body of work, Talking About People in Transition, Also Known As Liminal Space. She will be writing about liminality and its relevance to day-to-day living in upcoming issues of Soulful Living. For more information on this new and exciting topic, or to learn about more her private practice, workshops and lectures, visit www.kdfarris.com.

Contact KD at: info@MESHE.com

Visit KD at Her Website:


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