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Patricia Rose Upczak

Walk Into the Future One Day
and One Step at a Time

by Patricia Rose Upczak

Day by day, moment by moment, our future beckons us to follow the path of our greatest joy, happiness and grace. That doesn't mean that life's road is a four lane highway or even a nice, straight, smooth two lane road. Most life paths are filled with rocks, boulders and pot holes. They meander through life with as many twists and turns as a labyrinth.

A Synchronistic Journey by Patricia Rose Upczak

The ancient ones were wise enough to pay attention to animals, dreams, visions, premonitions and signs as they walked their paths of destiny. The natural essence of the Universe is perfect harmony. Spirals, labyrinths, numbers and other symbols create a myriad of intersecting landscapes for us to investigate. There is no point where God begins or ends. Our lives are intimately connected to everything. There are those who hope to dissect the parts and thereby understand the whole. Thus mystics and scientists travel down different roads, but their destination is the same.

The majesty of the Universe is beyond our minds. The symphony of the Cosmos is beautiful and harmonious. Sunflowers grow, in spite of the weeds, reaching for the sun. Hummingbirds remind us to taste and enjoy the sweet nectar of life. Spirals and labyrinths connect us to our souls and remind us who we really are. Numbers throughout the ages guide us to the mysteries of the Universe as we learn their codes. Cooperation and harmony is the way of Nature. Greed and discord are not natural. Our lives are designed to follow a plan that promotes growth, joy and harmony. Anything that doesn't fit in that category is a waste of time.

Synchronicity, Signs and Symbols by Patricia Rose Upczak

The power of focus is important, no matter what your lifestyle or age. Energy follows thought: what you think is what you get. So the most important step in any process is the control of your own mind, thoughts, hopes and wishes.

There are so many ways we can become aware of signs or significant symbols in our lives. Signs come from songs, license plates, road signs, people, radios, televisions, movies, dreams and animals. The only person who can really ascertain what a sign or message means is the person involved.

If the Universe is a Divine Hologram, everything lives in God. We all experience God or Spirit at different vibrations and levels as we grow and develop. We all have our job or path each lifetime. As we grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally we learn to access our multidimensional abilities and allow the reality of the Universe to filter through our daily experiences. We all have help in our choices.

Reiki A Way of Life by Patricia Rose Upczak

The concept of a perfect, loving Universe that surrounds, enfolds, protects and heals all levels is the basis for the symbolic world communicating, guiding and helping all who become aware and connected. Our future beckons lovingly, all we have to do is walk our paths one step at a time with trust and unconditional love in our hearts.

©Copyright 2004 Patricia Rose Upczak. All Rights Reserved. 

Patricia Rose Upczak
Patricia Rose Upczak is a teacher, author and Reiki Master. Her books are STEVE (a grieving process book for families); REIKI A WAY OF LIFE; (book on the healing path): SYNCHRONICITY, SIGNS, And SYMBOLS; and just out, A SYNCHRONISTIC JOURNEY...these books can be ordered on Amazon.com or by calling 1-800-335-6179 or going to www.csd.net/~synchron.


Visit Patricia at Her Website:
Synchronicity Publishing



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