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Reverend Jennifer Baltz

Starting at the Source
by Jennifer Baltz

Seek ye first that which gives you everything and everything shall be given to you.
--The Bhagavad Gita

Two thousand years ago, a very wise man once said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within, and all shall be given to you." And another very wise human more recently pointed out that the operative word here is "first."

We often tend to think that we are in this alone…that we must create our dreams on our own. And it’s easy to assume that we are creating with limited resources and support. We forget who we are, as part of a greater Whole.

When our dreams and goals don’t happen in the way we expect, we often think that either we are not worthy enough, or not capable enough…or that there is just not enough to go around.

But the truth is that none of these things are true. We get stuck in our creations because we don’t fully understand how the creative process works—it has nothing to do with not deserving or lack of resources. We’re just still learning.

What we create starts from within—it always will and always has. That Kingdom of Heaven within is our connection to the Divine. To the One, the Source of all life and light. Whether you see that Source as the Universe, as All Life, or as God, it really doesn’t matter. It is limitless Creation. This awareness is what Christ and other masters have tried to help us remember.

"Seek ye first" is really operating instructions. It means to go within and connect with Creation, with Source first, before you start to create your dreams. When we work with that source, we co-create our reality moment-by-moment. It shifts our dreams into higher gear.

When we do not remember that this light exists within us, we get stuck in fear, anger and frustration, and we create everything the hard way. It’s like the difference between plugging in the light first, or trying to assemble a bicycle in the dark on Christmas Eve. It doesn’t mean that there are not tangible steps that we must take to create our dreams. But it does mean that working in harmony with our Source makes it a lot easier.

There are other things to consider, too. Manifestations are really the Universe’s validation, with a time delay, of the same vibration we are in when we make the request.

They match our thoughts, feelings and actions. For example, if you desire a promotion but are jealous of your co-worker, you might still get the promotion…but may have competition issues arise in the new position as well. How you ask for what you desire often determines what you receive back …. in what form it comes. If your thoughts, feelings and actions really all point in the same direction, in alignment with your dream, it’s much more likely to come true.

So as you create your goals and dreams for this year—and in years to come—start at the Source. Then pay attention to the totality of your request (your thoughts, feelings and actions) … and notice what happens when you do.

Copyright © 2004 Jennifer Baltz.  All Rights Reserved. 

Reverend Jennifer Baltz
Jennifer Baltz is a business and life coach and creative mentor with over 18 years experience helping people consciously create their dreams. She offers individual coaching, classes, seminars, and mastermind groups to help you create change in your life, from personal and creative growth to small business development. Visit Jennifer's website for more information, www.creativespirit.com, or follow Jennifer on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jenbaltz




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