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Michael The Coming Spiritual Renaissance
by Dr. Michael Mamas 

Though we live in an age of great scientific and technological advancement, we also live in a time that is spiritually confused. We sight Holy Wars and televangelist con men as evidence of the spiritual ignorance of others, while remaining blind to our own spiritual immaturity.

Yet a time is soon coming when we will look back at our present as a period of spiritual absurdity. We will shake our heads as we recall healers waving their hands in the air and fluttering their eyelashes, spiritual teachers entering trance states to begin their talks with the cliché "Dear One," and neighborhood crystal planting ceremonies to heal the earth. We will marvel at how we could possibly have equated a spiritual awakening with an emotional indulgence or a physiological spasm, which we clung to as our kundalini experience.

We live in an age of spiritual insanity; picking up texts containing the wisdom of great saints and confidently concluding we "get it" in an afternoon's read. Wondering who else is out there who could possibly tell us something we don't already know, deaf and blind, we go out and with confidence proclaim the way to others. Our so called spiritual teachers behave like fools, yet we--otherwise seemingly mature and rational adults--cling to their words for inspiration and purpose, longing that they flick their wrist in our direction, hoping it may whisk away our karmic burdens and give us a life-transforming experience that will leave us fulfilled and wise. So many people are tired of the foolishness. Someone must stand up and declare, "The emperor has no clothes!" The resulting upset will not really be with the messenger but with the message and its sobering impact on our deeper knowing, our abandoned common sense. All those years invested. Invested in what?

Well, the good new is that we will soon move beyond this age of spiritual frivolity to a wiser place where we will have the courage to reject the old and move forward to spiritual maturity and wisdom. The hardest part is admitting to the current foolishness. After that, just as the past century brought a great scientific explosion, this new century will bring a great spiritual explosion.

The Spiritual Renaissance will happen. The price of admission is humility. The only casualty will be the loss of your current spiritual identity. The reward is sanity regained in the form of rational spirituality and your own innate wisdom and fulfillment. A funny thing about wisdom is once you have it, it just feels like common sense.

©Copyright 2000 Dr. Michael Mamas.  All Rights Reserved.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Michael Mamas attended Ohio State University. He was an honors student in physics and mathematics prior to obtaining a doctorate in veterinary medicine and an MBA. His lifelong search for universal wisdom led him to study numerous worldwide healing methods of India, China, Europe and the Philippines. He lived nearly ten years in an ashram meditating under the direct guidance of genuine enlightened masters and saints. He now dedicates his life to bringing forth a more rational and mature approach to spirituality and healing. Dr. Mamas is the founder and director of The School for Enlightenment and Healing, Inc. and The Surya Program and recently founded the non-profit organization, The Center of Rational Spirituality. He is the author of the books "Consciousness Unfolding" and the internationally acclaimed "Angels, Einstein and You." He has been teaching healing and spirituality in the United States, Asia, and Europe for nearly thirty years. He teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area and Asheville, NC, where he lives with his wife Tanja and daughter Jaya Elle.

Dr. Mamas is now accepting students for his school, "The Surya Program" and summer and winter meditation retreats. For more information please phone, 1-888-432-5888 or visit www.DrMamas.com.


Visit Dr. Mamas at his website:



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