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Scribing the Soul
September 2001

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Kathleen's Current Column

by Kathleen Adams, LPC, RPT
Director of The Center for Journal Therapy

In ancient times, scribes were devotees of the Word. They were the bridges between worlds, charged with the sacred task of painstakingly transcribing the Mysteries into a form that could be referenced by holy men and women. Many centuries later, our modern journals give us unlimited access to the Mysteries of our souls. Through this column, I hope to offer ways that we can approach our own lives with the love and devotion of the scribes of old.

Journal of a Synchronicity

June 5, 2001

Today as I was rooting around in the closet the "Time 2 Move" sweatshirt fell on my head. It always gives me pause when it surfaces; for a dozen years it has been the harbinger of change. It disappears for years at a time and then shows up when Iím ready for a major life event. I put it on and sat on the edge of the bed, musing about the changes it has foreshadowed.

I have wondered for a while if it is "time 2 move" from this apartment where Iíve lived happily and contentedly for a dozen years. Maybe Iím finally ready to be a homeowner again.

June 10

Had brunch with M and L today. I mentioned my restlessness and desire to buy a place. Hearing myself say it out loud made it more tangible and real. They were enthusiastic and supportive.

June 11

As I was tossing away my junk mail I noticed a real estate ad with a townhouse listed by C, who I saw at the high school reunion last summer. It reminded me that I had spoken with her briefly a year ago about the possibility of buying something. At the time it seemed too overwhelming Ė prices just seemed out of reach. Now, of course, theyíre even higher. Argh.

June 12

I drove by the townhouse and itís in a great location. Looks very much like the last place I owned, which I loved. Called C to ask for a showing. Itís under contract. She told me to get prequalified for a loan. I discovered realtor.com, which lets me do my own market research and gives addresses I can drive by. I also filled out a loan application on line. The fact that Iím self-employed apparently will make it more difficult.

June 15

Have been consumed with looking at the outsides of places and am rapidly educating myself on what is and is not acceptable. There is some unbelievable crap selling for ridiculous prices. One townhouse has a master bedroom balcony that overlooks railroad tracks no more than 20 feet away. I know these tracks; six or eight freight trains a day go through. Charming. Many townhouse complexes are built around acres of asphalt parking lots. I looked at a place that had beautiful grounds and a "detached" garage Ė extremely detached, about 100 yards down a significant hill. I can just imagine how much fun that would be in the winter! Anything I buy would have to have covered parking and trees. I canít bear the thought of living in the midst of an asphalt and concrete jungle.

June 18

Leave for the womenís retreat tomorrow. [Poetry therapy intern] J ran writing group this afternoon. She closed with an ee cummings poem which she recited from memory, the one about the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky. I love the way she recites, so compelling and dramatic. It makes me want to drop everything and memorize poems.

June 22

Day of Silence at womenís retreat. I am so in love with the trees here at Benet Pines. The weather has been exquisite, a blue true dream of sky. Found the ee cummings poem on the internet and broke silence this evening by reading it into the circle.

i thank You God for most this amazing
day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

(i who have died am alive again today,
and this is the sun's birthday; this is the birth
day of life and of love and wings: and of the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any ó lifted from the no
of all nothing ó human merely being
doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)

--e.e. cummings

July 19

I find myself saying the cummings poem over and over in my head. I wake up every morning and my first conscious thought is i who have died am alive again today. This poem is living in my body. I am eating it. I know this process. Like the Time 2 Move sweatshirt, this is a harbinger of change. Poetic magic is afoot.

July 25

Looked at a darling townhouse in perfect condition, but claustrophobically small and woefully expensive. First time Iíve actually connected with a realtor through this process. Iím the first one to see this place. She assured me it will not be on the market more than a week and encouraged me to act swiftly if I want it. I told her Iím leaving town tomorrow and am probably not a candidate. Not sure I could qualify for a loan that size. Nor would want a mortgage payment that high.

July 31

Back from teaching at the poetry therapy intensive. I canít shake the cummings poem. Iím making it Augustís Poem of the Month at journaltherapy.com.

August 5

Woke up this morning with the cummings poem in my head and the brilliant awareness that maybe Iím looking in the wrong zip codes. Checked out the neighborhoods a bit south, between where I am now and the office, and sure enough, it looks like thereís a significant difference.

August 6

Today I connected with a lawyer who is selling his condo himself, and it is affordable, and it has all the things I absolutely positively can't live without Ė especially trees! Mature trees, gorgeous trees, leaping greenly spirits of trees, old-growth trees, beautiful grounds, a front porch, my own garden area, covered parking, good location halfway between my family and my office,  possibility for community with neighbors, quiet neighborhood, a good gym nearby, across the street from Crown Hill Lake and the wetlands preserve, a neighborhood grocer on the corner. And the leaping greenly spirits of trees! Oh those trees Ö. they call to me.

Walking through the breezeway into the interior of the complex is like being transported to Oz. It goes from a pleasant but utterly nondescript exterior to a magical fairyland of forest-in-the-city. Flowers, shrubs, trees, trees, trees.

August 7

Well, I have spent practically the entire day bonding with my new condo, checking out the leaping greenly spirits of trees and especially sneaking peeks at the individual gardens.  There are some ferocious gardeners there -- the whole place has this rampant, overgrown, fertile, fecund, wildly creative feeling to it.  There are hardwood trees mixed in with the pines and aspen, so fall should be glorious. I who have died am alive again today!

August 9

I bought it. Earnest money, contract, loan approval, whole enchilada.

August 31

The closing is at noon today. I am a homeowner! Thank you ee cummings for reaching out across time and space to land in me a poem that guided me to my own true home. It is Time 2 Move!

© Kathleen Adams.  All Rights Reserved

Kathleen Adams LPC, RPT is a Registered Poetry/Journal Therapist and Director of The Center for Journal Therapy in Lakewood, Colorado. She is one of the leading voices on the power of writing to heal and is the author of four books, including Journal to the Self and The Write Way to Wellness. Her upcoming seminars include the annual 5-day womenís writing retreat in Colorado July 8-13, and a one-day Journal to the Self workshop in Denver in late July. She would love your feedback on this column; please e-mail kay@journaltherapy.com or stop by her website, www.journaltherapy.com.


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