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The Power of Nature
by Steve Zikman

"There is no other door to knowledge than the door Nature opens; and there is no truth except the truths we discover in Nature." --Luther Burbank


And nature to us. Close to Us. Face to face. Limb to limb.

Amazonian rain forests. Solitary quiver trees in the Kalahari. Passing icebergs off the coast of Greenland. Windswept dunes on the Baltic.

Hippos bathing in the Okavango Delta. Kangaroos pronking in the Australian Outback. A moose chomping on a lily pad in the morning mist of a Canadian lake.

Balmy breezes. Drenching humidity. Monsoons. Typhoons. The wettest of wet. Crisp Arctic air. Howling, pounding wind. Misty mountain clouds. Scorching desert sun.

We travel through Nature. We travel with Nature. We discover Nature, in its magnificence. In its brilliant, radiant message. In all of its rich and wild glory. We are overwhelmed in its presence. We are blissfully overjoyed.


We encounter the power of nature, its awesome abundance and diversity. We experience its majesty, its splendor. Its enormity, scope, height, depth, expanse. Its hold on time. Its permanence. And impermanence. Bastion of the secrets of time.

We behold nature's hospitality, its simple nurturing. Providing us with what we need. The shade of its splendid branches. A warm fire. A cave in which to spend the night. Clear spring water. Fresh fish. We celebrate what we have. Plenty. Nature's caring hands. Travel's watchful eye.

Nature stops us, obliges us to think, to ponder, to appreciate its inviting display. Nature forces us to acknowledge, value, love, treasure. Someone else's environment, someone else's landscape, someone else's garden. Somebody else's grand backyard. Our environment, our landscape, our garden. Our grand backyard. Nature is gratitude.

In the course of my numerous wanderings, I have seen how travel has informed and empowered my life as well as the lives of my fellow travelers. I have witnessed the extent of travel's positive power, the magnitude of its enriching and healing capabilities. Beyond its refreshing and revitalizing qualities, travel has the unmatched capacity to be a wellspring of self-discovery and personal growth, a path to ourselves.

Travel is and will continue to be a powerful but precious gift. However, as worldwide travel increases, so do the pressures on both our physical and cultural environments. Continue to respect our world, its people, its places, its animals, its landscape. Continue to respect nature. Continue to respect our differences. We owe that to ourselves, to each other and to the generations yet to be.

Whether we're traveling to the farthest corners of the Earth or to the next village, whether we're going for a couple of days or a year, the power of travel awaits. Make the time. Make the space. Live the power of travel.

Copyright © Steve Zikman. Excerpted and adapted from "The Power of Travel: A Passport to Adventure, Discovery & Growth" by Steve Zikman (Tarcher Putnam). No portions of this may be used without the express written permission of the author and publisher.


"The man who wrote the book on Wanderlust." -- The Washington Post

Born and raised in Canada, Steve Zikman has ventured through over fifty countries on six continents. In fact, Steve left behind a successful law practice and set out on a three year around-the-world journey through Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Steve's travels have allowed him to trek the Himalayas, welcome the sunrise over the Amazonian jungle, backpack across erupting lava fields in Zaire, and chat with two of the most fascinating figures of our times--Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa. 

Following a creative path, he studied photography in Berlin and then spent a year with his laptop in South Africa.

Combining writing with his passion for the road, Steve Zikman is the author of "The Power of Travel: A Passport to Adventure, Discovery and Growth" and the coauthor of the forthcoming best-selling series title, "Chicken Soup for the Traveler's Soul" with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

In addition to his writings, Steve is a dynamic and captivating keynote speaker, certified labyrinth facilitator, and seminar leader. This intrepid adventurer now spends his days inspiring people to embrace a fuller and richer experience of both travel... and life!


Visit Steve Zikman at:



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