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Daina Puodziunas

Awakening Inner Magic in Midlife
by Daina Puodziunas

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As we become adults, most women loose their sense of magic and wonder and become bogged down with the details and responsibilities of life. We can easily become driven and by "shoulds" and "ought to's," struggling through life thinking that this is just the way it is. We loose ourselves in the world piece by piece. Sometimes we find ourselves in midlife with no one to please but ourselves and realize we have no idea how to do that!

We send out a cry for help and the universe answers us. We are guided to others who are on a similar path, to books, courses, and places like SoulfulLiving.com. We begin a new chapter of our lives as we reach out and take each other's hand, ready and willing to commit to discovering our authentic soul, our uniqueness, our special tastes, interests, dreams, and inner treasures.

In midlife, women need to go on a magical quest to release their "inner splendor," as Robert Browning would say. To discover the inner treasure that lies buried from years of neglect and oversight. As women we are so used to caring for the emotional, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others but often uncomfortable caring for our own. Yet we are the only ones who can save out authentic souls and bring them to life again.

All creation is magical. We create all the time. All of us are already magical beings. We are magicians and fairy godmothers, but most of us have forgotten this. Believing in magic is essential for creating a life of our own choosing. It helps us remember that we live in an unlimited universe where anything is possible.

"Active engagement with the archetypes intensifies our experience of life -- moving us out of the mundane, drab, half-asleep life, into the wide awake intensity of life lived full on. Nothing is as intense as play. Constructively engaging the archetypes in a spirit of play energizes and intensifies life to a surprising degree. It's as though you plugged yourself into a great psychic energy amplifier." --Laurence G Boldt, Zen and the Art of Making a Living

We can become our own fairy godmothers in midlife and give ourselves permission to become re-enchanted with life. In order to do this we often have to sacrifice our fears of appearing arrogant, selfish, self-absorbed on the altar of caring what others think about us.

We have to expand our capacity for self love and treat ourselves as we would treat a precious child who has lost her way home. The fairy godmother archetype lives within us as does the magical child. Our inner magical child will help us see through the eyes of wonder and awe again.

If you had a painful childhood, please don't let this stop you from accessing the magic that your inner child holds for you. There is a part of you who believes in the magic of dreams, of an enchanted universe, and of mystical and magnificent possibilities. She holds the key to your authentic soul. You can reach out her hand to the fairy godmother who also lives within you and be assisted by her every step of the way. Reach out to these two wise beings who live inside of you. They have been waiting for decades for this moment!

Even in fairy tales the heroine is asked to do her part in transforming her life. It is the sacred quest of becoming more of who we are meant to be. The fairy godmother is also our inner wise woman. She is one of the ways in which the Goddess has stayed alive in our hearts and is the magical female who can do all things.

The concept of the godmother may be as old as Goddess worship itself. She is the symbol of the creator and transformer of obstacles. She taps us into the Goddess within by helping us believe in ourselves. She is a true mother figure: a friend who reaches out a hand to help you on the next rung of your life journey. I invite you to take her hand as you hold your wonder child in your arms and step into the magic of your next life.

"The Fairy Godmother is an enchantress, a holy sacred mother of the ancient mysteries. She ushers in what we think we do not know or cannot have or dare not express. She offers us gifts of the spirit: the gifts of inner guidance and universal love."  --Isha and Mark Lerner, "Inner Child Cards: A Journey Into Fairy Tales, Myth & Nature"

© Copyright 2006 Daina Puodziunas.  All rights reserved. 

Daina Puodziunas
Daina Puodziunas (Dinah - Midlife Fairy Godmother) helps women become their own midlife fairy godmothers. She has been passionately helping self aware, spiritually focused, fun loving women move past obstacles to an enchanted life her entire life. Midlife Magic For Second Half Bliss is a five step formula she offers through life coaching, telephone and in person workshops, speaking engagements and articles. Visit her website at


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