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Barbara Biziou

by Barbara Biziou

Trust your ability to handle change.

While writing this article, it seems as if everything in my life is undergoing rapid change. To say that things have changed in the past year is a major understatement.


Time is speeding up and we can't help but encounter fast-paced change on a daily basis.  The old and predicable is gone and we have no new map to follow without the tools to help us create one, we often move through life without having any idea of who we are or who we are growing into. We are like a child on his or her first day at school…feeling vulnerable and scared.

The Joys of Everyday Ritual by Barbara Biziou


The biggest gift that a time of change gives us is the opportunity to reject the things that did not work and recreate our lives in a richer and more fulfilling way.  In order to do this, we must have a strong spiritual base. As we understand the basic spiritual laws of creating that support us to move beyond anxiety and procrastination, and that honor the fear and help us face our lives head on, we are able to bring in new resources… liberating us to expand and seek new horizons.

Life is always in a state of change. When this life force expresses itself freely there is a flow that occurs. We feel safe to take our next steps: more open and creative.

But, when we resist the changes, we create resistance and experience physical, emotional, and mental pain. What you resist persists is an old saying and very true. Fear takes over and this leads to anxiety and stress and we lose the ability to access our creativity. It feels as if we have lost all our valuable resources.

Ritual to release fear and Stuck Energy

One of the things that always work for me when I am going through major change is to take the time to see what is constricted and holding me back.

Intention: to open up space


Part One: Light a candle and call in Spirit to help you let go of what no longer serves. Take a small white plate (the cheaper the better). And on it write down everything that is holding you back. It may be fear, anxiety, stuck energy around your business, worry about a relationship, or sadness about a project that has ended.  Whatever comes to you write it down. Make sure you take time to allow yourself contemplation for the ending of this stage.

When you are ready place the plate in a heavy garbage bag. Close the bag tightly. Take a hammer and smash the plate releasing all the stuck energy. Affirm that you have let go of any part that you have played in creating the stuck energy. “Release, consume cause and effect of any mistakes that I have made so I can have my call answered in the speed of light” throw out the bag with the broken pieces.

Light some sage or use my SPACE spray to clear the room.

Part II: Some of you may be ready to focus on the new things that you do desire and some of you may need time to sit with the silence until clarity about the next stage of your life comes in. In either case know that you have moved from surviving to thriving. Affirm that you are ready to receive the gifts from the Goddess and say, “ My life is filled with new opportunities and I am magnetic to the prosperity and love that I desire.”

Take a piece of paper and ask Spirit to guide you. Ask, what do I need to know or do right now? Once you receive your answer make sure to take action right away.

We tend to forget than when we ask the Universe for change it may mean giving up the life we have now…giving up the comfortable for the unknown. Many of us fear taking our next step because we believe that we will become more exhausted and have to make more sacrifices. We forget to ask for new resources and help and think we have to do it alone.

Yet there are times when we passionate ask for a change and then do not take action. So, guess what? The Universe steps in. How many times can you complain about your job without the Universe arranging for you to be fired? How many times can you say you want to leave your relationship without something “happening to break up your love life?

Fear of Transformation: Someone wrote (forgive me for not knowing) a wonderful essay entitled…Fear of Transformation_ It talks about how most of us spend our lives hanging on to our trapeze bar of the moment. …”As we see the new bar swinging towards us we are filled with terror and excitement. We know it is our next step and we know that for us to grow we must release our grip on this present, well-known bar to move to the new one.”

“Each time I am filled with terror. It doesn’t matter that in all my previous hurtles across the void of unknowing I have always made it. Each time I am afraid that I will miss, that I will be crushed on unseen rocks in the bottomless chasm between the bars. But I do it anyway…I have come to believe that is the only place the real change occurs”

Take a step forward and see yourself as special and resourceful.

Tools for Going Through Change.

Essential Oils:

Angelica-release negativity    

Cinnamon-uplifting -boosts the immune system

Frankincense-enhance spiritual focus-positive outlook-

Helichrysum-release anger

Jasmine- anti-depressant

Lavender-promote consciousness-health-peace-well being-calming

Lemon, lime, orange, vanilla- uplifting- good for depression

Melissa-balance emotional blocks

Rose-balance and harmony

Sage- purification       

Sandalwood-improve attitude-alleviate depression-remove neg. programming

Barbara’s Essential Sprays: These are the sprays that I use in my work and rituals, available on my website.www.joyofritual.com

Unplug: Free Your Mind
Escape the chaos of the world. Calm down and relax
Spray to sooth your spirit or enhance sleep

Space: A Whole new Perspective
Change your vibes to reclaim positive energy
Spray to achieve balance, clarity and joy
Good to purify and clear space

Magnet: Reign Down Abundance
Attract prosperity and abundance.
Spray to allow in new avenues of opportunity especially prosperity

Manifest: Rite Your Dreams
Open your channel for creativity and success
Spray to set intention and attract

Sizzle: Get your juices flowing
Bring love, romance and sensuality to your life.
Spray to heat up or spice up your life

Boost: Amplify Your Experience
Having a bad day? Feeling down? Breathe new life into your spirit.
Spray to revitalize and revive.

Bach flower Essences:

Walnut- assists in stabilizing emotional upsets during transitions.  Also helps one to break past links and emotionally adjust to new beginnings.

Beech- good when you over criticize yourself and others.

Cerato: helps those who lack confidence in their own judgment and decisions.

Gentian- lack of faith in God. Teaches one to become spirit-directed. Helps release self-doubt.

Star of Bethlehem- for grief, trauma, loss.

White Chestnut- for unwanted thoughts that prevent peace of mind and disrupt concentration.

Rescue Remedy- relaxes and also helps you sleep

Get a Support Network

It is important to get a support network of people that can hold the new vision that you are moving toward.

Nurture Yourself

If you do not get enough rest you will not have the energy to make conscious choices


Being over serious can interfere with allowing new ideas and energy into your life.


Build your spiritual muscles so you can deal with any fears that will pop up.

Copyright © 2009 Barbara Biziou.  All Rights Reserved.

Barbara Biziou
Barbara Biziou
is author of The Joy of Ritual and an internationally acclaimed teacher of practical spirituality. Barbara provides creative solutions and tools that inspire and move others to transform their dreams into reality. She appeared as the ritual expert on the Hallmark Channel and as a life coach and spiritual mentor on Academy Award nominee, Morgan Spurlock’s, hit television show 30 Days. She has been featured on a variety of national television and radio shows and in several major newspapers and magazines including: The CBS Morning Show, Good Day New York, Today in NY, The New York Times, Body and Soul, Harper’s Bazaar, and New York Magazine. Barbara translates ancient metaphysical concepts into practical realities and has helped thousands integrate everyday spirituality into their hectic lives.. www.joyofritual.com.


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