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Books for Healing the Mind, Body and Soul

Gary Null's Guide to a Joyful, Healthy Life
by Gary Null

For the first time Gary Null, radio host of America's longest running health program, presents in one generous volume the complete texts of three books at the core of his program for personal enrichment and happiness.
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Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
by Caroline Myss
What sets Anatomy of the Spirit apart is Carolyn Myss's ability to blend diverse religious and spiritual beliefs into a succinct discussion of health and human anatomy. For example, when describing the seven energy fields of the human body, she fuses Christian sacraments with Hindu chakras and the Kabbalah's Tree of Life.
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Why People Don't Heal: Overcoming the Hidden Blocks to Wellness
by Caroline Myss
In association with Norman Shealy, M. D. (founder of the American Holistic Medical Association), Caroline Myss has developed a unique approach to the study of "energy anatomy" - the electromagnetic channels that connect mind and spirit; the "circuitry" which is crucial to the self-healing process.
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20-Minute Retreats: Revive Your Spirit in Just Minutes a Day With Simple Self-Led Practices
by Rachel Harris

In this simple and inspirational book you'll discover how twenty minutes of daily guided solitude will enable you to integrate the spiritual benefits of retreat into the overly consuming demands of everyday life. The more than 190 retreats in the book are based on twelve universal themes that each of us journey through at some point in our lives.
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Hidden Spring: A Buddhist Woman Confronts Cancer
by Sandy Boucher
To an outsider, Buddhist meditation can appear self-indulgent, time frittered away buttressing an intransigent ego. To an insider, such as Sandy Boucher, the dividends of meditation can come at unforeseen times, under extreme circumstances, such as facing down malignant cancer.
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Do I Have To Give Up ME to be Loved by GOD?
by Margaret Paul, Neale Donald Walsch (Introduction)
This groundbreaking book provides the missing link in the long and frustrating search for inner peace, joy and fulfillment. Readers who have come out of recovery, undergone therapy or tried other methods of self-help and self-development--yet still feel that something is missing--will find the answers they seek in this volume.
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Healing Your Aloneness: Finding Love and Wholeness Through Your Inner Child
by Erika J. Chopich, Margaret Paul (Contributor)
Shows how to reconnect with your inner child to short-circuit self-destructive patterns, resolve fears and conflicts, and build satisfying relationships. 
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Inner Bonding: Becoming a Loving Adult to Your Inner Child
by Margaret Paul

From the co-author of Healing Your Aloneness (more than 55,000 copies sold) comes this pioneering guide on how to create a loving relationship between your inner child and inner adult. Offers guidance in creating a loving relationship between the inner child and the inner adult in family, sexual, work, and social arenas in order to maintain a healthy and productive life. 
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Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal
by Rachel Naomi Remen
Enthusiastically praised by everyone from Bernie Siegel to Daniel Goleman to Larry Dossey, Rachel Remen has a unique perspective on healing rooted in her background as a physician, a professor of medicine, a therapist, and a long-term survivor of chronic illness. 
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Necessary Journeys: Letting Ourselves Learn From Life
by Nancy L. Snyderman, Md,  Peg Streep

Filled with her own heartfelt and revealing stories, Necessary Journeys illuminates the joys and challenges of women's everyday lives and shows us how every experience can be an opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth. At the heart of this book are the real issues women ages 35-60 confront, no matter which path they have chosen: issues of confidence and self-esteem, love and relationships, health and aging, parenting and self-fulfillment.
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Angels, Einstein and You: A Healer's Journey
by Dr. Michael Mamas

As a healer and spiritual teacher who has passed through the difficult stages of consciousness raising, Dr. Michael Mamas has written a book that is certain to serve as a guide to those who seek a broader, more significant view of healing and spirituality that demonstrates how the two ultimately merge to become one.
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Reiki, A Way of Life by Patricia Rose Upczak
An inspirational guidebook for all people either interested in Reiki or already on the Reiki path. Mystics and scientists are investigating the subtle energies of the Universe. These energies are multidimensional and multifaceted. This book explores the relationship between thought, intentionality, subtle energies and prayer.
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The True Seeker's Guide To A Better Life
by Wendy Hill
It is based on Hill's work as a licensed psychotherapist and the treatment program that has helped her clients during the past twenty-five years of her private practice. The reader will learn how core beliefs carried in the subconscious mind determine the quality of experience and influence choices in all aspects of life. It includes ten transformational, healing processes, each process preparing for and supporting the next. 
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Boundless Healing: Meditation Exercises to Enlighten the Mind and Heal the Body
by Tulku Thondup, Daniel Goleman

Thondup has written an accessible, information-packed book that covers it all. . . . Regardless of the disease, discomfort, or desire, Thondup has a meditation up his sleeve, making this one of the most practical handbooks on healing meditations available. ~Gail Hudson 
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You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise L. Hay
The timeless message of the book is that we are each responsible for our own reality and "dis-ease." Hay believes we make ourselves ill by having thoughts of self-hatred. She includes a directory of ailments and emotional causes for each with a corresponding affirmation to help overcome the illness.
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Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them
by Louise L. Hay

This book offers positive new thought patterns to replace negative emotions. It includes an alphabetical chart of physical ailments, the probable causes, and healing affirmations to help you eliminate old patterns. 
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Recovery of Your Inner Child
by Lucia Capacchione 

The Inner Child lives within all of us, it's the part of us that feels emotions and is playful intuitive and creative. Usually hidden under our grown-up personas, the Inner Child holds the key to intimacy in relationships physical and emotional well-being, recovery from addictions, and the creativity and wisdom of our inner selves.
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Transformation Soup: Healing for the Splendidly Imperfect
by Sark

This is a book of questions & discoveries. I am eccentric and ordinary, streaked with "garden variety" neuroses. Let's explore together, holding hands, and see what healing is all about. There is much to heal and a lot to laugh about.
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