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Robin L. Silverman

Accepting the "I'm Possible"
by Robin L. Silverman

I’ll be honest: I was going to write a piece about how we need to accept all the things about ourselves, others and our world that disturb us.  But the more I tried to write that article, the more I realized that there would likely be many others who could better explain the art of making peace with difficult people and situations.

Something Wonderful is About to Happen by Robin Silverman

Allowing things to be as they are, especially when they are not to our liking, is one kind of acceptance.  But what if things are actually perfect, and we can’t or don’t know how to accept that?  It’s true that many of us have difficulty accepting what is unacceptable to us; but it’s also true that we have difficulty accepting the idea that we simply refuse to see that the world is set up for us to thrive and enjoy our lives.

To explain, let me share that I am taking a graduate class in Energetics, the science of applying knowledge of subtle, or quantum, energy to promote individual and organizational healing.   The goal of the class is to help us become skilled in understanding and reading the energy fields around people and objects.  No psychic ability or extraordinary intuition is needed to do this.  It’s simply a change in perspective: that a world of energy exists within our own, or rather, as our own.

Literally.  And that’s been hard to accept.

What I’m learning is that “reality” is not what we think it is.  What we’re living is, in actuality, an illusion—a dance of subatomic particles that seems to appear and behave in a particular way.  Unless it doesn’t.  Experiments done as long as 100 years ago prove that matter appears and disappears based on nothing more than whether or not a human being observes it.  Notice it, it’s there; take the attention away, it disappears.  Experiments are also proving that time, as we think we know it, really doesn’t exist.  Believe it or not, a difficult situation from the past can be repaired by a few energy adjustments in the present.  And because the present and the future exist simultaneously, what is said and done now instantly creates the outcome we will experience later.

The real world is not the one that we see on the news each night.  Instead, it’s one of possibilities, particles and waves that respond to human thoughts and emotions.  That’s not surprising to anyone who has heard or read about the Law of Attraction.  The real world is intelligent, divinely designed to speak to us, through us.  So if you want to know what you’re really thinking and feeling, just look around.  Those people who annoy you?  They’re a reflection of something that is true about you, even when you think they aren’t.   For instance, my best friend used to smoke, and even though I don’t, I was metaphorically “smoking”—emotionally burning--every time I would lecture him on why he should quit.  Usually within hours of our having another discussion about his smoking, I would have an experience that would stir my inner ashes and get me fuming.

Every thought we think—or have ever thought—affects the energetic field.  So does every emotion, in this life or any other we may have lived.  In essence, we are living in a hall of mirrors, reflecting back to us everything we think, say, believe or feel to be true about ourselves as individuals, as a society, as a global community, or as a planet.

If that seems hard to accept, it gets tougher when you consider what the professor explained a few weeks ago: “You are responsible for every single thing that happens to you in your life. You cannot blame anyone or anything for whatever happens to you.”  The students immediately challenged this.  What about people who have diseases they don’t want and don’t deserve?  What about children who grow up impoverished or abused through no fault of their own?  What about the innocent victims of war?  How about those whose savings were decimated from the recent financial crisis?  How could any of these people be responsible for things that were not under their control?

The answer is simple, but startling:  we’re not who we think we are.  Or rather, we’re a lot more than we think we are.  We’re more than our name, our gender, age or race.  We’re more than the roles we play or the dreams we have.  We’re human, but we’re a whole lot more than that.  We not only live in a field of all possibilities, we are the energy that created this universe, and every other, both expressing itself as us and creating itself anew through our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions.

Experiment after experiment shows that energy never dies; it merely changes form.  So what this suggests is that while our human bodies may wear out, the energy that animates them and makes us who we are remains intact after “death,” and can express itself in a new form.  The energy we’re living with now could be from “past” lives, picked up from the people currently around us, or simply be of our own making, based on our perceptions of what we’re living.  It could be coming from across the planet or perhaps from another galaxy, since something as simple as a butterfly flapping its wings off the coast of Brazil can change the current of the tides in Florida.  But whether we dragged it into this life from a previous one, left ourselves open and vulnerable to it or let our imaginations run wild, the only one responsible for what we’re living is the one looking back at us in the mirror.

Now it seems that acceptance is not simply coming to terms with what we perceive we cannot change, since every time we change our mind, the focus of our attention or our perspective, shifts in the field occur.  What is more challenging to accept is that we exist as a power within a power that has the power that makes everything possible.  Everything—good, bad, miraculous, predictable and otherwise.

But if everything is possible, then all the great excuses and rationalizations we’ve dreamed up over the years about why we can’t have or do something are moot.  We finally have to admit that we’re disappointed or frustrated or sick or old or unhappy because we choose to be, not because we have to be.

The Ten Gifts by Robin Silverman

And if this is true, we also have to accept that we’re refusing a gift far greater than most of us have ever imagined:  life itself.  Because if life, like a doting lover, is designed to give us everything it has, is or ever will be, then if we’re not living the lives we want, we have to accept that we somehow rejected this treasure.

Because we believe in lack and limitation, we’re not very good at accepting that life is set up to work in our favor.  We love our stories, clinging to them even in the face of something profoundly better.  We reject anything that comes to us too easily, feeling a surge of ego when we have something to do or some reason to feel important, needed or valuable.

Tell anyone who’s struggling that life is designed for our health, happiness and freedom, and they’ll likely give 50 reasons why it isn’t.   Suggest to them that in spite of how things may look, all is truly well, and they’ll probably flip the TV to any news channel.  Tell them that they are meant to have and be and do whatever their heart desires, and they’ll laugh us right out of the room.

But argue as they might, ask anyone who’s experienced a “miraculous” recovery or done something neither they nor anyone else thought they could do:  life is a lot more than what meets the eye.  Accepting a new definition of self isn’t easy, but we’ve done it before and can do it again.  We eagerly go from being a toddler to childhood; from childhood to adolescence; from adolescence to adulthood.  We expect to change relationships, names, roles and status throughout our lives.  We crave getting bigger until we think we are as big as we can be.  But what if what we think is an end is actually just the beginning?

Our energetic world begs for us to play with it in a loving, responsible way.  So why do we cling so dearly to what we see as “real,” when, in reality, it is nothing more than a flickering image, like something on a movie screen?  What if acceptance of an infinite definition of self is not something we have to work at or for, but simply a matter of accepting?   And what if, by accepting, we find ourselves on a joyous ride on the tides of bliss?

Over my desk hangs a graphic given to me by a wonderful new friend.  It reads, “In my dream, the angel shrugged and said if we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination…and then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.”  (B. Adrian)

Perhaps it is time to accept that the world has been gently, not savagely, placed in the palms of our hands.  And perhaps it is time to accept that neither it, nor we, are what we once thought.  For if we are ready to stop trying to fix, forgive or forget what appears to be real, we can accept that “I’m Possible” has no limits. 

© Copyright 2008 Robin L. Silverman. All Rights Reserved.

Robin L. Silverman
Robin L. Silverman is the creator of Fullistic Living (TM), a method to help you fully integrate your mind, body and spirit so you can discover the joy of living. She is working on a new book, “Fullistic Living.” Visit her website for ideas, articles and more: www.fullisticliving.com

For more information on her seminars, keynote speeches, training and consulting services, visit www.fullisticliving.com

Her books include: "Take a Load Off! The mind/body way to let happiness help you lose weight"; "The Ten Gifts: Find the Personal Peace You've Always Wanted From the Ten Gifts You've Always Had"; "Something Wonderful is About to Happen: True Stories of People Who Found Happiness in Unexpected Places"; "America's Land of Tranquility: Visions of the Secret Beauty of North Dakota"; and "Reaching Your Goals!"

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