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Sonia Choquette

Vitamins for the Soul:
Trusting Your Vibes

by Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.

Each time you choose to listen to your inner voice (or your sixth sense), you strengthen your commitment to live an authentic, self-directed, and personally empowered life. Your inner voice is communicated through subtle vibrations pulsating throughout your body, otherwise known as “vibes.”

Vitamins for the Soul by Sonia Choquette

Trusting your vibes relieves you of the stress of figuring things out—it saves you the wear and tear of worry and helps you begin living a life of ease and flow. Listening to your inner voice reflects your commitment to live a six-sensory life—the one you were designed to live as a Divine Child of the Universe. Just as taking vitamins strengthens and empowers your body, trusting your vibes strengthens and empowers your soul. Yet, as you know, just occasionally popping a multivitamin won’t do you much good—in the same way, it’s only when you trust your vibes on a daily basis over time that you’ll begin to feel, see, and experience a positive and powerful difference in your life.

Like vitamins for the soul, trusting your vibes strengthens your spirit, enhances your creativity, improves your decision-making ability; and helps you become a more empowered, joyful, and healthy person. Every time you choose to do so, you give your soul a dose of love and acceptance. And daily doses of love and acceptance heal your heart and restore you to a brighter, happier existence.

Learning to trust your vibes is possible, but if you want to see a real difference in your life, you must make it a habit. Consider each page in this book a daily fortification for your soul—that is, one page should be consulted every day. Open it at random, and take the offering on that page as your “vitamin”—you’ll soon discover that the wisdom you receive is perfect for that day. The synchronicity will be undeniable. And the results, if you take your psychic vitamins regularly, will speak for themselves.


Vitamins for the Soul

“I Am . . .”

Did you know that the words I am . . . are very powerful metaphysical words? Whenever you say, “I am,” you proclaim who you are and want to be to the Universe, to others, and to yourself—and the Universe agrees and makes it so. That’s why it’s so damaging to make proclamations such as: “I am unhappy,” “I am broke,” “I am sick,” “I am fat,” or “I am unlovable”—these statements absolutely attract these unpleasant conditions. This week, use the power mantra “I am . . . ” to create the exact conditions you want in your life.


 •   “I am healthy.”

•   “I am balanced.”

•   “I am happily employed.”

•   “I am loved and lovable.”

•   “I am beautiful.”

•   “I am a prosperous, creative being.”

•   “I am joyful, lighthearted, and blessed in every way.”


Begin with Grace

The Chinese have a saying: “The way it begins is the way it ends.”

Begin your new project by affirming: “I am a spiritual being, protected by angels, helped by guides, and infinitely loved and supported by God.”


Ten Ways to Nurture Your Spirit

1.       When you leave work, really leave work.

2.       Go for a walk with someone you love.

3.       Invite friends over for a potluck dinner, followed by an evening of board games.

4.       Unplug the phone during dinner.

5.       Don’t take work calls in the evening or on weekends.

6.       Tell stories instead of watching TV.

7.       Play with your pet.

8.       Do something creative or artistic with your hands, and give your mind a rest.

9.       Write a long letter to a loved one.

10.     Take a leisurely bubble bath while reading your favorite magazine.


Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards

Listen to Your Higher Self

Listen to your Higher Self over everything else: It will naturally guide you to what it is you really need for change and serenity.

When you commit to living the six-sensory life, you begin your spiritual healing. You’ll recover your childlike joy, you’ll be able to love yourself in a deep and profound way, and you’ll start to feel how magnificent you really are.


You Decide

Making the decision to trust your vibes is definitely a healing experience. . . .

Ask your Higher Self to help you in your new commitment. Approach your changes with a sense of humor and playfulness. Don’t worry about whether or not your vibes are “right”—just listen for what’s true for you for now. And go with it (that’s the hardest part).


Be Flexible

Be flexible.

The more adjustable you are, the more your Higher Self can guide you. And be physical about it: Get out of your head. Dance as much as you can. Stretch! Bend! Twist!


 Write to Your Higher Self

Here’s an exciting tool for contacting your Higher Self when you need guidance: Write your Higher Self a letter, asking for help on whatever matter concerns you, and then imagine that your Higher Self is answering you.

As easy as this is, it works. By simply opening the way for your Higher Self to communicate, it will. You’ll be amazed at the bright ideas, suggestions, and solutions that come pouring through your pen.          

It’s even better to make this a daily practice, as doing so allows your inner genius to go to work for you in every way.


 Count Your Blessings

How has your Higher Self helped you this week? What gifts from your “inner teacher” have you received? Are you enjoying this whole new way of life? Are you starting to notice just how fun it is to go with the flow and trust your vibes instead of resisting?

Do you like having the Universe on your side?


It’s in the Heart

We find our inner voice and the path to personal joy in the heart. It leads the way to a broader, deeper perspective and understanding of both ourselves and others. It brings our attention to the unseen subtle aspects of life and directs us toward a more creative, more loving, and more healing approach to life’s difficulties.


Take a Deep Breath

Every time you need guidance, counsel, direction, or simple reassurance from Divine Spirit, close your eyes, take in a few deep-cleansing breaths, and then place your attention directly on your heart.

Allow your focus to rest there quietly for a moment or two, and then ask your heart to guide you. Trust whatever feelings come up—don’t censor or discount a thing.

If nothing comes to you immediately, don’t worry. Relax. Remain open and patient. Guidance will come before you know it.


 Instant Relief

Listening to your heart and following your vibes will instill in you a profound sense of confidence and security. It isn’t an assurance that arises from an egotistical sense of “I’m so wonderful”—rather, it’s a sense of relief, knowing that you don’t have to do it on your own. You only have to do your part, and the Universe will meet you halfway with support, protection, and guidance.


This excerpt is from the book Vitamins for the Soul: Daily Doses of Wisdom for Personal Empowerment, by Sonia Choquette. It is published by Hay House (May 2005) and available at all bookstores or online at www.hayhouse.com


Sonia's Other Book Titles:

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Sonia Choquette
Sonia Choquette, Ph.D., has been a renowned visionary intuitive and spiritual teacher for over thirty years. She is the author of best-selling books, Trust Your Vibes, The Wise Child, The Psychic Pathway, Your Heart's Desire, True Balance, and her newest, Vitamins for the Soul. Sonia is a refreshing and inspiring jargon-free teacher who makes the esoteric easily accessible, and the spiritual world grounded, user friendly, and engaging. Educated at the University of Denver, and the Sorbonne, Paris in addition to holding a doctorate in Metaphysics, Sonia’s work focuses on simple and direct techniques for tapping into intuition, creativity and a heightened sense of well being. Her principles are workable, practical and bring wanted results.


Visit Sonia Choquette at:



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