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Exploring Spiritual Integrity
by Sondra Ray

I want to talk about spiritual integrity because when that is present, integrity will pervade every part of one's life. Having spiritual integrity means you are being who you really are. Unless one is a spiritual master, one is usually operating from the ego. The ego is a false self we made up to replace God. The ego is the separate self trying to make up a separate reality apart from God. It is completely lacking in integrity because it is in competition with God. Because it is a false self, it is an idol. Idols are totally out of integrity. The ego begins with the premise that the separation from God has actually occurred. This makes us feel like sinners, and for this we have tremendous guilt. We have an all pervasive sense of being WRONG. Once we feel guilty it is impossible not to feel deserving of punishment. Guilt demands punishment.

This guilt makes us do things that are off and out of integrity. Then we feel more guilt and then we fear more punishment, which we bring upon ourselves. Guilt produces fear and this makes us have a very "shaky identity". This "shaky identity" causes us to make more mistakes and do more things that are out of integrity. We draw punishment to ourselves from parents, teachers, superiors, and think God is also punishing us. Soon we have created a psychological terror. This includes self-hatred, self doubt, inferiority, insecurity, and the belief that we are a failure before God. Now we have made up a whole world lacking integrity. It is a world of scarcity, conflict, suffering and death, in contrast to God's world of Abundance, Peace and Eternal life.

The Course In Miracles says that all your difficulty stems from the fact that you do not recognize yourself. We thought we could make imperfect (out of integrity) something that God created as perfect (being in integrity). Every second, you have the choice of recognizing yourself as one with Spirit, (being in integrity) or of the ego (being out of integrity). The ego, as a false self, indulges in negativity/ is competitive/ believes it can oppose the will of God/ induces a sense of danger in you/ opposes all appreciation and real knowledge/ preserves conflict/ pictures you as deprived and weak/ believes it can attack God/ blocks your joy/ puts you in total confusion and selfishness.

You do not want this. Your true kingdom is perfect love/ only certainty/ all power is yours/ you are at peace/ you have everything/ everything is unified and healed/ there is no lack/ there is only joy, abundance, grace and happiness. This is the REAL YOU. Accepting this puts you in total integrity. Accepting this results in you doing what is right.

There are some important ways to get you out of the false self and into your real self. One is reading the Course In Miracles. Another is doing Liberation Breathing®. Liberation Breathing® is a spiritual purification process that liberates you from negativity (ego), stress, fear, pain, guilt and all your miscreations. It is especially valuable in bringing up things from the subconscious that are buried there and can sabotage your life. It is not about analyzing the darkness, it is about letting it go on the exhale. It is about working with the grace of the Divine Mother and letting in the bliss that is available to you. Conscious breathing in this Liberation Breathing® process is guaranteed to bring you more integrity in your life in every way.

Doing Liberation Breathing ® is magical because for one, it is a rejuvenation process. Your body is rejuvenated with divine energy. This feeling of "being automatically renewed" produces tremendous joy . The deep connected breathing also increases your ability to receive love. It definitely improves your relationships, especially if both you and your partner are receiving the benefits of this simple, deep practice. It can also help you to become more creative and intuitive. This happens as you clear your ego, the sabotaging "thoughts" held in the subconscious, so you can experience the availability of infinite intelligence. It is a sacred thing really because you are communing with the Source of Life itself, the Holy Spirit. Spiritual healing is a by product. More joy is a result. Who would not want that?

I suggest you try it. Come and join us at our events around the world.

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© Copyright 2010 Sondra Ray. All Rights Reserved.

Sondra Ray is an eminent author and public figure on the subjects of Relationships, Rebirthing, India Spiritual Quests, A Course in Miracles, Hawaiian Wisdom, The Divine Mother, and Spiritual Healing gives her voice to the new paradigm in relationships and spirituality. Author of 17 books on these subjects, available at Amazon.com, Sondra has been the voice and inspiration for the new Divine Feminine, that rises above the women's movement, toward a harmoniously balanced age of spiritually enhanced, loving relationships.

Sondra was launched into international acclaim in the 1970s as one of the pioneers of the Rebirthing Experience. She has trained thousands of people all over the world and is considered one of the foremost experts on how the birth trauma affects one's body, relationships, career and life.


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