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Robin L. Silverman

The Seven Highest Gifts
by Robin L. Silverman

I write a monthly Ezine, and was looking for a way to add hope and heart to my readers’ lives this past month.  It was a challenging task.  The news headlines were ferociously bad, filled with the death, destruction and despair caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Everyone I talked to seemed to be facing some kind of upheaval, either at work or at home.  And my usual spiritual books seemed to hold, well, the usual.

Something Wonderful is About to Happen by Robin Silverman

I sensed that there was great change afoot, and wanted to offer my readers a higher perspective.  Then, later that day, I received the message below from my friend Suzie Eckberg.  Susie is a Reiki master; a wife and mother; and a gifted psychic.  She has no political or religious axe to grind, and so the messages that come to and through her are usually filled with love and encouragement from the other side.

As you can see, this one is no different.   As I read it, I was struck dumb by two words:  “highest gifts.”  This was, perhaps, because I wrote a book named “The Ten Gifts,” that deals with rebuilding your life after a natural disaster.   I know the gifts well, having written and spoken about them for the past seven years.  But the recent floods were far greater than the one our region experienced seven years ago.  So perhaps “higher gifts” were now needed.

The message suggested that we stop doing tasks and making lists and instead, reach into stillness.  So I stopped what I was doing and went to my favorite meditation chair.  I turned on my “Ultimate Om” CD, which always helps me leave the world behind.  Then I asked one question, knowing that I would receive the answer:  “What are the highest gifts?”  And I went into the stillness.

I lost track of time after that, but I didn’t lose contact with the impressions I was receiving.   So I will share with you what came from the stillness that day, in the hope that any or all of these might contribute to your own peace and well-being.

1)  Harmony.  I heard this first as musical harmony, with each note in perfect balance to every other.  But to me, harmony means beauty that is deep, lasting and true.  It is something created by many hearts contributing to the whole, since harmony always requires more than one note or person.  I sensed that we have been given the gift of harmony so we can learn how to take care of one another.  More than ever, the world is crying out for this.

2) Light.  From deep within the harmony came a brilliant white light that changed to sapphire, emerald and plum as I watched it.  It was like watching a flower blossom.   I sensed that the gift of light animates all of life so that we will never lose our fascination or our love for or with it.   Light is not only the energy that sustains life; it is our beacon of hope and help during dark times.

3)  No effort.  I once read a statement that said, “Enlightenment must be easy.  If it was complicated, everyone would have it.”  This gift almost made me laugh, because I have the very bad habit of making things harder than they need to be.  I sensed that this gift has been given to us so we can and will want to stay connected to our higher selves and the divine forces all around us, learning how to trust, let go and allow good to enter our lives naturally.

4) Stillness.  As I sat in stillness, I sensed that we have been given this gift so we can learn how to draw forth possibilities from the void that lies beneath all of life.  We all come from and will return to stillness, and we create from stillness every time we recognize a new desire.  We do not need to meditate to experience it; simply turn our attention to it to notice it is there.

5) Rest.  God knows we need rest, which is why keeping the Sabbath is a commandment.  Yet most of us don’t do it, because we’re too busy being busy.  Rest is not the same as stillness.  Stillness is active; rest is passive.  Just as we are offered the unbounded nature of stillness, we are given fatigue so that we can and must take time to relax, unwind and allow life to go on its merry way without us.  Then we can return to life in our physical bodies refreshed and ready for more wonder and joy.  We desired physical bodies so that we could slow down and encounter the divine in all forms, rather than watching it disappear at the speed of light.   Rest is an essential part of that.

The Ten Gifts by Robin Silverman

6) Source of Life.  This gift is truly awe-inspiring, because I sensed that we—each of us—is a source of life, and that we create with every breath.  We create and destroy with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and intentions.  We are the source of life and death, at least in our own lives.  It is a heavy responsibility, but one that should be taken lightly, in joy and love, thanks and freedom.

7) Life everlasting.  The last gift to come through was the most reassuring of all.  Although our physical bodies die, our soul and consciousness don’t.  In essence, we go on living forever, with or without human form.  So while we are on earth, it behooves us to make the most of our time here, to enjoy every minute.   We are given this gift to remind us that the content of our lives isn’t a mistake, no matter how ugly or awful things may appear.  We simply go on creating or supporting creation forever. 

I knew these 7 gifts came from a higher place than my own limited mind, because frankly, I wouldn’t have, couldn’t have picked them.  They lifted me up and made me wonder, with love, what they could mean to the world today if we all used them to live a little more each day, rather than die with each fearful or limiting thought. 

Here is the complete text of Susie Eckberg’s message from stillness:

The Gathering.  Public Channel on Sept. 15, 2005

Dear Ones: we smile with a great smile as we stand here before you with our open hands, palms up, to offer you on this earthly realm all that we have. We know that you all feel limited at times with what you can comprehend. But we tell you, in the quiet of your room when you close your eyes and open your ears and your heart you will be able to touch and be in touch, with all of this energy that is around you at all times. When it is daytime and you are walking through your life, you don't always have the ability or capability to stop and say, *Oh, I'm feeling this, that is extra-special, or that is something beyond.* It registers in some part of your soul, not in your consciousness perhaps, but know this to be true: you do not miss anything.

There is an increased desire, an increased rush on the human realm at this time, to understand these vast changes. But trying to understand these vast changes is the same as strolling along a country path, enjoying the scenery. Then a fast car pulls up next to you and the driver says, *get in for a ride.* You jump into the car and start to drive faster and faster. Your head starts to spin faster and faster, trying to see the scenery in the same way as when you were walking.

Dear ones, the question that we ask you at this time then, is this: would you prefer the leisurely stroll along the country path, or the fast ride in the car to take you to the next step of where you need to go?

You have felt the urgency to go somewhere.  You do not know where. You have felt the urgency to pick up the pace, yet you find yourself with less energy to accomplish the physical tasks than you did before. Isn't that interesting? The reason is this: the more that you are doing on the physical realm, the less you are able to integrate on the spiritual realm.

We also tell you this: there is far more on the physical that you feel you need to do, than you actually DO need to do. You say, *I must do this.  This is what a responsible person does, this is what a mature person does, this is what an adult must do.*

Lose the lists. 

You have your lists.  Oh, you love your lists. You have lists for your lists. You have your to-do list, your party list, your work list, your child list and then you have your master list of where all your lists are. Isn't that sweet that you have so many lists? Look at all the time you spend either making your lists, reading your lists, or trying to find your lists. We tell you to lose the lists.  

You do not need your lists. You are perfectly aware on all levels of what needs to be done. You are perfectly aware at every stage of your day of what you need to be accomplishing. You are accomplishing far more than you could ever imagine, down here in your limited view on the physical plane. While you are down here washing dishes, we tell you without a doubt, there is part of you helping a friend over in Africa, and there is another part meditating on a mountain in Tibet.

You have no idea how long this column of your soul energy is; the column that connects you all the way back to the One. You have no idea of all that you are accomplishing.  So dear ones, in this time of fast acceleration, we are urging you to trust. There are many things we urge you to trust in.  Trust in the process of evolution of your soul. You have asked for total soul consciousness in the physical realm. If this is true, and if your souls are vast, how do you think this could be accomplished at a slow rate? It would take thousands of lifetimes to get where you want to go. You do not have thousands of lifetimes. If you want to accomplish it in this lifetime, would you not imagine that everything would be accelerated at a much faster rate? 

Trust the process.

Trust the relationship that you have with your Higher Self, with the higher energies, with the expanded energies that go beyond this earthly realm.  This is one film, one layer, of all the layers of the earth. You cut open the earth and you see the top layer, then the second layer, the third layer and the fourth layer. Some are  thicker and some are thinner. That is how it is in the rest of the universe -- there are layers of awareness and layers of the frequencies and the vibrations. The human layer is very thin. For those of you who think that this is all there is, we would smile gently and say, *If you were air and if you were a layer of air, you would go halfway up a stalk of grass with your human awareness.*

Now we would ask you to get into the soul rocket ship and take that up into the different levels of air until you get into outer space. That is how much expanded awareness there is. It is not just what you can see, taste, smell, hear and touch. That would be very limited indeed and there is no one sitting here in this room at this time that even believes that old paradigm anymore.

Even if people are to talk about that (limited awareness), we have expanded beyond that. Even those who would still pound their fists on the pulpit and say, *This is this and it has always been this and ever shall be. Amen."  They go home to their houses and they feel something beyond their ordinary experience and they're uncomfortable because they don't know how to put that into words. Because this is the story they have been telling their whole lives.

But we say with great joy even that is changing.

We breathe a sigh of relief for those brave spiritual souls who are walking on the edge, ever pushing the edge into the new frontier, wondering if there is anybody following. It does not feel like there is anybody following.  You say, *They are letting us walk out into the desert all on our own, without any water, and they are just waiting for us to start crawling, so we can crawl back and they can say, *See, we told you.  You never should have ventured out of the safety of the numbers.*

But that is not the majority thought anymore. 

You may be among the brave souls that are venturing first, or fastest, or farthest, but everybody is traveling. No one is able to stay where they were yesterday, or the day before yesterday, or the day before that.   Every morning you wake up, you are a new being with new awarenesses and new capabilities and new understandings and new connections with people and with energies you had not known existed the day before. You are glorious creatures in a state of constant flux. How did you think you could become enlightened beings if you did not have a multitude of experiences happening at a very fast rate?

Believe this to be true. Relax into this process of becoming and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that what is true remains.  Only that which is true to the core of your soul will remain. We ask you if you find your eyes tearing up with what might be lost, if you examine that in the very core of your being, is that which you have lost true to your core? We think that the answer, if it is lost, if it is gone, is no. Why would you want anything in your life that is not for your highest, truest and purest good?

Why would you want anybody or anything or any thought to be anything other than the higher purest love that is available to you,  every minute, every breath, every moment of your existence? That is the reality you are walking into.

Very shortly you will be as us. That is to say, you will be in a permanently expanded state of awareness where you will have access to all the higher gifts and all of your lifetimes. You will be aware of all the connections that you have between all beings. Has this not happened that you walked up to somebody and said, *I know that I know you from somewhere, but I do not know where.*

The time is coming soon that you will awaken from the dream, that you will know HOW you know. You will laugh and say, *Boy, that was fun on Atlantis, wasn't it? We sure kicked up some dust that lifetime.* And you will have a consciousness which will deepen the connection that you have with those fellow beings currently here on Earth.

You need to connect with other people. That is a very important next step. You have felt alone enough of the time. I am in this alone. There is nobody here for me. But you know that not to be the reality. You know that you are connected to your higher sources. Now you also need to feel the connectedness between being to being in love and in remembrance, of all the times you have been  together in different forms and different places.

This gives you the solidity and the support, the feeling of ground under your feet. You do not feel so much solid ground under your feet at this time, do you?

But you have had dreams of flying, you have had dreams of tornadoes and earthquakes.

Many earthquake dreams, as of the earth shifting beneath your feet, and that would be true. The ground of the previous lifetimes, the previous energies are shifting and changing, the landscape that you wake up to every morning is not the landscape that you went to bed with last night.

If you have NOT had a joyous, loving, happy life, it is all right to let the ground shift so that you might have the new ground that will NOT shift and will not be shaky. You have thought at times that you have sat on solid ground, when in fact you have been standing on a very thin layer of ice, a very thin house of cards that falls down with a slight shift. 

That is no longer acceptable. In your energy field you have not been able to progress with the speed and the ease that you have wished.  That is why we shifted the reality and shifted the perspective to allow for the dual awarenesses to come in, for you to see with new eyes.  It is only sometimes in taking away the unhelpful and unhealthy things that you are able to shift your attention and your vision and your eyesight onto something new. What is this something new you are seeing, dear ones? What is this something new your eyes are shifting to? Is it the beautiful rainbow white light that is around each being as you walk through your days? Is it the brilliant golden white light that you see when you close your eyes? Every time you close your eyes it is there.

Is it the warmth you feel, as if someone is hugging you, when you close your eyes, feeling totally surrounded with that love?  We tell you, that is us.

That is all our energy coming down to let you know that you are never alone. You have never been alone. You are constantly connected to those that you love and who love you. To every other being woven here on Earth and above. If you could see what we see, you would see a glorious web of multi-colored light streaming across the whole world, and up into the atmosphere. From the stars, across the stars. From us, from the angels, from all of those who are incarnate at this time, and who are not incarnate.

We are all connected. Don't you see? Don't you feel this when you close your eyes and feel the golden core of who you are? We urge you to do this often, to take the time to enjoy that time, call it real time. Call it reality. I am going to take my Reality Time. That is the most precious gift you can give to yourself at this time.

When you take this time to go within, all else on the outside that is tugging on you, pulling on you, pushing you down, making you so tired that you can hardly open your eyes in the morning, will fall away as if being snipped, as if light cobwebs were lightly brushed away. And all that remains is that solid powerful core of who you are.

Sit in that core. Feel that core. Be that core.

Let that be your guide to fill you up, and to give you the information that you seek.  Oh, you seek so much information at this time, you cannot get it from anywhere on the outside. It is not enough, it is not clear enough, accurate enough, fast enough.  You all have access to all the answers at this time. How? Pull yourself back, close your eyes, and feel that knowingness from inside. It is there. We are right there beside you, we promise you. We will answer all of your questions, we will give you clarification, we will give you affirmation. If you ask us, *How do we know that you are there?* we will give you tangible evidence. We then ask you to be aware of that evidence as we give it to you, but do not move to something else before you have gotten that clarification and that answer that you have asked for. That is your birthright; that is what is owed to you.

You who are down here, in the deep trenches, you might have thought there was one inch of trench to come into. No, we tell you there is 10 feet, 20 feet of trenches that you dug into that you are trying to dig out of. This is not an easy task to dig yourselves up out of the density, the fog and the smog and the dirt that has been accumulating with the energies and thoughts of lifetime upon lifetime. You are digging out of the fear, the not-knowing, the anger and the  resentment and the violence. All of those are dense, lower energies that act as feet of dirt in the trenches.

But here is a secret: you are NOT in the trench. 

Find yourself on the level ground. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and look around at your landscape.  See with those new eyes. See the beautiful growth that has been happening these last 20 years upon your earth; the rain of Spirit come down to change, to counteract the effects of the bomb energies that blow up, destroy. We have the green spirit energy, the one set of hands that plants the flower that grows, and is impermeable to the dirt that is thrown, the bombs that go off, or any dense energy that seeks to destroy. We are building the flowers and the trees and the blue sky of love and of spirit. 

We work through you. 

With every kind word and with every smile you give, with every second of trust that you experience, with your faith in the unseen, you are as the pair of hands planting another flower in the ground. Know this to be true, and know how very important each and every one of you is in this current level of development that is happening. If you say the world is getting worse, we say that is not true. Look with your Spirit Eyes. Look through the smoke. When you put on the glasses of Spirit, you see the flowers through the smoke. It is not all smoke. The smoke is clearing, and we tell you when it does, there will be a whole earth full of flowers and green trees and blue sky and peace.

There will be peace not only on the earth, but peace in each and every one of your hearts.

That is the only way there will be peace on the rest of the earth, because the rest if simply a lens for how you feel in your own hearts. 

So as your heart feels, that is how the rest of the world is seen through you. We are asking you to put on the lens of Spirit as you walk through your days, and to be aware of us in every step that you take.  We match you step for step. We lay superimposed on your physical body, helping you, guiding you, giving you inspiration and information. We would never leave you to your own devices. The world would have been destroyed a long time ago if you had been in this all alone.   It would not have been possible. But through your perseverance and through your light and your vision you are able to move through this current fog to get to the land on the other side.

We urge you to see that land, to believe in that land, to spend time in that quiet peaceful place of your soul. It is there.  We see it in every single heart right now, glowing beautiful gold. Breathe into that place, go to that sacred special spot that is your soul, and spend much time there.  It is a beautiful spot. It is safe, and it will be your tranquility for these years and months and days and moments ahead when it all seems to be too much, too fast, and without much rest. This is your place of rest, this is your place where you can release all of your burdens from the outside world and find the quiet that comes when your soul is completely at rest and in unity with the rest of the universe. Know this to be true and know that all is unfolding in perfect order.

There is not one heartbeat we are not aware of. There is not one leaf that is torn that we are not aware of. There is not one cry that is not heard, and there is not one prayer that is unanswered. Even if you do not see the greater picture, trust in the development of your soul. Trust the unfolding of the beautiful flower that you are, as you sit here and listen and contemplate and feel all that is around you. Feel the connectedness, feel the unity, feel the unfolding, and be at peace. Thank you.


© Copyright 2005 Robin L. Silverman.  All Rights Reserved.

Robin L. Silverman
Robin L. Silverman is the creator of Fullistic Living (TM), a method to help you fully integrate your mind, body and spirit so you can discover the joy of living.

For more information on her seminars, keynote speeches, training and consulting services, call 701-787-0946. 

Her books include: "Take a Load Off!  The mind/body way to let happiness help you lose weight"; "The Ten Gifts: Find the Personal Peace You've Always Wanted From the Ten Gifts You've Always Had"; "Something Wonderful is About to Happen: True Stories of People Who Found Happiness in Unexpected Places"; "America's Land of Tranquility: Visions of the Secret Beauty of North Dakota"; and "Reaching Your Goals!"


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